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Chapter 312 Colorful glazed treasure body

'Well, not bad.'

In the Tianshui Sect, Zhou Taixuan and all the elders nodded with satisfaction and were quite satisfied with this scene.

Zhou Shenghao lost to Ji Yanhu just now, and what he lost was the face of Tianshui City.

Now they are happy to see Lu Ning beating Fei Ji Yanhu.

Outside the Qingyan Mountains.

Lu Ning did not pursue the victory, but calmly suspended in place.

Ji Yanhu was hit and flew out. When he stopped, his face had stopped smiling.

He looks at Lu Ning and shows serious expression for the first time.

Very interesting.

This is his judgment of Lu Ning.

The power of that fist has already exceeded the level of Yuanying. If he had not achieved physical training, he might have been seriously injured.

He has a fighting spirit.

The eyes are burning.

'Very good, you deserve my full strength.'

Lu Ning in the distance was a little surprised that Ji Yanhu was undamaged.

Although only a little.

Just now, his strength was controlled at about 500 tons. I didn't expect that such a strong force did not cause any damage to the other party.

It seems that he underestimated the cultivation friars in this world.

Hearing what Ji Yanhu said, Lu Ning said quietly: 'Use your strength as soon as possible. I don't give you much time.'

What he said is naturally true.

But listening to Ji Yanhu and other monks, it is extremely arrogant.

'Kunshan Seal.'

'Seven unique steps.'

The moves used to deal with Zhou Shenghao were used again by Ji Yanhu.

Ji Yanhu holds the Kun Mountain Seal in his hand, and a floating hill emerges in his hands.

He took seven steps in the air, and the speed doubled with each step.

Lu Ning also felt that this world seemed to be completely integrated with Ji Yanhu, with the same frequency, and his heart would be trampled on every step of the other side.

After seven steps, this momentum reaches the top.

If it is someone else, it will certainly not be affected at this time. Zhou Shenghao should have been in this situation at that time.

Unfortunately, although this power can affect Lu Ning, it is also very limited.

Now his body is already like one body, and the Vajra is immortal.

Even the heart, like a high-level magic weapon, is not easy to hurt.

Ji Yanhu smashed Kunshan Seal on Lu Ning.


Lu Ning punches out.

Fist collides with Kunshan Yin.


A loud noise is like an epoch-making event.

Kun Shanyin was directly hit and exploded, turned into violent spiritual power, and fled in all directions.

After smashing Kunshan Seal, Lu Ning's fists remained strong.


Hit Ji Yanhu with one punch.

With a click, Ji Yanhu broke several ribs and flew back like a shell.

How fast you come, how fast you go back.

Besides, it coughs up blood while flying.

This scene is like a child rushing towards the train. Instead of bumping the train's route, he was hit and flew away.

The gap is too large.

Make a judgment from high to low.

'Ha ha, good.'

Ji Yanhu is suspended in the air with blood on his mouth.

He wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth with his hand, and instead of feeling frustrated, he laughed wildly.

'Finally, someone can force me to use my real strength.'

In the past two fights, he was just trying, and did not use his real strength.

'You all respect kendo. In fact, physical training is the most powerful force in the world!'

Ji Yanhu kneaded the French seal with solemn expression.

Follow his actions.

Holy power erupts, and runes flow on his body surface, finally turning into chains, and then the chains break with a click.


Colorful light emerged from his body.

The powerful breath rises to the sky and stirs the wind and clouds.


A circle of powerful breath continuously emanates from Ji Yanhu.

All the clouds in the sky turn into colorful colors.

A rainbow crosses Qingyan Mountain.

Holy power is stirred by dozens of miles around.

All the plants on the ground are well fitted.

'This! This is a divine body!'

All elders in Tianshui Sect can't help showing their shock.

'I didn't expect that Ji Yanhu had awakened the divine body. No wonder.' Even Zhou Taixuan was a little surprised.

The divine body is amazing.

This is the sign of truly stepping into the body. Awakening the divine body means opening the inner door of the body and communicating the supreme power in the body.

Each divine body is unique.

'What divine body is he?'

Later, people were also curious.

This is the first time for Ji Yanhu to show his divine body in front of outsiders.

'The light is colorful and the body is like colored glass, which should be the legendary colorful glass treasure body.'

Zhou Taixuan, who is very knowledgeable, helps people solve their doubts.

Colorful glazed treasure body.

Valley sleeve


It is said that the colorful glaze treasure body, once awakened, will not be invaded by fire and water, will be hard to hurt by sword, and will be comparable to a fifth level magic weapon.

