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Chapter 45 See Professor He Wu

The meeting with Professor He Wu was arranged in a cafe near Jiangsu and Zhejiang University.

at the age of 64, Professor He Wu looks very tough and wears a pair of eyes. If others don't introduce him, he is an ordinary elderly man.

'Hello, Professor He Wu. Nice to meet you. This is Lu Ning on the phone.'

Lu Ning shook hands with Professor He Wu warmly.


Professor He Wu nodded to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning invited the other party in.

they each ordered a cup of coffee.

'were you a student of mine before? I always felt that you had met somewhere?'

as soon as he had a sip of coffee, Professor He Wu asked.

I didn't feel it when I met at the door, but now I sit down, he Wu suddenly feels that Lu Ning looks familiar in front of him.

'no, this is our first meeting.' Lu Ning replied with a smile.

'that's right, Lu Ning. If I have seen you, I should have an impression.'

'Professor He Wu, I have read the research news about your brain computer interface. I don't know how long it will take us to achieve a breakthrough in China?'

'what do you mean by breakthrough?'

after all, the breakthrough is actually a breakthrough now. Some scientific research achievements have been used in major hospitals.

'the Internet is now transmitting the universe. In the future, it will be a world combining virtual and reality. What I want to ask is, how long will it take to make the characters in the virtual world have a real touch?'

'you are talking about the luck of somatosensory technology. In fact, there has been some progress, but it will take more than ten years to implement it.'

'will it take so long? I heard that somatosensory gloves have already appeared in the United States, that is, you can touch things in the virtual world through somatosensory gloves, and exchange real-time feedback with virtual reality.'

'we have also studied the somatosensory glove you mentioned, but it is too superficial. It is a simple electromagnetic application. Generally speaking, it is a massager, which is too different from the somatosensory technology.'

'real somatosensory technology is connected with neurons in the brain and is an extension of human nerves. A mark company in the United States studies this direction. However, according to my estimation, they can not synchronize with human nerves in a short time. Human nerves are a huge network. It is very difficult to integrate infinite nerves into limited machines.'

Lu Ning talked with Professor He Wu for a long time.

generally, Lu Ning is asking and Professor He Wu is answering.

as time went by, Lu Ning became more and more sleepy.

'here we go again.'

after copying each other's abilities, Lu Ning's brain began to swell and dizzy again.

at the time of parting, Lu Ning promised to sponsor 200000 yuan to Professor He Wu for research, and hoped to visit the professor's laboratory next time.

Professor He Wu welcomed with pleasure.

'if you have any questions in this regard, you can ask me.'

Professor He Wu is kind to others.

seeing Professor He Wu leave, Lu Ning also walks out of the cafe.

'Hey, the pocket money is gone again. Forget it, let's make contributions to the country.'

in fact, he wanted to go whoring for nothing at first. Anyway, as long as he met, he could copy the ability of the other party. It doesn't matter whether he donated or not. Later, I felt embarrassed about white whoring, so I planned to sponsor 50000 yuan, but on second thought, I thought 50000 yuan was too little, and then I raised the sponsorship to 100000 yuan. But after chatting, I finally felt that 100000 was not in line with the warm attitude of others.

just now, he has sponsored 200000 yuan.

sure enough, if money comes quickly, it will be spent quickly.

Lu Ning would not dare to think about it if he changed to the previous one.

'the most important thing is that it has copied Professor He Wu's ability and opened his way. It is not a loss.'

it will be much easier to copy the people around him through Professor He Wu.


when Lu Ning came back, he didn't expect to meet the dumb thief girl again.

besides, she is not alone. She is accompanied by another man.

Wen Weina apparently also found Lu Ning.


she signs to the man with a nervous expression.

the man did not speak, but turned his head and stared at Lu Ning.

when Lu Ning got on the subway car, the man also walked in through another entrance.


Wen Weina followed him, watched him sign and shook her head.

the man also made some sign language to Wen Weina, and then pushed Wen Weina out of the subway car.

the carriage door is closed slowly.

Wen Weina patted the transparent glass and shook her head at the man with an eager expression.

