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Chapter 340 Ten Years From Now


In a magnificent palace.

'No, Elder Martial Brother Qinghua's life lamp is off!'

One disciple reported in panic.

This matter was soon learned by Gu Yunsong, the master of Qinghua Immortal.

Gu Yunsong frowned, 'Qinghua is still in an accident. Who is it?'

The Qianyuan World is just a small ordinary world.

There has been no accident for hundreds of thousands of years, but now a powerful existence suddenly appears.

He wanted to go down to the earth to see, but now the two sects of the fairyland are facing the enemy and lack of skills.

'After this battle, go to find Senior Brother Nangong and me.'

'At that time, I will have a look at the little Qianyuan World. What is the holy place of the other party?'


Qianyuan boundary.

The Predator stopped millions of kilometers away from the sun.

It is very close to the sun and extremely hot.

Even the predator can't stay long.

After Lu Ning came out, the Predator left at the first time.

With the huge sun, you can feel the hot temperature all the time.

Lu Ning immediately felt the cells become active.

The fire that makes people afraid is a tonic for Lu Ning.

'Rainbow melting!'

Lu Ning turned into a rainbow and rushed towards the sun.

Rainbow melting is a kind of speed magic in the Primitive Classic.

Born out of light hiding.

The speed can reach one hundred and eight thousand miles per second, which is equivalent to the Jindou Cloud Flag Drum of the legendary Great Sage Qi Tian.

One hundred and eight thousand miles, that is, fifty-four thousand kilometers per second.

The speed of light is 300000 kilometers per second, that is to say, Lu Ning's rainbow melting skill has about one sixth of the speed of light.

It's just abnormal.

At such a speed, even the immortals can't beat the horses.

Light hiding skill, hiding into the light.

The rainbow melting skill has already turned into light, which naturally depends on the power of the sun.

With the improvement of Lu Ning's strength, he believes that sooner or later his speed will reach the speed of light.

For millions of kilometers, it took Lu Ning just over a minute to reach the surface of the sun.

Breaking through the sun's atmosphere, Lu Ning suddenly entered the sun's interior.

The hot temperature, strong pressure, and the energy that is gushing all the time make Lu Ning deeply feel the fury of the sun.

If it is an ordinary immortal realm, it has been torn to pieces since I came here.

Although Lu Ning was not torn, all his hair was burned at the first time.

Clothes, boots and other items will naturally be included in the space ring at the first time. And put the space ring in the warehouse of Time and Space Gate.

At this time, he was soaked in the sun with red fruits.

The temperature of the solar surface is about 5000 degrees centigrade, and it gets hotter as it goes in.

The core temperature is about 15 million ℃.


Lu Ning felt like lying in a hot spring. He closed his eyes comfortably and enjoyed the massage from his body and mind.

It does not need to be swallowed by his mouth. His body has been completely opened.

With him as the center, the thick sun is really burning and forms a whirlpool, which moves crazily towards Lu Ning's body.

Just like Lu Ning's body has something they like, they should be integrated with Lu Ning.

Even Lu Ning felt that the sun suddenly had life, and he could feel the sun's happy mood.

His consciousness sinks into cultivation and is confused. He feels like he is incarnated as a new life, nurtured in the sun.

The sun is like his mother, feeding him heartily.

Lu Ning completely forgot about time in this practice.

Daily and monthly circulation and replacement in four seasons.

Unconsciously, ten years have passed.

Ten years later, Lu Ning's closed eyes slowly opened.

Two golden lights shot from his eyes, and they were dazzling even in the sun.

The sun directly penetrates in front of you, making the magma billow for a long time.

Lu Ning yawned and checked his strength.

He found himself stuck in the early stage of the land fairy.

The reason for awakening seems to be the lack of physical strength.

'It seems that it is necessary to absorb some smelter materials.'

The more upward it is, the harder it is to break through. He did not expect that the breakthrough would take so long after reaching the immortal realm.

It's only because the breakthrough was too fast in the past, which gave him this illusion.

He shook his fist and felt the divine sense in his mind.

Although there is no substantial breakthrough, it has accumulated a lot in terms of quantity.

The foundation is well laid.

At this time, Lu Ning did not know how long he had been closed.

He didn't react until Nuwa told him that he used the bracelet power to travel back to the waiting Predator in time and space.

'It took so long!' Lu Ning is surprised.

Sure enough, there is no sun and moon in the mountain, and the world has been thousands of years.

Unexpectedly, ten years passed without knowing it.

'Every month's endowments are wasted.' Lu Ning felt sorry.

'Eeya Eeya~'

Seeing Lu Ning, the Ginseng doll danced happily, and then directly hugged Lu Ning's thigh.

It has been staying in the spaceship for the past ten years, feeling lonely.

'Doll, I'm sorry to leave you here alone for so long.' Lu Ning picked it up.

It was not easy for Ginseng Doll to carry it alone in the spaceship for ten years.

