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Chapter 366 Go against the time and space, step into the world of gods again

Earth universe.

Time and space are vast and inclusive.

Its breath is mysterious and unpredictable.

All the scenes are grotesque and emitting distorted colorful light.

In the long river of time, Lu Ning was enveloped in divine light and went upstream.

He came to the time and space node when his parents had an accident.

At this time, Lu Ning is at this space-time node, but it is incompatible with this space-time. The power of colorful space-time around him is flowing all over him.

Strong space-time forces want to push him away to his original space-time.

This force is just like the sea. The power of the whole universe acts on Lu Ning.

But Lu Ning is too powerful.

He is like a stone in the river. No matter how turbulent the river is, he stands still.

In his sight, familiar earth, familiar street, and the parents who are about to have an accident come into his eyes.

'Dad, Mom!'

When I saw my parents, even Lu Ning, who had become a saint, there were ripples in his heart.

These are his parents, his biological parents.

The death of his parents in a car accident is the pain of his life.

Seeing that two cars are about to collide, people in the car panic and fear.

People around watched helplessly as the two cars were about to collide.

'Time is suspended!'

Lu Ning in the long river of time and space opens his mouth gently.

With his opening, the divine power burst out, and all the time on the earth stopped flowing, including the two cars that were about to collide.

Drivers who pound the steering wheel and people with wide eyes.

Including Lu Ning's parents.

All people are frozen.


With a wave of her hand, Lu Ning's parents flew out of the car and came to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning, who wanted to go directly, thought about it and breathed softly into the car. After his parents left, two people appeared on the seat where no one was sitting. Those two people were exactly the same as Lu Ning's parents.

After all this, Lu Ning, together with his parents, follows the long river of time and space, rushing through numerous times and space, and returns to the original time and space node.

Then Lu Ning waved again, covering and hiding all his causes and effects and the past.

He returned to his former home with his parents who still had time off.

Lu Ning, who was about to resume the time suspension, suddenly laughed at himself, 'I almost forgot this.'

His body shape and face began to change, becoming his former self.

Today, he is too perfect, just like jade carving, and he is even more sacred, which makes people can't bear to desecrate him at a glance.

Even if he meets his parents, they will not recognize him.

When it was restored to its previous appearance, Lu Ning relieved the time suspension.


'his mother the baby!!'

'Didn't we just drive? Why did we go home?'

'The father of the child, what's going on?'

'I don't know the child's his mother.'

The two are still immersed in the node where they were almost hit when driving.

Emotional, chest ups and downs.

'Dad, Mom.'

Lu Ning shouted to them, which made them notice him.

Lu Ning's mother turned her head to look at Lu Ning and asked, 'Ah Ning, didn't you go to school? Why are you still at home?'

His father also asked: 'What the hell is going on, Anning, tell your father how your mother and I just got home.'

Now they feel like they are dreaming, which is very unreal.

I was about to hit it just now.

Lu Ning looks at her parents standing in front of her, smiling.

After practicing for so long, I finally saved my parents.

His regret was slowly filled.

He smiled and began to explain: 'Dad, Mom...'

Lu Ning naturally didn't hide anything from his parents.

With his current strength, there is no need to hide.

Although it has not broken through the heaven, it has already been invincible on the earth today.

Lu Ning began to tell her parents about the death of two people due to a car accident.

Say something about becoming an immortal.

He said that he had gone against the current for a long time and saved them in the past.

'Ah Ning, are you sick?' Lu Ning's mother came over and put her palm on Lu Ning's forehead, worried.

What Lu Ning said, she naturally did not believe.

'Ah Ning, don't frighten your father.' His father's expression was also a little worried.

He felt that his son was also confused.

At the beginning, the two people were naturally disbelieving, but as Lu Ning used his magic to move them into space, they were stunned instantly.


'This is!!'

Looking at the shrinking blue earth at the bottom of their feet, they were shocked beyond measure.

Next is Lu Ning's performance time alone.

He took his parents around the world.

Volcanoes, glaciers, grasslands, deserts.

Even the moon and the sun's surface were finally reached.

Although the truth is in front of us, this kind of thing has a great impact on us.

Becoming immortal.

Long river rescue in time and space against the current.

This is a myth.

It was only a few days later that Lu Ning let the two men practice the kung fu and let them also have the ability to fly to heaven and escape from the earth. Then they gradually accepted this fact.

In these days, Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi have been accompanying them.

Lu Ning's mother was very happy to see her son not only become an immortal, but also have such beautiful daughter-in-law.

'Good, good.' She kept talking and smiling.

She also asked Lu Ning privately when she would give birth to several grandchildren.

Lu Ning naturally perfunctory past.

The appearance of Lu Ning's parents was not known by anyone except her little aunt and her immortal cousins.

'Sister!' When Lu Ning's aunt saw her dead sister, she covered her mouth and looked incredulous.

How long has he been dead? I didn't expect Lu Ning to have such great ability to revive his sister.

