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Chapter 336 Did I let you fly? Get down!

Camilla galaxy.

The surveillance footage of Lu Ning's sword cutting the spaceship was recorded by the undamaged spaceship and quickly spread throughout the Kamera civilization.

The action of moving clouds and flowing water, the sword qi of soaring universe, and the spaceship that has no resistance under the sword qi.

This scene made Kameira civilization shocked.

'God! He must be the legendary god!' Some people regard him as the God behind all things.

No matter in which civilization, there is a legend of God.

The same is true of the Kamera civilization.

They have always believed that the end of science is theology.

Behind all things, there must be gods who are creating and promoting them.

Lu Ning's understatement of destroying so many spaceships has gone beyond their common sense.

And he killed the Zerg, which ruled out the possibility of the Zerg.

The only possibility is God.

Some Kameira people soon began to believe in Lu Ning and became extremely fanatical.

'God can't be so weak. The real God doesn't need to do anything at all. He just follows his words. This must be a scientific and technological civilization that is more advanced than we do. This attack means that we use some technology that we don't understand for the time being.'

Kamela's senior management did not accept Lu Ning as a god.

They are more rational and more inclined to define Lu Ning as a new scientific and technological civilization.

A civilization system higher than theirs.

They also met some primitive civilizations in Kameira civilization. For primitive civilization people, they are gods.

But in fact, they just have more powerful scientific and technological means than the primitive civilization.

So, now they suspect that this person with human appearance is probably the same.

'Find him, capture him to the Federation for research, and we must study this power system from him.'

'No, their technology may be more advanced than ours, and we must not conflict with them, otherwise our entire civilization may perish.' An objection was raised.

'Now that the other party appears, if he had the ability to destroy our civilization, he would have already started. If he did not start, it means that the other party fears us and has no absolute strength.'

Kamera Federation soon divided into two factions, one of which advocated that Lu Ning should be captured regardless of everything.

One faction advocates friendship and plans to invite Lu Ning to become friends with him for mutual benefit.

However, both parties need to find Lu Ning as soon as possible.

Teams were sent out.

1 The surveillance screen of the planet in the experimental base was also quickly put in front of them, letting them know that Lu Ning had the ability to control his mind.

'Obviously, he does not belong to our civilization, or he awakens some unknown power.'

So the Kamera civilization began to study how to resist this kind of mind control.

When the Kamera civilization was looking for Lu Ning and studying the means of defense mind control, the other side.

Qianyuan boundary.

Dark clouds are gathering and thunder is rolling in the sky.

The black clouds are more than hundreds of kilometers wide.

Golden dragons were swimming in the clouds.

The clouds radiate incomparably powerful power, which makes people feel depressed.

As this power accumulated to the peak, the disaster finally came down.

Lei Jao's Qi is completely locked to the Qianyu Heng below.

At this moment, no matter where he goes, he will be locked by Tianlei and will never die.


There was a flash in the thunder pool of the black cloud, accompanied by a loud thunder, and a bucket of thunder had fallen towards the Qianyu Heng.

Thunder connects the sky and the earth, and the speed is extremely fast.

Thunderbolt splits on the Mountain Guarding Array.

The mountain protection array lights up violently and splashes electric arcs.

Fortunately, it blocked the thunder attack.

This is just the beginning.

Then eight thunderbolts fell in a row.


Air vibration,

Only this huge thunder is left.

Qian Yuheng watched the thunder robbers falling nervously. His magic power was surging and his magic weapon was inspired. He was ready to meet the thunder robbers after the array was broken.


The ninth thunderbolt hit the Mountain Guarding Array.

The Mountain Guarding Array of Qianyuan Holy Land is broken.


A huge cauldron immediately appeared on Qian Yuheng's head.

The tripod is green with various runes carved on it, giving out an ancient and simple atmosphere.


The disaster fell again and directly hit the huge cauldron.


The huge cauldron was knocked, and the strong sound wave spread out.

Sound waves turn into ripples and sweep around.

The distant mountains and ancient trees in the sky met this ripple and immediately turned into a powder.


The natural disasters continued to fall.

When the second nine thunderbolts fell, although the huge cauldron was not broken, its surface was bright and gloomy, and it was obvious that it could not hold on.

After the first and second thunderstorms are overcome, the third thunderstorm begins to brew.

