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Chapter 331 The ninth edition of the Original Sutra

It's a huge space. Lu Ning made a visual inspection, and it's about 1000 square meters.

In the 1000 square meters, there are a lot of things.

Each pile of articles is like a hill, quite spectacular.

A pile of Lingshi.

From Lu Ningyi's perspective, most of them are top-grade Lingshi, and a few are top-grade Lingshi.

A pile of mixer materials.

According to his instructions, Qianyu Heng has six, seven, eight and nine steps. Tianwaitian Meteorite Essence, Bauhinia Green Essence, Red Smelting Copper Essence, Colorful Gold Essence, Zijin Divine Iron, Black Gold, etc. are like a large ore vein, colorful.

The largest is gold.

Compared with gold, other items can only be regarded as small hills, and gold is like a huge peak.

A piece of gold.

According to Lu Ning's visual inspection, the gold may be trillions of tons.

'Very good.'

Lu Ning expressed his satisfaction.

This shows that the three saints have listened to his words.

In addition to these things, the most valuable thing in the space ring is a set of nine level magic tools.

A nine level superior flying sword.

A ninth grade top quality robe.

A pair of nine level top quality boots.

A ninth level top quality, attack and defense integrated divine spirit magic instrument - soul swinging bell.

Seeing these four things, Lu Ningle is broken.

These four things are all the top magic weapons of the Qianyuan world, and are the treasures that many monks dream of.

Now they are lying in his space ring.

After seeing Qian Yuheng's space ring, Lu Ning first recognized the space ring as the Lord, and then began to check the space rings of the other two saints.

The space size of the other two saints is the same as that of Qian Yuheng, except that there is no complete set of ninth level magic weapons.

It seems that the three of them have a gap with each other, and the amount they give is roughly the same.


Lu Ning has asked Nuwa to spare no effort to produce robots. There were some robots in the Predator, the Dia and the Huaxia, of which the Predator was the most, with more than 100.

In the past few days, more than 500 mining robots have been produced.

Then Lu Ning waved his hand and said, 'Let's go!'

The Predator sailed to the nearest planet to Qianyuan.

The solar system of Qianyuan planet is not very different from the Earth, and there are also several planets.

The distance between them is not far.

Within one billion kilometers.

For the Predator with superluminal speed and space jumping ability, it is like being at home.

Flying at superluminal speed, in a short time, the Predator had come to the side of this unknown planet.

Huaxia flew out of the Predator and landed on the planet.

This is a lifeless planet with a harsh environment.

Huaxia will land soon and drive to mining vehicles and robots from the spaceship.

As for the Jiaolong corpse originally stored in the warehouse of Huaxia, Lu Ning has already moved it into the space ring.

There is no air and time in the space ring, and it will not be damaged for long.

'Daddy, please name this planet.' At this time, Nuwa asked.

The planet needs to be named for marking.

'Let's call it Qianyuan No. 2.' Lu Ning's casual way.

Anyway, so many planets in the universe will become his mines, so there is no need to give any special meaningful names.

'Good big dad.'

So this unknown planet was officially named Qianyuan 2.

The input of hundreds of robots is faster than that of ordinary manpower.

A simple mining site was built in a half day.

Mining is in full swing.

After the mining is on the right track, Lu Ning no longer pays attention to it. He starts to let the bracelet absorb gold with all his heart.

All three huge gold pieces flow into the bracelet.

Such a large amount of gold makes the bracelet emit a hazy luster.

No accident happened to Lu Ning, and the new space-time was lit up.

This is the sixth unknown space-time.

There are seven blue crystals on the bracelet, and now six have been lit.

For the sixth unknown space-time, Lu Ning did not enter this time rashly.

'Nowadays, we need resources, we need to practice our skills, we need to practice our skills, we need everything.'

'In case of any danger or accident in the past, it is inappropriate.'

Each time and space is more dangerous than the previous one, so he decided to be obscene.

Don't worry about passing.

'If you want to pass, at least wait until your strength is comparable to that of Mahayana or immortal.'

The greedy snake swallows the elephant. He has not even solved the civilization of Kamela system.

