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Chapter 332 The true identity of the demon, the new ability to shout.

Qianyuan boundary.

The location of the immortal tomb.

The original mountain range has already been riddled with holes due to the attack of the energy cannon. Pieces of earth were torn to form the Grand Canyon, and because of the magma eruption, it became a barren land.

Thousands of kilometers around were seriously affected.

Even in the past so long, most places are still spewing magma.

Somewhere in the ground fissure, magma is bubbling out.

A simple box was pushed out by magma.

The box drifted with the magma, slowly pushed to the distance, and finally flowed under a big tree.

The big trees are surrounded by magma, and their trunks are constantly eroded by magma.

There was a monkey in the tree. Because of the magma, he hid on it and could not escape.

The monkey saw the box below and slowly came down from the tree.

He picked up the box and opened it curiously.

As soon as the box was opened, a pool of blood red jumped out of the box and rushed to its face.


The monkey cried out in fear, and it kept slapping its face in fear.

Blood, like life, goes through the monkey's seven holes.

After a while, the blood disappeared in the monkey.

The monkey's body wriggled strangely, and its body swelled.

Its eyes became vertical pupils, and blood red.

And the ignorant expression became cold and heartless.

'Who killed me?'

The monkey looks fierce and spits out words.

He is the demon in the immortal tomb.

The demon has lived for tens of thousands of years, and naturally knows the law of survival.

Pay attention to crafty rabbits in three caves.

He had arranged his exit early.

There are some memories from the Lord in his mind, but even through those memories, he does not know who died in the end.

In my memory, I saw a huge white light column, and then my Lord died.

A fall short!


He raised his head and roared.

Not reconciled.

His original name was Yue Baishi, but he was an immortal.

In the fairyland, because he was killed by other immortals, his master buried his body in the lower world in order to revive him. He planned to use the blood essence of the human race to turn him into a drought tiger in 100000 years.

One hundred thousand years will come, and his memory has been restored, and he could once again fly to the fairyland.

To my surprise, such an accident happened.

How could he bear it.

One hundred thousand years of hard work have been wasted, which has hurt the origin.

Even if he can cultivate, he can no longer restore the immortal realm.

His heart was dripping blood.

'Master, the lower bound will avenge me!'

Yue Baishi holds the jade box and places a trace of his mind on it.

The jade box suddenly glowed, and then turned into a streamer of light and rushed to the sky.

Streaming light has already rushed into the universe in a blink of an eye, and then flickered, breaking open the space and disappeared.

For himself, he jumped up and down, and then jumped into the distant mountains.



Camilla galaxy.

Within the Federation of Galaxies.

For Lu Ning's investigation, only two monitoring clips were found.

One is D8-788 prison planet, which was photographed when Lu Ning first appeared in this world.

The second is the picture of Lu Ningli fighting against gravity and destroying the robot in the Predator.

Apart from the two monitoring clips, nothing was found.

This has disappointed the Federation of Kamela Galaxies.

The monitoring screen is too short. They only know that Lu Ning has some powerful power.

'The other party must have mastered new technology.'

They can't believe that this is Lu Ning's own power, because it is not possible for humans to do this. They can only guess that Lu Ning is a humanoid robot, or the result of carrying some high-tech items.

'Could it be a new generation of Zerg?' Some people put forward new ideas.

Their civilization has been fighting with the Zerg for so many years, and the Zerg is still evolving.

Every few years, new species will evolve.

Last time, they found that the Zerg had a tendency to evolve into humans, which made them feel uneasy.

However, they thought it was very possible.

'Has the Zerg invaded our human world?'

'Check! Carry out a population census to comprehensively check whether we humans are mixed with Zerg.'

With the order, the Kamela system ushered in a major inspection.

All this is because of Lu Ning.

In addition to the general inspection, they also increased the search for Lu Ning.


Lu Ning is immersed in cultivation.

Only in the evening can I find time to practice with all wives.

With the improvement of Lu Ning's strength, his wives also got rain and dew, and their accomplishments improved by leaps and bounds.

Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi were the first to practice. At this time, they have reached the middle stage of foundation construction and will soon break through to the late stage of foundation construction.

This kind of speed, even in the Qianyuan world, will also be regarded as a genius.

It's natural that all the contributions made so quickly are inseparable from Lu Ning.

A new month is coming.

Lu Ning came to Earth Star.

Earth Star is the least space and time he came to.

But this time, Lu Ning wanted to see if he could find new special mutants.

Now he has copied the top spirit roots, so he doesn't need to copy other spirit roots for the time being.

I just want to see if there are any new abilities.


When Earthstar President Petri saw Lu Ning, he was as enthusiastic as ever.

'My friend, you haven't been here for a long time.'

Lu Ning didn't talk to him about the past, but explained his purpose directly.

'This is the list of new mutants in recent months, in which their abilities are recorded in detail.'

Petri generously took out a book to show Lu Ning.

Lu Ning took the book and looked at it.

Each line is written with the person's name and the other's ability description.

Many of them are useless abilities.

Such as fire control, water control and soil control.

This would have been useful in the past, but now Lu Ning has lost sight of it.

However, I still found some special abilities that can be used.

One is to melt and reshape metal.

No matter what metal, it can be melted by the other side and then reshaped.

Some are like other forging and refining tools.

Another is to command animals and insects.

Not mind control, but a leader type command.

Imitate the leader's breath, and then control it.

For the time being, only these two abilities are of interest to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning pointed to the other person's name on the notebook and said, 'I want to see this power that deforms metal.'

Compared with directing animals and insects, he naturally values the ability to melt and reshape metals.

This ability is very compatible with his ability to control magnetically controlled electricity.

And with this ability, even the refining of weapons will be very easy.

Although Lu Ningjin's Holy Wood can also melt metals, it melts very slowly. The key is that it cannot be reshaped.

Petrie quickly ordered someone to bring the mutant.

This is a white man, only eighteen years old, a young man.

He was still surprised why the President would let him come.

'Eh, you are a merchant of the universe!'

As soon as the other party saw Lu Ning, they seemed excited.

Now, no one does not know about the universe merchants.

Especially their mutant population.

If they were not cosmic merchants, they would not be protected by the government.

The cosmic merchants are the saviors of their mutators.

Although their mutants now have their own leaders, including leaders, they all regard the universe merchants, that is, Lu Ning, as their real leaders.

'It's me.' Lu Ning nodded slightly.

'Did you call me here? If there is anything I can do for you, just tell me!' His eyes sparkled at Lu Ning.

At this moment, it seems that even if Lu Ning asked him to die, he would not frown.

The whole man looked extremely fanatical.

Lu Ning is surprised by the other party's craziness.

I didn't expect to have such a little fan brother in the Earth Star.

He didn't say anything but reached out his hand and touched the forehead of the other person.

Facing Lu Ning's touch, the white man did not dodge, but he was confused and did not understand what Lu Ning was doing.

'Make good use of your ability to benefit the society.'

Yes Lu Ning's words are like a holy edict, which makes white men admire.

Lu Ning casually patted him on the shoulder, then opened the door of time and space and disappeared in front of them.

The gate of time and space disappears.

The white man touched the shoulder that Lu Ning had patted, and his face was excited.

He even got along with the cosmic merchants closely and was given high hopes.

It was a great honor for him.

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