This gave Gan Yuheng a chance to breathe.

But he did not dare to be careless and focused on the thunder robbery overhead.

The third thunder robbery didn't make him wait too long.


Thunderbolts thicker than buckets fell down.

The huge cauldron was completely broken after only three passes.

The huge tripod is like a bomb, exploding in all directions.

Fragments were blasted everywhere.

Qian Yuheng has produced the second magic tool.

This weapon is a big clock, which also floats above his head and emits golden light.


A series of thunder robberies continue to fall, as if they will never stop.

After the third thunderstorm, the fourth one fell directly.


The big clock is also broken.

Qian Yuheng took out another jade seal.


In this way, thunder robberies kept falling.

When the Qianyu Heng magic weapon is damaged, it will be replaced with a new one immediately.

As the Holy Lord of the Holy Land of Qianyuan, Qianyuheng naturally has many top-level magic tools after years of accumulation.

He used magic tools to resist the attack of thunder robbers, while swallowing several pills from time to time.

However, thunder robbery is not vegetarian, and it is more difficult to resist when it comes to the rear.

At the eighth thunder robbery, one thunder would be enough to break one of his magic weapons.

The ninth heavy thunder robbery, Qian Yuheng's magic weapon can't resist the thunder robbery.

He drew out his own life flying sword and waved it to Lei Qiang.

The majestic sword qi impacts the thunder.


The sword qi collided with the thunder.

This is a struggle between mortals and heaven.

When the last nine heavy thunders had robbed Qian Yuheng, he was already scarred and dying.

'I finally got over it!'

A smile appeared on his face.

Although I almost fell, I finally persevered.

It's not easy.

He took a look at himself. The robe had already become a rag, and his body was full of wounds after being hit by lightning.

Some places have even been burnt.

'Great, Elder Martial Brother Yuheng has finally passed!'

'Yes, it was over at last. It was too dangerous just now.'

The two saints were relieved to see that Qian Yuheng had survived the disaster.

They seem even more nervous than Qian Yuheng.

The disciples of Qianyuan Holy Land also cheered.

Lu Ning also felt that Qian Yuheng was not easy. He could feel that the other side had been seriously injured. If the disaster was any stronger, it would be him who fell.

At this time, everyone saw a colorful glow falling on Qian Yuheng.

The dense spirit of immortality merged into his body and began to transform his body.

This is really immortal.

Nourished by the immortal qi, Qian Yuheng recovered quickly and made a breakthrough in accomplishments.

A colorful whirlpool appeared in the sky.

The whirlpool is more than 100 meters long, which seems to be a mirror, and you can see the scene on the other side.

On the other side, the immortal air curls like a beautiful picture.

'Look! Is that fairyland?'

'It's time to fly to fairyland!'

People saw that Qian Yuheng's body began to slowly suspend.

He suddenly guessed that he would fly to fairyland.

Qian Yuheng also knew that he was going to fly.

His body flew out of control and began to approach the vortex in the air.

The world seemed to have a repulsive force, and he had to fly to the fairyland.

'I, Qian Yuheng, am flying to the fairyland today!'

Qian Yuheng changed into a new dress and announced to the whole Qianyuan world.

His voice was so loud that the whole Qianyuan world could hear him.

In the witness of everyone, Qianyu Heng rose in the daytime and slowly approached the whirlpool.

This is a very exciting moment.

All the people present witnessed this historical scene.

Some people are so excited that it is hard to control their emotions.

However, before Qian Yuheng was happy for too long, he was just approaching the whirlpool when a voice suddenly came from the opposite side of the whirlpool.

'Did I let you fly? Get down!'


Just now, Qianyu Heng was very smart, like a balloon, and was slapped.

His body fell on the mountains, and the mountains collapsed.


This sudden scene made everyone take a breath.

What is this situation?

Lu Ning's eyes also jerked.

Something has changed.

Who is it.

They could not help looking at the colorful whirlpool in the air.

In their eyes, a handsome and powerful man stepped out of the vortex.

Accompanied by this is earth shaking, which makes people unable to resist any threat.

Some weak people can no longer bear this kind of threat and cannot help crawling on the ground.

Qian Yuheng flies to the fairyland, while the other side comes from the opposite side, and the identity of the other side is ready to come out.


In the hearts of all the people present, such an idea could not help rising.

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