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Chapter 320 Strength in the Later Period

Tianshui Sect.

When Lu Ning came to Tianshui Sect, Zhou Taixuan told him the whole story. Under the leadership of Zhou Taixuan, he met the three supreme powers from the Holy Land.

These are the three elders of the Holy Land.

So young.

Three elders from the three holy places, all of whom are men. Each of them looks about thirty years old. They look older than Lu Ning, but much younger than Zhou Taixuan.

Lu Ning could not feel the strength of the three men, nor dared to check it with divine sense.

Lu Ning said politely, 'Meet the three predecessors.'

The three men nodded slightly, and then began to look at Lu Ning. The divine sense was not hidden, and they scanned Lu Ning's body at will.

However, it is obvious that the three can not see any clues.

At this time, one of the elders asked: 'Lu Ning, Jiandao is the strongest in the Qianyuan world. Come to our Qianyuan Holy Land, you have the potential to become a saint.'

Another person also opened his mouth and said, 'Lu Ning, you have a divine body. The Holy Land of the Virtual Palace specializes in body training. You should come to our Holy Land of the Virtual Palace.'

The last person also said, 'Lu Ning, the rule of heaven and earth, and Dharma practice is the right way.'

The three people will not give way to each other, and they all want to put Lu Ning in their holy land.

This scene makes Lu Ning feel funny.

It's like fighting for talented students on the earth.

Unexpectedly, he will also become a pastry.

However, Lu Ning was also hesitant about where to choose.

He thought for a moment and said: 'To be honest with the three elders, the younger generation has not practiced for a long time, and can't tell which one is better than the other. I don't know whether the three elders can have a jade slip of fighting skills. Let the younger generation observe it and judge.'

Which is more powerful, naturally depends on their ability.

The jade slips that are popular in the market can only be used to compete in a distracted state at most.

It is impossible to find the jade slips above the fitness level, let alone the fighting image of Mahayana.

This seems to be the respect of Qianyuan World for the above integration.

The person involved can sense the divine knowledge jade slips.

No one dares to burn jade slips under the eyes of the fit and strong.

Even if both of them are strong in the Mahayana, they will not be copied without permission.

This makes Lu Ning's combat power at the level above integration somewhat vague.

'It's simple. All three of us are in the late stage of the disaster relief realm. We all take out a jade slip and let Lu Ning have a good look.' After the elders of Qianyuan Holy Land said that, they gave Lu Ning a piece of divine jade slip.


The other two did not hesitate to throw a jade slip to Lu Ning.

The later stage of the disaster!

What the other person said was random, but Lu Ning listened to it in his heart.

'I'll take a look first.' Lu Ning holds three jade slips and quickly immerses his divine sense into the first one, which is the jade slips of the elders of the Holy Land of Qianyuan.

The Holy Land of Qianyuan, practicing kendo.

After entering the Divine Awareness Jade Bamboo Slips, the picture comes immediately.

What appeared in front of Lu Ning was a hundred thousand mountains, which looked extremely vast.

The elders of the Qianyuan Holy Land are suspended in the air, holding a magic sword, and the sword spirit is soaring into the sky.

The powerful sword qi directly pierces the clouds and leads nowhere.

He waved his hand gently and chopped it.

The sword qi stretches for 30000 li, and the sword is cold in 19 continents.

The sword is powerful and can directly cut 100000 mountains in half.

Under the sword qi, the mountains are completely destroyed, and the sharp sword qi makes everything two.

Wherever the sword qi goes, nothing grows.

The earth is torn, and the sword qi not only breaks the mountains, but also breaks into the ground, and magma erupts from the ground.

An apocalyptic scene.

The power of a single blow can make people cry!

I can see Lu Ning's heart is surging and beating.

This is the strength of the late Qianyuan World War.

Lu Ning compares himself with such a strength, and when he compares himself with such a strength, he will be dwarfed by others.

I was proud of myself, and even had some comparative ideas, which were scattered.

'It's really strong. With such sword spirit, it doesn't mean that you can fight everywhere.' Lu Ning yearns for it.

A picture appeared in his mind.

That is the scene of a spaceship in Kamela galaxy.

Try to be stronger.

Don't be too handsome.

As expected, it is not unreasonable for Kendo to become the mainstream of the Qianyuan world.

Who doesn't love such a powerful and handsome attack.

Lu Ning opened his eyes and his face was still a little shocked.

The elders of the Qianyuan World were satisfied with Hou Lu Ning's expression.

He felt that Lu Ning was safe enough to be included in the Holy Land of Qianyuan.

