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Chapter 5 make a spurt of progress

At night, Lu Ning turns off the light and goes to bed.

while he was sleeping, on the other side, a girl posted a video to Tiktok.

this girl was one of the guests who saw Lu Ning eating noodles at the beef noodle restaurant. She thought it was very interesting, so she photographed Lu Ning.

then she will go home to wash and upload the video.

the video is not long, just two minutes. It shows Lu Ning eating noodles in the sister beef noodle restaurant.

it is the side angle.

a few mouthfuls of dried noodles, unambiguous.

the dozens of empty bowls are very conspicuous in the video.

after a while, someone commented under the video.

'envy? I brushed it at night.'

'I drool here in the middle of the night.'

'is this noodles so delicious?'

'I'm not greedy at all, really (crying).'

'where is this? I want to eat it, too.'

'you can eat so much that you can be a food anchor.'

when the girl saw the comments below, she smiled and felt very happy.

as for what she had done, the party concerned, Lu Ning, did not know anything about it and was already asleep.

the next day, Lu Ning got up at seven.

the moment he got up, he realized that the strength of his body seemed to increase again.

he picked up the dumbbell with a weight of 15 kg in his hand. It was very light.

dumbbells can no longer test his specific strength.


after washing his face and brushing his teeth, he went out to buy breakfast.

if it is normal, he only buys a meat bag, an egg and a bag of peanut soup.

but today, he bought ten buns, ten eggs and five bags of peanut soup.

the landlady of the steamed stuffed bun shop doesn't take it amiss. She just thinks that he is buying it for others. She doesn't think that he eats it alone.

after buying steamed stuffed buns, Lu Ning went to the street to buy ten kilograms of pork and some vegetables.

although Lu Ning lives in the village now, there are also a lot of vegetables on the street, and the dishes are very rich.

this is his food today. He bought more than usual.

after buying, Lu Ning returned home and began to eat.

'eat, eat, eat more, and you'll be stronger.'

the strength keeps rising and the body keeps changing.

this change will take time.

Lu Ning instinctively knows that when this change is over, he can continue to use his replication ability.

it seems that this force is helping to break through.

the ability to replicate other creatures can only be continued after the breakthrough is completed.

'what animal's ability to replicate next time?'

Lu Ning thought while eating.

after a while, after breakfast, he began to wash rice and cook.

after 15 people have cooked, press the rice cooker.

then he changed his clothes and went out.

Anlong county, Public Security Bureau.

the public security bureau is about 15 minutes away from the village.

after Lu Ning came to the public security bureau to show his identity, he was warmly received by a handsome male policeman.

he invited Lu Ning into a guest room.

he was also told that a reporter wanted to interview him.

'ah, there are journalists?'

this was unexpected to Lu Ning.

'yes, I was asked about you yesterday. I'll call her later.'

after a while, the police came in with a female reporter. The reporter was in her early twenties and wore some light makeup. She looked beautiful.

the other party is wearing glasses and a small camera is hung on his chest.

professional and capable.

'Hello, you are Mr. Lu Ning.'

the female reporter outstretched her hand generously.

'yes, hello.'

Lu Ning shook hands with the other party.

this was the first time he faced a reporter. He was nervous.

after the three people took their seats, the female reporter first said:

'we want to report your heroic deeds yesterday, and take some photos to publicize.'

'can you not show your face?'

Lu Ning is bitter.

he is not willing to show his face. He is afraid that people he knows will come and ask him at that time.


'if you don't want to, we can give you fuzzy treatment.'

'that's good.'

then the female reporter began to ask about some details of Lu Ning's rescue yesterday, especially how the child fell from such a high height and was caught by Lu Ning.

'in fact, there are many clothes hangers and ropes for cushioning. I have already removed a lot of weight.'

Lu Ning explained.

the female reporter is quite satisfied with this answer.

after a while, the male policeman brought him a golden flag.

it is written on the banner - be courageous and have noble moral character.

one side is Lu Ning's name and time, and the other side is the public security tribal fund.

the public security bureau also issued a small book to Lu Ning, which said that Lu Ning was awarded the honorary title of 'courageous' and would enjoy some special treatment.

for example:

those who meet the employment conditions shall enjoy preferential treatment.

or if he or his children meet the conditions for conscription and are willing to do so, he or she shall be recommended for conscription first.

and those who meet the employment conditions of national civil servants shall be given priority.

Lu Ning is more and more happy.

he feels like a man of status.

after the interview and the photos, Lu Ning went out of the public security bureau with a good mood.

outside the Public Security Bureau.

he looked up at the day. It seemed very blue, and the air around him was also very fresh.

after doing this, he rode an electric car.

I made an appointment with Xiang Xiaobao to go to his house yesterday.

Xiang Xiaobao is not in the same village as him, but in Shijin village next door. However, if you ride an electric car, the two villages are only about ten minutes away.

it will take about half an hour to ride from the Public Security Bureau.

Shijin village.

the county passes through Shijin village and needs to pass through a small bridge.

the stream flows under the small bridge.

the small bridge has been dilapidated and narrower because it has not been repaired for many years.

in order to avoid the car slipping, half of the tractor body fell under the bridge. The driver in the tractor was so scared that he didn't dare to move and climbed out of the car.

'all right.'

two men came down from the car and asked nervously.

'people are fine. I'm afraid the car won't be able to drive. Once I drive it, I'm afraid I'll even fall off with people and the car.'

the man driving the tractor was in his forties. He looked at his tractor and shook his head.

'Alas, this bridge is becoming more and more difficult to walk. If it is not repaired, it will not be able to cross two cars in the future.'


the three men complained while checking the situation near the tractor.