'Eeya Eeya~' He did not complain and happily rubbed Lu Ning's face with his small face.

For it, it is worth seeing Lu Ning again.

Lu Ning came to the earth at the first time after he closed the door and found Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi.

This is his first wife and second wife.

'Husband, where have you been for so many years...'

'Husband, I miss you so much...'

Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi cried directly.

Ten years is really too long.

They have never been separated from Lu Ning for such a long time, which is extremely painful for them who had to double practice once a week before.

also because of Lu Ning's departure, the array lost the supply of spirit stones, and they could not get the essence from Lu Ning. Their cultivation had stopped at the middle stage of Jindan.

'It's my husband's fault. It has been so long since I closed the door.' Lu Ning looked at the two wives who were crying and felt a little guilty.

He quickly held the two men and comforted them.

Feeling Lu Ning's strong chest, Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi immediately felt the incomparable warmth.

It is said that a little separation is better than a new marriage.

This great separation is like a parting of life and death.

The three people are impatient for the fire.

After spending two days with them, Lu Ning went to see the others.

It took half a day to meet other people on the earth, such as my uncle, Lu Meng and Yan Xuejun.

Then he left the earth and came to the blue star.

There is a wife waiting for him here.

Women like Yan Hongmei and Shi Pinger also cried when they saw Lu Ning.

The one who cries is pitiful.

Every pair of eyes is in tears.

Only after the loss can we understand the preciousness of Lu Ning.

Lu Ning hasn't come back for so long. They still think that Lu Ning has had an accident, or they don't want them anymore.

Lu Ning comforts them one by one, and then gives them back with love.

At Blue Star, he stayed for four days.

This is the magic world.

Katherine, as an elf family, is already hundreds of years old. She also knows that Lu Ning is a god and is very busy.

She thought it was Lu Ning's test and wanted her to completely recover the orcs.

So in the past ten years, she has buried her thoughts in her heart and turned them into motivation.

In ten years, she has completely conquered the orcs.

Most of the orcs were treated as slaves by the Terrans, and a few escaped into the sea.

When she saw Lu Ning's appearance, although she tried to restrain herself, she also had tears in her eyes, 'My husband, have you seen that I have ruled the whole continent?'

She spoke of her achievements and was proud.

'OK, I see. You've worked hard for years.'

'I miss you so much, my husband.' Catherine threw herself into Lu Ning's arms and offered her kisses.

All these years of restraint broke out at this moment.

Lu Ning responds to her and carries her into the room.

He also stayed in the magical world for two days.

When Meimo Shang'er, Snake Girl and Swan Girl knew that Lu Ning was back, they came to see him immediately.

'Immortal, Shang'er misses you so much...'

Shang'er looks at Lu Ning, pitiful.

Without Lu Ning, she was very lonely and felt as if she had been abandoned.

Lu Ning just smiled about it.

Lu Ning rewarded everyone with some dragon meat, so that they could cultivate well.

After seeing Catherine Wan, Lu Ning looks at Jin Lingmu again and finds that it is more than two meters tall and more lush.

Through the divine sense, we can see that it has developed roots, and has covered dozens of kilometers of land.

The array lost its Holy power, but it did not die.

It can live well even without spiritual power, which reassures Lu Ning.

After Lu Ning arranged the array again, he returned to the Qianyuan World.

Qianyuan boundary.

Zixia Sect.

In ten years, Zixia Sect has become one of the best medium-sized sects in Tianshui City.

Lanqing's accomplishments have been improved by leaps and bounds because Lu Ning has given her fairy roots and cultivated the Primitive Sutra.

During Lu Ning's absence, she has also been practicing in seclusion.

Lu Ning didn't show up for a long time. Lan Qing also guessed that he should have followed the immortal Yuxuezi to practice, which is normal in the practice world.

However, when the night is still, Lanqing can't help thinking of Lu Ning.

Especially without double cultivation, she not only lost the physical and mental enjoyment, but also slowed down her practice.

Although not as fast as before, she has broken through to the later stage of Yuanying by virtue of the fairy root and the Primitive Sutra.

This speed has been incomparably evil.

'My husband, when will you come back?'

Lanqing has just closed the door and can't help staring at the edge of the cliff when he sees Lu Ning still hasn't come back.

Only through practice can she distract herself and not miss Lu Ning so much.

But this yearning will only become more and more intense over time.


Lu Ning suddenly appeared behind her, and then gently hugged her waist from behind.

This is a gesture Lu Ning prefers.

Feeling the taste of Lu Ning and the familiar embrace gesture, Lanqing knows without looking that it is Lu Ning who is back.

After listening to his whispers, Lanqing's heart will melt.

The deep yearning is like melting snow and ice.

'My husband~'

Lanqing calls out gently, and then nestles in Lu Ning's arms.

Lu Ning feels the warmth in her arms, and her mood is very quiet at this moment.

It seems that there are only two people in the whole world.

They looked at the mountains in the distance, and the clouds rolled and relaxed.

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