Lu Ning handed him the jade slip and sighed, 'It really opened my eyes.'

Although the other two elders knew that this would be the result, they were not anxious.

Lu Ningchao nodded and soon began to immerse himself in the second divine jade slip.

This jade slip is from the Elder of the Xu Palace.

This time, the picture unexpectedly switched to the universe.

In the void, there are many meteors about to fall to the stars.

When the meteor approaches, there are huge meteorites.

Meteorites carry extremely powerful force and will hit the planet. Meteorites can range from several tens of meters in size to several kilometers in size.

When the meteorite is about to fall into the planet, a person stands in front of these meteorites.

It's this one, the elder from the virtual palace.

Gu 乺

saw that his whole skin was shining with golden light, and his whole life became extremely fast.

He rushed to the falling meteorite in diameter and punched it out.



The meteorite bursts into countless dusts.

At the explosion center, Elder Xugong rushed out and continued to rush towards the next meteorite.

He is like a streamer, constantly shuttling among many meteorites.

Although these meteorites are fast, they are faster.

One punch at a time.

Streams of light flashed, followed by a series of meteorite explosions.

The last meteorite, which was several kilometers in size, was also hit by him.


The universe erupted with huge fireworks, which were brilliant.

One man is in charge of the pass, and ten thousand people are not allowed to leave.

He is the only person in the whole world.

One word - strong!

His body is just like a superman, impregnable.

Breaking so many meteorites, not blushing, not breathing, not even a little damage to the body, just like doing a trivial thing.

To fight against the power of heaven and earth with manpower, Lu Ning also saw an invincible road.

To be fair, Lu Ning always thinks that it is a little worse than Kendo.

Hmm. Not enough white clothes.

Lu Ning was no longer so shocked. He opened his eyes and handed the jade slips to the Elder of Xugong.

Seeing that Lu Ning was not as surprised as he had just seen the jade slips in the Holy Land of Qianyuan, the Elder of Xugong felt a little uncomfortable.

He is also a grumpy person. After receiving the jade slip, he immediately said: 'Boy, you are awakening to the divine body, and you are destined to take the way of cultivating your body. You are a real man when you hit the flesh with your fists.'

'What you said is reasonable, I will consider it.' Lu Ning responded with a smile.

What he said was not perfunctory, but sincere consideration.

He used to focus on physical training, and his body is the foundation. He deeply understands this truth.

Then Lu Ning continued to check the third jade slip.

Divine awareness is immersed in it.

Lu Ning saw a sea of thunder.

It is a real thunder sea.

The reflected light of the ocean formed by thunder is all flickering electric light.

It is like countless thunder dragons swimming in the clouds, making the clouds light and dark.

A man appeared under the thunder. It was the Elder of Purple Mansion Holy Land.

When he waved his hand, ten thousand thunders fell.

The thunder is connected with the earth, as if the sky is connected with the earth.

This is more spectacular than the original thunder net used by Dongfang Mo.

The endless thunder falls, and instead of disappearing immediately, it forms huge columns of thunder.

Thunder falls into the sea, instantly like many bombs into the sea, causing a huge explosion.

The thunder split on the ancient tree in the sky, and the tree was directly broken.

The thunder struck a huge monster, and the monster died on the spot. The shape and spirit were destroyed and turned into flying ash.

The picture suddenly turns.

It is raining heavily in the sky, and the world is shrouded in heavy rain.

The heavy rain quickly turns into snowflakes and hail.

The whole world is frozen and turned into a piece of ice and snow.

The elder gently flapped his palm and the breeze blew. Within a radius of tens of kilometers, all icebergs collapsed, and then disappeared.

He gently raised his hand again, grabbed a mountain several kilometers farther, filled it into a lake, and the lake was directly buried.

Move mountains and fill the sea.

This is a true supernatural power.

Lu Ning opened his eyes and handed the jade slip back to the Elder of Purple Mansion Holy Land.

'Now that you have seen it all, what about the holy place you choose?' The elders of Qianyuan Holy Land asked.

'No matter which Holy Land you choose, we will cultivate you wholeheartedly.' The Elder of Purple Mansion Holy Land smiled at Lu Ning.

'Little Lu Ning, don't be confused by some scenes. You should have a clear idea of the road you are suitable for.' The elders of the holy land of the virtual palace are somewhat weird.

Lu Ning is still hesitating, and the elders of the virtual palace holy land immediately spread a message, 'Lu Ning, come to our virtual palace holy land, kendo, magic, body training, and we will teach you everything!'



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A small pink light ball falls from the other party.

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