'why don't we try to pull it up?'

suggested by the tractor master.

this is his tractor. No matter what method, we must try again.

it may be successful.

'OK, try it.'

the car driver nodded and agreed.

the three persons shall find a good angle, grasp a part of the tractor respectively, and then exert force at the same time.

Unfortunately, this tractor is a large tractor. It weighs more than two tons. In addition, its weight is aggravated by the suspension of two wheels. It can not be lifted by three people at all.

'no way, no way.'

the three men held their breath and tried to lift the tractor several times, but the tractor did not move.

they gave up.

and the tractor is about to fall. I'm afraid it will fall down if I try again.

'you can only call a trailer or a crane. If you can't call more people, you can't lift it.'

the car driver said, first he gave them cigarettes and began to smoke.

three people smoke.

after the drawing, the car driver shook his head, then took the car and left, regardless of the tractor master.

the tractor master was also very helpless when he saw the two people leave.

it's his own way. It's really none of the other party's business.

but there is no hurry.

don't panic when you encounter something. First take out your mobile phone and shoot a circle of friends.

the name of the tractor master is' Jian SANFA '.

since he is not in a hurry, he is not in a hurry.

Jane SANFA is still busy. She takes out her mobile phone from her pocket and starts shooting.

while patting his mouth, he said: 'it's really unlucky today. In order to avoid the car, his tractor fell down. Just three people couldn't lift it together.'

'when can this bridge be repaired?'

he talks a lot.

after shooting, he uploaded the video to his wechat circle of friends and Tiktok.

not long after the circle of friends sent it out, someone replied to him.

'come back first, go home and get some sticks and ropes, and then ask several more people to carry them together.'

there are also those who don't think it's too big to say: 'call the crane directly.'

Jane SANFA thought about it, and finally decided to go back and call people with a stick.

he has no spare money to call a crane.

'I'll leave you alone.'

another photo was taken. Jane SANFA walked back to the village. Anyway, it is not far from the village.

shortly after Jane SANFA left, Lu Ning rode an electric car to the small bridge.

'eh, the tractor overturned?'

he saw the tractor overturning at a glance, which was clear at a glance.

he glanced at the tractor and looked around.

there is no one here.

but on second thought, I knew that the owner should have found a way to go.

Lu Ning drove past the tractor by riding an electric car.

but after crossing the bridge, he suddenly stopped.

'maybe I can try?'

the idea flashed through his mind and got out of control.

he looked around again and found that there was no one.

no one will be found.

ok, try!

after making up his mind, he quickly got off the electric car and walked to the tractor.

although it was a sudden whim, he was still a little sure.

his strength is stronger than yesterday.

the body is changing all the time.

the power is advancing by leaps and bounds.

more and more powerful.

this gave him confidence. At the same time, he happened to want to have a try to see where his strength limit was.

Lu Ning looked around the overturned tractor and found a place where it was easy to ride.

the tire is the closest position.

Lu Ning came to the front of the tractor, slowly hugged the cocked single tire with both hands, and then made a fierce effort.


the tractor moves.

but it doesn't matter. The back half of the car body will roll over and fall down.

'give it to me!'

at the critical moment, Lu Ning tightened his whole body and pulled the whole tractor out with great force.

the tractor lands on the ground safely on all four wheels.

Lu Ning did not let go until he was sure that the tractor would not fall down again.



he breathed out, clapped his hands, and looked at the tractor in front of him with satisfaction.

the strength of the body did not disappoint him.

although it was heavy, it was still within his bearing range.

one ton?

or two tons?

the power is growing rapidly.

he is more and more looking forward to the unimaginable growth of his strength in a few days.

'don't thank me too much. My name is *.'

I have done another good deed, which is more and more worthy of my title of bravery.

Lu Ning is in a good mood.

he gets back on his small electric car and continues to drive towards Shijin village.

a few minutes later, when she was approaching Shijin village, Lu Ning saw five old men coming out of the village road with some big sticks and thick lines specially carrying big stones.

Lu Ning glanced at them curiously and thought that they didn't care where they were going to pick big rocks.

those people also glanced at Lu Ning casually.

they cross.

these people are the people Jane SANFA brought to carry the tractor.

with five people in total, the tractor should be able to be lifted up this time.

but when Jane San arrived at Xiaoqiao and saw her tractor.

he is stupid.

what is the situation?

the tractor shall be parked beside the road.

how did my tractor come out by itself?

Jane SANFA was confused for a while.

'didn't your tractor come out? Why did you call us over?'

people in the same trade asked in doubt.

'that's wrong. I didn't lift the tractor out. Why is it coming out by itself now?'

Jane SANFA immediately came to her tractor and checked it carefully, especially the engine and the crank hole.

he worried that he had just forgotten to pull out the crank and the tractor jumped out by itself.

but he soon realized that he laughed.

the car doesn't make any noise. There's no engine.

look at the car again. The handle is in it.

'just come out, just come out.'

'maybe there was a car passing by and the tractor stopped them, so they kindly helped you carry it out.'

someone analyzed it this way.

Jane SANFA thought it was reasonable, otherwise the tractor would not come out by itself.

so he became interested again and took out his mobile phone to shoot again.

while taking photos, he said: 'it seems that I am lucky. I don't know which kind-hearted people just came here. We just came here and found that the tractor had been lifted out. Thank them very much.'

the video also sent wechat and Tiktok.

after the delivery, Jane SANFA was happy and shouted to the other four people:

'please come this time, all of you get on my tractor, and I'll take you back.'

'please drink.'


two sit in front and three stand behind.


the tractor drives away slowly from the small bridge with five people.

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