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Chapter 310 Illegitimate daughter

Star City.

A huge flying boat took off from Ji's home.

In the flying boat, besides Ji Yanhu, there are other body training friars. These men and women are all friends of Ji Yanhu.

Ji Yanhu goes to have a competition with Lu Ning. How can they not have a look.

'Brother Hu, this is the first battle of your eight big cities. You should be quick and agile, give your brothers a taste of it, and let the people in Tianshui City know how powerful we are.'

'You can tell, Brother Tiger knows it.'

Several people talked to each other excitedly.

The fact that Ji Yanhu is going to challenge Lu Ning has already spread all over the Star City. In addition to the flying boats of Ji's family, there are also flying boats of other clans and families. They all followed along to watch the excitement.

There are hundreds of flying boats, large and small, flying out of the Star City in twos and threes.

The scene was quite spectacular.

The Star City is millions of kilometers away from Tianshui City. Even if the speed of the speedboat keeps several times the speed of sound, it will not be possible to reach it in a short time.

The length of the Earth's equator is about 40000 kilometers, which shows that the Qianyuan World is many times larger than the Earth.

The other side.

Tianshui City.

Lu Ning will accept the matter of Ji Yanhu from Star City, which has been widely spread in Tianshui City.

The way Lu Ning and Zhou Shenghao fought before can only be regarded as Tianshui City's own family affair.

This competition between Lu Ning and Ji Yanhu is about the two cities, which is related to the honor of the two big human cities. No one wants Lu Ning to lose.

The people of Tianshui City naturally know Ji Yanhu's reputation. He has been widely spread in the Qianyuan circle for a long time, and is also quite prestigious. If he does not fall down in the middle of the journey, he will certainly be the overlord in the future.

The competition was held in the Qingyan Mountains of Tianshui City. Early on, someone came to occupy the place.

All major doors are available.

Even the people of the Purple Mist Sect and the Jade Maiden Sect came here ahead of time. They are small sects, but they can't come here early. I'm afraid they have no place.


Zixia Sect.

An elixir garden.

Lan Qingzheng and her mother Peng Qiaorong are sitting in the small yard.

Peng Qiaorong and Lanqing said they planned to betroth her to Lu Ning.

'Mother, why did you go to tell Elder Lu about such things without consulting me?'

Lan Qing was a little upset.

She doesn't like this kind of thing.

'Daughter, can't parents make decisions about marriage?' Peng Qiaorong paused for a moment and continued, 'I still say you hate Elder Lu and don't want to marry him.'

'Elder Lu is sincere, and I won't hate him, but...'

'However, since I was a child, I was disguised as a man by my father and daughter, devoting myself to cultivation, and never thought about any personal relationship with my children. Now you suddenly make me think about marriage, and my daughter can't accept it for a while.' Her face hesitated and embarrassed; 'What's more, I am the leader of the Purple Mist Sect. If I change back to my daughter's costume in front of outsiders, how will my daughter see others in the future?'

At the thought of that picture, Lanqing's mind was about to collapse.

She is usually the extremely dignified leader of Zixia Sect.

Even to avoid suspicion, she often puts on airs.

If she changes back to women's clothes, how can she feel.

'It's really a father and daughter. You and your father think the same thing. But daughter, please think about it. Your father has figured out what is important between face and the future of Zixia sect. I'm going to find elder Lu now. Don't you still understand?'

'Or do you think that depending on you, we can revitalize Zixia Sect in the future?'

'Mother, I'm in a mess now. Can you stop forcing me?'

'Daughter, you are a daughter after all. If you can become a Taoist couple with Elder Lu, it is not only a good thing for us Zixia Sect, but also a good thing for your future cultivation. You should know more about this than I do.'

Lanqing did not speak again, but frowned and his face changed.

Peng Qiaorong said: 'Actually, what I worry about most is Elder Lu. With his current reputation, I'm afraid he will look down on you. Alas, your father and I also want to compete. It's good to talk to Elder Lu privately. If we don't, it's not too hard for us to know.'

She went on saying: 'Daughter, you know how proud your father is. This time, he is willing to talk to Elder Lu about it, so you can see your father's determination.'

'Zixia Sect, but he has devoted his whole life to it. He always blamed himself. He felt that Zixia Sect had been destroyed by him. Over the years, he not only had to endure the ridicule of others, but also had to suffer his own self blame. Do you understand what I said?'

Peng Qiaorong shook her head and sighed. As the pillow bearer of Lan Yuanshan, she knew best how he had been here for so many years.

He is the leader of a great family. In such a situation, his pain is deeper than anyone else.

Lanqing naturally knows that her father is not easy. She is also sensible and emotional at the same time, which makes her incomparably contradictory.


She shook her head and threw out many thoughts in her head

Peng Qiaorong took a look at Lanqing and knew that Lanqing was not so repelled. He nodded and said, 'OK.'

Peng Qiaorong poured Lan Qing a cup of tea and said with a smile, 'Come on, have a cup of tea. Our mother and daughter haven't talked for a long time.'

Lan Qing picked up the cup and drank a sip of tea. Suddenly, the fragrance in her mouth overflowed, and even the troubles in her mind seemed to disappear.

The two mothers and daughters talked about family customs and the chores of the clan.

Soon, Lan Yuanshan came back.

His face was full of spring breeze, and even his steps were faster than usual.

Peng Qiaorong immediately knew that he was stable!

How could she not understand her husband? If Elder Lu refused, it would not be such a virtue.

'Yes?' Peng Qiaorong asked softly.

Lan Qing is also looking at Lan Yuanshan.

Lan Yuanshan grinned, 'Yes, ha ha.'

His expression could not be stretched any longer, and he laughed with a high spirited smile, which seemed to take away his unhappiness over the years.

The one who laughs is happy and dripping.

After laughing, he picked up the cup, poured himself a cup of tea, sat down and began to taste it slowly.

'Yes! That's great!' Peng Qiaorong was also a little excited.

She was always worried that Lu Ning would disagree. After all, Lu Ning's current strength and position were their Zixia Sect's success.

Lanqing saw that her parents were so excited and excited. At first, she was helpless, and then she couldn't help smiling. It seemed that she had worked hard for so many years for this moment.

She thought, 'Maybe this is right'.

Seeing Peng Qiaorong and Lan Yuanshan so happy, she couldn't bear to break their beauty.

She immediately thought of Lu Ning.

'Dad, what did you and Elder Lu say?'

'I said that I had a daughter and wanted to betroth her to Elder Lu. That's what I told him.'

'He didn't ask who it was.'

'Eh, it seems that I haven't asked.'

'That means he doesn't know my identity yet?!'

Lan Qing's eyes widened.

Then somehow, she felt relieved.

She didn't want to know the secret of her daughter to any third person besides her parents.

If Lu Ning knew about it, she would feel very embarrassed next time she faced the other person.

'Er... maybe.'

Peng Qiaorong was also surprised, 'This...'

'Dad, tell me what you and Elder Lu said.'

'I mean I have a daughter who wants to be betrothed to him. Elder Lu hesitates for a long time, and then nods to agree.'

'He didn't even ask Dad, who is your daughter?'

'I didn't ask.'

'That's too strange.'


Everyone in the Purple Mist Sect knows that Lan Yuanshan has two daughters and a son.

Both daughters are married, and the only son is Lanqing, who dresses as a man.

If according to normal people's opinion, where is the third daughter? It is not necessary to ask again.

'Could he think she was an illegitimate daughter, but she didn't want to refuse your father's request because of her face, so she agreed.'


'Mother, does father have an illegitimate daughter?'

'Of course not.'

'Then why don't I be my father's illegitimate daughter?'


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