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Chapter 324 Huaxia, blocking the sky

Not wanting to risk himself, but also wanting to get the treasures in the immortal cemetery, Lu Ning's only way is to drive the Huaxia to capture the palace in front of him.

The palace is dozens of kilometers long, and the Huaxia is only one kilometer long. Lu Ning can't show up yet.

It is difficult.

Lu Ning's mind kept flowing, thinking of the best way.


Three days later.

The immortal's palace no longer sends out energy ripples, and completely calms down.

Everyone knows that the immortal cemetery will be opened.

At this juncture, Lu Ning's Huaxia finally arrived in the Qianyuan World.

He first went back to the magic world, and then opened the door of time and space to let the Chinese ship come to the hidden mountains of the Qianyuan world, and then flew from the mountains to the cemetery.

The 10000 kilometer Huaxia, which blocks the sky and the sun, is spectacular.

The scientific and technological products from Kamela galaxy appeared for the first time in front of the monks in the Qianyuan world.

'What is this, a flying boat?!'

'How can there be such a big flying boat!'

'The three holy places and the flying boats of the nine cities have all been here. Where did they come from? Could it be that in the Qianyuan world, besides the three holy places and the nine big cities, there are other human forces?'

The appearance of Huaxia shocked everyone present.

If the strength is estimated by size.

The flying boats of the three holy places and nine cities are not small, and have reached nearly 400 meters.

But the 400 meter flying boat, in front of the 10000 meter Huaxia, is the younger brother.

Seeing this huge flying boat, whether it is the saint of the three holy places or the demon king of the demon family, they all look surprised.

It is the first time that they have seen this kind of flying boat after living so long.

The flying boat in front of us is not only huge, but also strange in shape. It is different from their wooden flying boat. The flying boat in front of us is actually made of metal.

The spaceship reflects the metallic luster under the sun, just like a steel giant.


The muzzle of the spaceship suddenly lights up with white light, which is more and more dazzling.

Even if you look from afar, you can feel a terrible force gathering.

Scared the monks around to leave the Huaxia at once.


A plasma gun is launched from the huge muzzle.

At first, the light column was only two meters in size, but when it left the muzzle, it suddenly became larger and became five meters in diameter.

A light column with a diameter of five meters shoots at the distant mountains at nearly the speed of light.


The column of light destroyed everything, leaving a mountain range 100 kilometers away.


The residual power of the light column has not decreased, and it has shot 10000 kilometers away in a moment.

In the path of the light column, all the mountains are broken down and turned into powder.

But 10000 kilometers is just the beginning, and the light column is far from stopping.

This plasma gun shot to the end of the world of Qianyuan, and then penetrated the ozone layer and directly shot into space.

Even in the Mahayana realm, the divine sense at this time has been unable to catch up, and I don't know where the plasma cannon is shooting.

The power of the plasma gun made everyone who saw this scene in an uproar.




Too powerful!

In the face of this unknown existence, even the three great saints and demon kings did not dare to act rashly for a moment, for fear of angering the existence in the flying boat, let them do the same.

Such attacks, no matter which holy land or demon region they fall on, can instantly raze them to the ground.

Although they are very expensive and their strength has reached the top of the world, they are also suspicious at this time.

Could it be that there is something stronger than them.

Is it a fairy?

However, there seems to be no record of this flying boat in history.

It's impossible to fly such a powerful boat.

As long as it appears, it will be recorded in history.

'I am the Holy Lord of Qianyuan Holy Land - Qianyuheng. I don't know who you are.' As the eldest brother of the three holy places, Qian Yuheng was naturally the first to speak.

The two demon kings over there looked at him, then looked at the Huaxia again, and said nothing.

It is better for the Terran to stand out than for them.

Except for them, all other monks looked at the Huaxia and waited for its movement.

'I am the immortal of the Heavenly Kingdom, Yu Xuzi, and I am now the lower bound of the tomb of our celestial beings in the Heavenly Kingdom. The tomb of the immortal is accidentally wandered into the Heavenly Kingdom. Every ten thousand years, it is opened, causing heavy losses to the Heavenly Kingdom, and few people are rising.

Let's get away, it is not an opportunity to wait.'

A man's voice was heard from the Huaxia. What he said shocked people.

Immortal's tomb, accidentally wandered into the Qianyuan World.

Immortals descend to earth.

And it seems that he came to take away the immortal's tomb.

The three saints make eye contact and are uncertain.

The two demon kings also looked at each other with deep suspicion.


There has always been a rumor about immortals in the Qianyuan world, and no immortals have ever been seen.

Could it be that they were deliberately deceived for the immortal's tomb.

But just looking at the attack, it is so powerful and not fake.

The immortal treasure is right in front of us, so we can enter it at once, but now let them retreat.

Their deadline is coming.

Where can I leave easily.

One of the demon kings with horns gave Jiaolong a look, and the divine sense said, 'Go and see if the other is a real immortal.'


The Jiaolong, more than 200 meters long, is a big demon of the demon family, and its strength has reached the point of success.

At the command of his demon king, Jiaolong immediately said, 'Immortals? Where can we have immortals in the Qianyuan world? And you hide your head and tail and refuse to show up. I think you are pretending to be a ghost, so that you can only swallow the treasures of the immortal cemetery!'

