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Chapter 321 Consider, immortal's tomb

Although the elders of the Holy Land of the Xugong Temple were secretive, they were discovered by the elders of the Holy Land of the Qianyuan Dynasty through Lu Ning's unnatural look.

The elder of the Qianyuan Holy Land glanced at him, 'Brother Nangong, you are also secretly telling Lu Ning.'

The Elder of the Holy Land of the Virtual Palace is called Nangong Zhan. He used to do this kind of thing secretly.

'Little friend Lu Ning, did he tell you that as long as you go to the Holy Land of his virtual palace, you will not only teach you how to cultivate your body, but also how to teach you sword skills and magic skills, so that you can practice the three together?'

Facing the question from the Elder of Qianyuan Holy Land, Lu Ning looked at the Elder of the Holy Land in the virtual palace and didn't answer, but his face was embarrassed.

Nangong Zhan said as if nothing had happened, 'What's the matter? I'm telling the truth. Come to our virtual palace, and Lu Ning wants to practice together. Why not?'

'Of course, there is nothing necessary, but a person's energy is limited. The three ways of sword, dharma and body are different. In our Qianyuan world, there has never been a person who practices the three ways together.'

The elder of the Qianyuan Holy Land warned, 'Lu Ning, no matter which Holy Land you go to, if you want to practice the other two different kinds of kung fu, we will certainly meet your requirements. But if you want to achieve Mahayana, I still hope you can devote yourself to it.'

Hearing the words of the Elder of Qianyuan Holy Land, Lu Ning understood.

That is to say, although each Holy Land has its own main direction, if Lu Ning wants to learn other types of kung fu directions, they can also provide them.

This is good news for Lu Ning.

Yes, he wants three fellow practitioners.

Children hesitate, adults want everything!

However, if we join the Holy Land, Lu Ning will immediately face the first problem - binding with the Holy Land.

In some things, you may need to listen to the Holy Land.

This is a choice, there are gains and losses.

If you are an ordinary disciple, you will only go to the Holy Land to study for a hundred years. After a hundred years, you can stay at will.

But Lu Ning is different. He will accept the inheritance of the core of the Holy Land.

Become a true disciple.

To become a true disciple of the Holy Land also means responsibilities and obligations.

At that time, they will take the vow of the Heavenly Way and become part of the inheritance of the Holy Land. They cannot betray and leave forever.

For freedom loving Lu Ning, this choice is somewhat difficult.

After all, even if there is no Holy Land, as long as Lu Ning's cultivation and development are normal and there are bracelets, his upper limit may even be higher than that of all the people in the Holy Land of Qianyuan.

There is no need to tie oneself to the Holy Land.

This is a great constraint for him.

However, if you want to get the maximum supply of resources and practices in the short term, going to the Holy Land is the best choice.

For a while, Lu Ning was also hard to choose.

Facing the eyes of several people, Lu Ning hesitated for a moment, and then said, 'I wonder if three predecessors can let me think about it for a while?'

Afraid of misunderstanding.

He also explained: 'The three holy places are too difficult for me to choose.'

This is naturally his excuse.

But when he heard this reason from the three elders, it was easy to understand.

Holy land is really difficult for ordinary people to choose.

In particular, Lu Ning is still a god.

The Elder of the Holy Land of Qianyuan said: 'Disciples of all major cities, it is still nine years before you enter the Holy Land next time. You have nine years to think about it. Of course, if you think about it in advance, you can also enter the Holy Land in advance, which is your privilege.

But what I want to tell you is that the golden elixir is a watershed. Next, you will choose the path you really want to take. If you accidentally break through to Yuanying, you will have no chance with the sword path, and you can only turn to magic and take the path of magic cultivation. '

Hearing this, Lu Ning was shocked that there was something else.

It seems that this is the real secret of the Qianyuan world.

The most advanced cultivation methods are in the Holy Land.

Lu Ning hurriedly asked, 'I still have a lot of questions about these three ways of cultivation. I wonder if the three elders can help me.'