There are cosmic beasts over there. If you want to go there, you should also go to Kamela galaxy to find the replication ability of cosmic beasts.

After the gold is absorbed, Lu Ning is ready to practice.

Nuwa has updated to the ninth version of the original sutra.

It is not unpleasant.

And Nuwa took the immortal realm in the earth myth as the template, and discharged the following realm levels.

The realm after Mahayana is the realm of immortals, which can be divided into nine levels.

They are: Earth Immortals, Heavenly Immortals, Xuanxian Immortals, Zhenxian Immortals, Jinxian Immortals, Taiyi Jinxian Immortals, Daluo Jinxian Immortals, Zhunsheng Immortals and Sages.

Nuwa is divided according to the traditional Chinese realm, so that Lu Ning can see it more intuitively.

If the first version of the Primitive Sutra can only be cultivated to the level of immortals, the ninth version can be cultivated to the level of golden immortals.

The subsequent deduction, because there is no reference to the skill, can continue to deduce, but the progress has slowed down.

But for Lu Ning, Jinxian is enough for the time being.

Even he felt that his path was different from that of traditional cultivation of immortals, and the breakthrough of realm was not significant to him.

It can always break through.

'Let me see how powerful the Primitive Sutra is.'

At this moment, Lu Ning is kneeling in a room of the Predator.

The seven thousand kilometer Predator is like a planet, and every room in it is extremely spacious.

In the room.

Lu Ning has already set up a top-level spirit gathering array around him, using the best spirit stones.

As he began to practice the Primitive Sutra for the first time, he immediately felt that his body was connected to the power supply, forming an array, and his body turned into a black hole.

Take the following elixir field as the source, and start to absorb the aura of the outside world crazily.

Whales devour.

Goutie swallows the sky.

Huge energy is poured into the body in waves, absorbed into the golden pill through the channels, and then fed back to the whole body through the golden pill.

The energy continuously washes in the body.

Reciprocating cycle.

Form a Sunday.

The Original Scripture combines the three advantages of kendo, dharma practice and physical training.

Lu Ning's original golden pill has already reached the limit of energy.

At this time, he cultivates the Primitive Scripture. With the infusion of energy, he soon ushers in a breakthrough.

The golden pill in the lower elixir field is divided into four parts.

A golden pill rises to the Dantian on Luning, namely Yintang Cave, enters his sea of knowledge and shines brightly in it.

A golden pill also rises and comes to his middle elixir field, which is also Tanzhong acupoint and becomes another super energy source.

A golden pill splits out and remains in the lower elixir field, but it is no longer like a golden pill, but changes slowly and becomes a long sword.

This long sword is the destiny flying sword that was transformed by the golden pill.

As for the original golden pill, after it has divided into three golden pills, its body size becomes smaller, but it still remains in the lower elixir field, rotating noisily.


Three gold pills, plus a life flying sword. The moment they were split, the attraction was strong and they began to absorb the spirit of the outside world crazily.

The absorption rate is more than three times of the previous one.

Lu Ning is immersed in the cultivation of such explosive accomplishments, and his ears don't listen to things outside the window.

His accomplishments are soaring every day.

Exaggerate day by day.

One day of Lu Ning's practice is worth several years of ordinary people's practice.

After breakthrough, he began to absorb the materials of high-grade refiners while practicing.

The material liquid is absorbed into the body. In addition to most of it being absorbed into the body, a small part of it is absorbed into the life flying sword.

There is no sun and moon in the mountains, and the world has been thousands of years.

One month is fleeting.

The next month, Lu Ning copied Qian Yuheng's blood and got his Tianling root.

The speed of cultivation is like taking a rocket, rising again and again.

Several batches of spirit stones have been replaced in the spirit gathering array arranged by hundreds of excellent spirit stones.

Lu Ning enjoyed the pleasure of feeling his accomplishments soaring.

This is a physical and spiritual enjoyment.

Three golden pills and Benming Flying Swords, after being absorbed crazily in this month, have all risen by a small circle.

and become more rounded.

If you compare Lu Ning with yourself a month ago, you can kill him instantly.

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