'Ah Qin.' Lu Ning's mother was also very happy to see Li Fangqin.

Although in her original time and space, Li Fangqin did not die.

But she heard Lu Ning say that in this world, since her death, it is her sister who has taken the responsibility to take care of her son. She is both moved and relieved. She always feels that she owes her sister a lot.

The two sisters embrace each other and their faces are very happy.

Back to one year ago.

One year ago, Lu Ning returned from the war with the Jade Emperor.

Several wives immediately told Lu Ning how they felt at that time, and everyone looked worried.

'It scared me to death. You know, my husband, my sister and I thought you were... thought you were...' Lin Meiqi said and recalled her feelings at that time. When she thought of Lu Ning leaving her, she felt a pain in her heart and couldn't help crying in Lu Ning's arms.

Chen Ruolan beside her is also weeping, silently leaning on Lu Ning.

'Your husband is so powerful, how can I have something to worry about?' Lu Ning embraces them in her arms, one by one.

Although he said it easily, he knew that this time it was really breathtaking.

Fortunately, his ability did not disappoint him.

That night, Lu Ning, Chen Ruolan and Lin Meiqi had double training.

Lu Ning, who broke through the shackles, made another breakthrough in the strength of the two women.

After pacifying the two, Lu Ning will go through several planets to pacify other wives.

Lu Ning did not expect that he and his wife, who had been practicing together, could feel all the things he had fallen down at that time.

It is a chaotic universe that is far away from their universe.

'It seems that there is an unknown connection due to double cultivation.' Lu Ning guessed.

Of course, this connection is good.

After pacifying the women, Lu Ning felt the opportunity to make a breakthrough.

So we closed our doors and prepared to break through the realm of heaven.

However, the closing process was not ideal, and Lu Ning felt that he was still lacking.

He looked at his heart and found that his parents who had left because of the car accident were his only regret.

Before, Lu Ning had tried to go against the current for a long time and saved his parents, but at that time, his strength was not enough.

It was originally planned to consider after breaking through the Heaven's Way.

But after breaking through the shackles this time, Lu Ning plans to try again.

So he succeeded.

Lu Ning successfully returned to the past and saved his parents.

His regret was repaired and his mood was perfect.

When Lu Ning thought that he could break through the heaven, he was stuck in the bottleneck again.

'It seems that it is more difficult than I thought to break through this heaven state.'

However, this was also expected by Lu Ning.

In the skill records of witchcraft, the so-called Heaven Road Realm is immortal, which can be called the existence of a big man in any time and space.

For every existence that breaks through the Heaven, it is necessary to save a few or even more than ten Huiyuan to make a smooth breakthrough.

Those who can break through the realm of heaven are the best of the saints, and most of the saints can not break through the realm of heaven all their lives.

The realm of saints and the realm of heaven, which is a big gap, requires long-term accumulation.

There are two ways to shorten the time.

One of them is the origin of the world.

The second is the force of law.

The origin of the world is the foundation of a world. Without the origin of the world, the world will not be able to cultivate and will soon be doomed.

Lu Ning looked up at the universe, and his vision swept across the earth, as well as the major galaxies around the earth.

In the vast universe, he can not feel any spiritual power and immortal spirit.

'It seems that the universe in which the earth is located and the origin of the world are taken away by unknown people.' Lu Ning knew this fact in his heart.

Any complete world, whether big or small, has its own origin.

The origin is the beginning of everything, which can transform everything.

There is origin, and everything is possible.

Only when the origin is taken away, the world can not cultivate.

As for who took away the origin of the world, Lu Ning immediately thought of witchcraft and the big world behind witchcraft.

As for the Qianyuan World, he did not think it was possible.

The difference between Qianyuan World and Shiyuan World is the difference between insects and dragons.

At that time, the witchcraft met Lu Ning when they plundered the origin of the world.

The so-called Shiyuan World, in Lu Ning's eyes, is the bandit world.

'Not necessarily, there are good people and bad people, and witchcraft cannot represent all people in Shiyuan Great World.' Lu Ning didn't beat Shiyuan Big World to death.

If you want to break through the heaven as soon as possible, Lu Ning also needs the origin of the world.

But every origin of the world represents the collapse of a universe behind it.

Lu Ning was a little impatient.

'Maybe I can try to go to the world of gods again.'

After thinking in his mind, Lu Ning soon got the answer.

In the world of gods, each god has its own rules.

This is Lu Ning's breakthrough.

Especially the twelve main gods, which were always on Lu Ning's mind.

With the ability to copy, he does not have to be the enemy of them, or even do it.

As long as they are close to each other and then copied, there is a large probability that they can be copied.

It is much easier than to seize the origin of the world.

'I will break through a new realm and leave a section of the world.'

'Don't worry, I will be fine.'

'Be careful.'

'I'll wait for you to come back.'


After explaining to several wives and kissing each other on their forehead, Lu Ning opens the door of time and space and walks in.

When he reappeared, the familiar gravity had already pressed on him, and he knew that he had come to the world of gods.

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