At any rate, Lu Ning is also the talent that the three holy places like. At this time, they will not hide anything.

The elder of the Qianyuan Holy Land explained: 'If you enter the Qianyuan Holy Land, you can practice the sword. The sword is a sword pill and a flying sword, which is very different from the flying sword of the outside world.'

The Elder of the Holy Land of Purple Mansion then took the word and continued, 'Most of the swordsmanship that is being taught outside is our swordsmanship in the Holy Land of Purple Mansion.'

When he said it, he was quite proud.

However, who let the Qianyuan Holy Land hide and hide, and don't let people practice the really good kendo.

Nowadays, most people in the Qianyuan world regard their swordsmanship in the Holy Land of Purple Mansion as the real swordsmanship.

Unfortunately, only the people in the Holy Land of Purple Mansion know that their swordsmanship is far from that in the Holy Land of Qianyuan.

Lu Ning also showed surprise with her cooperation: 'This is really the case.'

He really doesn't know.

The sword pill is a flying sword.

Yes, this is the real kendo, which is made by life.


At this time, Nangong Zhan of the Holy Land of the Virtual Palace also said, 'After you break through the golden pill, we in the Holy Land of the Virtual Palace also need to go another way, mainly to refine the body. At this time, we will disperse the golden pill in the body, and refine the spirit into the body. At that time, the sword is hard to hurt, and the spirit will not be damaged.'

Lu Ning was surprised again.

There is such a way to cultivate body.

As expected, the inheritance of the top skills is in the hands of the Holy Land.

These secret scripts of kung fu are just common paths.

The three elders did not hesitate to instill some spiritual knowledge into Lu Ning, and then left one by one.

Before leaving, they each gave Lu Ning a jade slip. At that time, Lu Ning can go to any of the three holy places whenever he wants.

'Lord Zhou, goodbye.'

After leaving Zhou Taixuan, Lu Ning also left Tianshui Sect.

Today's event has some impact on him.

He really needs to think it over.

But there are still nine years left, which is very abundant.

Considering that there is still such a long time to prepare, Lu Ning is not worried.

He thought to himself, 'Nine years? According to the current practice speed, it will not have reached Mahayana in nine years.'

It's no wonder that he thinks so. It's really because since he has four supreme spiritual roots and one perfect spiritual root, his cultivation speed is extremely fast.

And unlike the people in the Qianyuan world, he has embarked on a completely different road. There is no boundary bottleneck at all. As long as the energy and materials are sufficient, he can break through at any time.

Cultivation room.

'Practice first.'

Lu Ning crossed his knees on the futon, took out the Huanglong Pill from the Qiankun Bag, poured one into his mouth.

The sixth level top grade Huanglong Pill is worth a hundred years of hard work.

When the Huanglong Pill is in the stomach, its surging power explodes in Lu Ning's elixir field.

It is worthy of being the sixth level top grade Huanglong Pill. Even in Lu Ning's current state, it still has a great effect.

Lu Ning enters the cultivation process. Only in the evening will he find time to accompany several women to practice doubles.

Everyone is immersed in the improvement of accomplishments and cannot extricate themselves.


When Lu Ning and others were immersed in cultivation.

The other side.

Several powerful monks were suspended above a mountain range.

The mountains here are extremely high, with steep cliffs and towering cliffs. Ten thousand meters of high mountains are everywhere.

From time to time, a fierce animal roared in the surrounding forest.

This place is far away from the territory of the Terrans, and is located in the wasteland deep in the Qianyuan boundary.

'The aura here is rare. Are you sure it is here?'


They also got a treasure map by accident, and learned that an ancient immortal's tomb was buried here.

This is the immortal's tomb.

No one has risen for hundreds of thousands of years, and immortals have existed in the legend.

Now I suddenly got a message about the ancient immortal's burial, which made these people very excited.

Although they also have some doubts, isn't the immortal immortal immortal.

Why are there immortal tombs.

But this did not prevent them from coming to look for it.

Even if there is a ten thousandth chance, they will not miss such a good opportunity.



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