If the cultivation reaches Mahayana, even the immortals have nothing to do with him.

'Lu Ning is in danger.'

I have just seen Lu Ning's power. But now, in the face of this legendary colorful glazed body, the people present cannot help worrying about Lu Ning.

Even Zhou Taixuan is not so confident that Lu Ning can beat Ji Yanhu.

Awakening colorful glazed body is equivalent to cheating.

It's hard to win Ji Yanhu.

Even Zhou Taixuan was so shocked, let alone the outside world.

When the onlookers saw the colorful light from Ji Yanhu's body and the changes in his body, they were in an uproar.

At this time, Ji Yanhu's body is like glass, shining brightly, which is almost like a god.

In front of him, Lu Ning looks so ordinary and insignificant.

'Is this a powerful attack?' Not everyone knows the colorful glazed body.

'Why can't I lift my strength and feel difficult to breathe in this breath?' Some people with low accomplishments are directly oppressed by Ji Yanhu's momentum.

'Brother Tiger is powerful! Hit him hard!'

'Beat him into a pig's head.'

On the flying boat in the distance, Ji Yanhu's brothers cheered loudly.

This is the highlight time of Ji Yanhu and the time of their Star City.

Just saw Ji Yanhu vomit blood, and made them worried a little.

It is known that their brother tiger has not used his real strength.

At this time, Ji Yanhu looked calm and at ease. He looked at Lu Ning and said, 'Man is born with Tao, and heaven and earth are born in his body. Unfortunately, there are still too few people in the world who know.'

'I will prove to the world that in the future, the strongest thing in the Qianyuan world is body refining!'

Qianyuan World, Kendo, Dharma Cultivation, and Body Training, among which Kendo is the most important, which Ji Yanhu cannot tolerate.

As soon as the voice dropped, Ji Yanhu rushed to Lu Ning.

His speed is nearly twice faster than before. His whole body radiates colorful light, and his exposed body surface is as smooth as glass.

It's just to blind Lu Ning.

This time, Ji Yanhu didn't use any attack techniques, but just hit Lu Ning's head with one punch.

The confused colorful light appears on the fist, as if it contains the power of the whole world and distorts the air.


His fist was easily held by Lu Ning again.

Lu Ning looked at him closely and said quietly, 'Put away your big light bulb.'


Ji Yanhu was shocked as if a typhoon of level 12 was blowing in her heart.

The left fist follows closely.


Unfortunately, Lu Ning easily catches him again.

'You're right. It's very strong.'

'But you are too weak.'

Ji Yanhu has been kicked away by Lu Ning before he reacts.

The powerful force makes his chest hollow.

This time, Lu Ning will not keep his hand and pursue the victory.

Catch up with Ji Yanhu who flies upside down and punch again.

Ji Yanhu punches to resist.


Two fists collide with each other, and the fist force overflows.

The air wave formed by the shock wave is like a ripple, sweeping the Qingyan Mountains.


Each impact is like a landslide, with tremendous momentum.

Ji Yanhu is not Lu Ning's opponent and has been beaten back.

The originally brilliant colorful glass body has become slightly dark, and the skin has been torn and shed precious blood. In the invisible body, Ji Yanhu's bones have been broken inch by inch.

If it was not for the power of the colorful glaze, it would have been beaten into powder.

But Rao is so. Ji Yanhu still can only be trampled by Lu Ning like a rag doll, and has no power to fight.

Lu Ning punches him at a low speed.

Ji Yanhu raises his fist to resist.


Fist collision.

Amazing power comes from Lu Ning.


Ji Yanhu's bone was broken inch by inch.

Lu Ning kicked again.

Ji Yanhu raises his leg again to resist.


Air explosion.


Broken leg bone.

Every time Ji Yanhu dares to fight Lu Ning, the result is that he is shattered.

But the colorful glazed treasure body is indeed a big god body.

He has strong healing ability.

The body seems to have an inexhaustible power, which spurts out a powerful healing force. The broken bones and internal organs have been repaired and improved in less than a minute.

Unfortunately, even such a strong body can't keep up with the speed of injury.

Finally, Lu Ning punches Ji Yanhu to the ground.


Ji Yanhu hit a hill and directly crashed the hill.

The ground shook, the rocks rolled down, and he was buried inside.

'How can this be? How can this be?'

In the boat, Ji Yanhu's friends couldn't believe it.

In front of Lu Ning, the peerless Ji Yanhu has no power to parry.

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