As soon as he finished, the Jiaolong waved its tail and rushed to the Chaohua Xia.

It needs to see whether this huge flying boat is bluffing.

The dragon demon, as a successful rescue, is extremely fast. It has come to the Huaxia with only a flicker.

It seems that it will hit the Huaxia.


All the muzzles of the Huaxia were lit up in an instant.

Great brilliance.


The Jiaolong did not hit the Huaxia, but was blocked by the energy barrier.

The powerful impact force made the Huaxia shake slightly, and a large ripple appeared at the impact part.

The dragon flapped its tail on the barrier, trying to break it.


The energy barrier ripples violently, but it is as solid as gold.

At this moment, the plasma cannon that has accumulated energy shoots out in all directions.

Full fire.

It is like a laser, crisscrossing the dragon.

The plasma cannon is extremely fast and seems to encircle. Even if Jiaolong wants to escape, he will have to be hanged.

Along with the plasma cannon, it passed Jiaolong.


Jiaolong is directly divided into two.

Blood stains the sky.


Jiaolong screams.

But its voice stopped quickly.

Because its head has also been shot.

The plasma cannon is extremely powerful and powerful. Under the attack of the plasma cannon, the dragon was completely destroyed. Only a few huge pieces of the dragon's body fell to the ground.

Several plasma cannons that killed Jiaolong kept their momentum intact. Some of them shot into distant mountains, sweeping away mountains.

Some explode to the ground and directly shoot into the ground, causing underground magma to erupt.

Others attacked the nearby immortal palace, which caused severe ripples on the barrier surface of the palace. The barrier was weakened when it was visible to the naked eye.

There is also a beam of light shooting into the sky, which directly penetrates the clouds and rushes into the universe.

People didn't react until the dragon fell and the beam of plasma gun completely disappeared.


How is this possible.

The successful Jiaolong was killed in an instant, which made everyone present tremble.

Crowd commotion.

That's a powerful dragon.

Seeing the mountain range damaged by the afterwaves of the electromagnetic gun and the magma gushing from the ground in the distance, many monks can't help swallowing saliva and feel dry.

After killing the dragon, the muzzle did not stop immediately, but began to turn to the two demon kings in the air and other big demons.


The tauren demon king was targeted by the muzzle of the plasma gun, and felt his pores stand up. He shouted, and then slipped away.


Seeing the boss of his family escape, other demon kings, big demons, and even some small demons, naturally did not dare to stay long, and all fled.

The luminous plasma muzzle is still accumulating energy. This time, it is not directed to the demon family, but to the three saints of the human family.

Qian Yuheng and the other two saints were also a little flustered when they were hated by the muzzle.

They can also see the scene just now. Although they can kill Jiaolong, they can never be so downplay.

Immortals and powerful flying boats dare not test them easily.

Although the treasures in the immortal cemetery are good, they must be taken with life.

Don't lose your life without getting the treasure.

Qian Yuheng immediately said, 'I will leave right now.'

He also communicated with other saints, although the other two saints were not reconciled.

But they also saw the two scenes just now.

Although it is a Mahayana, it has stood at the top of the Qianyuan World.

I dare not compare with the attack of the flying boat.

Even if the other party is not a fairy, it is not comparable to them temporarily.

The muzzle of the Huaxia is still accumulating energy and has no intention of stopping.

Qian Yuheng and the elder explained a few words and left with the other two saints soon.

After they left, the elders of the Qianyuan Holy Land said to the monks who were still around and refused to leave, 'Let's leave. This immortal cemetery is an unknown place. It will be taken away by the immortal who came down to earth. If you don't leave, you should be careful not to offend the immortal. The dragon demon just ended.'

He looked at the flying boats in the nine cities of the human race and said, 'Go back and don't come back.'


Zhou Taixuan and others nodded without hesitation, and the imperial envoy turned the flying boat into a streamer and left here.

The immortal cemetery is no longer something they can mix with.

When other monks saw this, they also scattered one by one.

The elders of the three holy places checked with divine sense. After confirming that all the people had gone, they nodded to each other. They saluted the Xianghua and then left from here.

Within Huaxia.

Lu Ning looked at the screen and said, '5% of the energy is left'.

Almost, almost exposed.

In order to play a deterrent role, the first attack just consumed 20% of the energy in the spacecraft.

However, the effect was amazing, and even Lu Ning was a little surprised.

The second time, in order to kill dragons, it consumed 60%.

The attack of the dragon directly reduced the energy of the spaceship to 5%.

A few saints or demon kings, no matter who they are, will only be destroyed if they come to the spaceship again.

However, the current situation is also expected by Lu Ning.

What he has to do is to give them a feeling that they cannot defeat.

Strive ahead and attack forcefully.

Do they dare to do it again.

Obviously, I dare not.

They couldn't afford to bet, so Lu Ning won.

Although Jiaolong's action was somewhat unexpected, it made them more afraid by setting an example to others. The final result was unexpectedly good.

'Now, the treasure here belongs to me alone!' Lu Ning was excited.

Don't waste his great adventure.

The big adventure is a big harvest.


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