Metro starts operation.

inside the carriage.

the man looks towards Lu Ning.

at this time, the passenger flow in the carriage was crowded. Lu Ning stood in the carriage surrounded by people. He gently pushed away a girl who was too close, and did not pay attention to the man.

when a man passed a girl, he cut open her bag with a blade, and a mobile phone fell out and was quickly caught by him.

the whole process is very fast. After success, the man pretends to be nothing.

under the cover of the crowd, he soon came to Lu Ning's side and planned to quietly put his mobile phone into Lu Ning's pocket.

'pa ~'

seeing that the man was about to put his mobile phone into Lu Ning's pocket, Lu Ning grabbed his hand.

'what are you doing?'

the boy was surprised by Lu Ning's reaction and wanted to shake his hand off.

Lu Ning sniffed and said with a smile, 'now you can't go. I suspect you stole someone else's mobile phone.'


the man is emotional and shouts loudly, showing Lu Ning bullying the mute.

sure enough, all the passengers around looked over.

they don't know why.

'he is a thief. He has stolen other people's mobile phones. Look whose mobile phones have been stolen.'

Lu Ning said to the people around him.

hearing what Lu Ning said, when he saw that a man's mobile phone was indeed holding a mobile phone, everyone around him immediately checked it.

'I lost my mobile phone!'

after a while, the girl with the stolen mobile phone nearby shouted.

the man panicked when he saw the girl coming.

a sharp blade fell from his cuff and quickly scratched it at Lu Ning's wrist, hoping to let Lu Ning go.

Lu Ning's eyes were quick and his hands were quick. His other hand grasped his wrist like a pair of pliers again, and then he made a sudden effort to directly throw the man to the ground.

all blades and mobile phones fall off the ground.

'Wow! It's a blade.'

the blade fell to the ground, causing the surrounding passengers to scream.

such a sharp blade can hurt people.

when they saw the man who was pressed on the floor of the carriage by Lu Ning, they all showed their admiration.

'that's great.'

a girl took the lead in clapping, and there was a lot of applause in the carriage.

the girl with the stolen mobile phone picks up her own mobile phone.

'this is really my mobile phone!'

the girl's words verified the identity of the thief who was pressed by the man again.

call the police immediately if there is someone around.

some people took out their mobile phones to shoot.

there is no steward in the subway. Lu Ning is always pressing the man.

on the way, the man struggled violently, but how could he break away from Lu Ning's force.

until the next station, Lu Ning pulled the other party up and walked out of the subway car.

once he got out of the subway car, the man still planned to run away, but Lu Ning clamped his hand on the other side's neck and bent the other side's arm behind his back. No matter how hard a man tries, he can't escape.

this move also caused people around the subway to watch.

'he is a thief. He just stole my mobile phone in the carriage. Fortunately, he was caught by our brave young brother.'

the girl whose cell phone was stolen also followed at the next station. She explained to the people around her.

the crowd nodded.

then some passengers also picked up their mobile phones and began shooting.

after a while, three policemen came.

they just asked a little and took the mute thief away.

'you were really good. Thank you for helping me get my cell phone back.'

after the police left, the girl came to thank Lu Ning.

the girl is about 18 years old and looks a little fresh.


Lu Ning just laughed.

he knew that the man might have come for him. It seemed that he was going to avenge the dumb female thief. Unfortunately, he failed to avenge her. Instead, he took himself in.

'do you have a girlfriend?'

the girl in front of her looked at Lu Ning shyly and suddenly asked.

the more she looks, the more she thinks Lu Ning is really handsome. He is not only handsome, but also courageous. Such a boy must not miss it.

her mobile phone was robbed, and a handsome man appeared to help get it back.

this may be the fate arranged by God for her.

the more girls think about it, the more they think it must be like this.

'not yet.'

Lu Ning smiled.

'let's add a wechat. To thank you, I'll invite you to dinner later!'

the girl said and patted her chest.

she looked at Lu Ning and smiled. For a moment, she was confused and breathed rapidly. It seems that they have even figured out the names of their children in the future.


Lu Ning nods.

the girl nervously added Lu Ning's wechat, and then quickly ran away with small steps.

Lu Ning smiled, looked at the subway that had just stopped, and went in.

the other side.

'Hoo ~'

the girl blushed, exhaled, and kept fanning herself with her hands.

I was so nervous just now.

it is the first time for her to be so active.

with excitement, she couldn't wait to open Lu Ning's wechat.

want to see the wechat news of male god.

Er ~

Unfortunately, there is nothing but a picture.

and that picture is not Lu Ning himself.

'why, is he a water sign?'

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