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Chapter 50 Tyrant dragon sea

'Hum, what!'

houlonghai looks at Lu Ning, who is leaving, and feels uncomfortable.

however, he has to admit that Lu Ning is really good at shooting.


in addition to pistols, Lu Ning tried rifles, shotguns and paintball guns in turn.

Lu Ning's marksmanship soon attracted others' attention.

'Lu Ning, is this really your first time to shoot a target?'

Chang Yonghao looked at Lu Ning's achievements and was surprised.

this is better than his old hand.

'this is the first time. Maybe my talent is better.' Lu Ning nodded with a smile.

several of Chang Yonghao's friends nearby also look at Lu Ning's shooting skills with new eyes, tut! tut! Call it strange.

'Lu Ning's gun skills are so good. You should be careful later.'

'I'm a girl. You should be merciful to me.'

one of the girls joked with a smile.

Lu Ning nods.

the others laughed.


before the paintball match, several people should wear protective clothing and masks.

although the paintball gun is not a solid bullet, it is still very powerful. The effective firing range is 60 meters. It is forbidden to shoot at the human body within 10 meters.

unlike ordinary military guns, the paintball gun is light and weighs about 20g. Its shape is similar to the weapons used by space warriors in the film. It has two calibres of 17.2 and 1.1. It is usually powered by liquid carbon dioxide and has a range of more than 60 meters.

generally speaking, it is an air gun.

the paintball is a round ball shaped like a red cherry made of gelatin. It contains a colorless and tasteless red liquid. When the paintball hits any object, it will burst and leave bullet marks like blood. The effect is very realistic. The special protective mask for paintball shooting is very similar to the common gas mask. It has wide goggles and a helmet for ear protection, which is very unique.

the competition will begin soon.

several boys go forward bravely, while girls are afraid of their wings and hands and feet.


as soon as the girl opposite leaned out, she was shot. She suddenly looked sad, and then quickly hid.

the score system is adopted in the competition. One bullet mark on the head is 3 points, one bullet mark on the trunk is 2 points, and one bullet mark on the limbs is 1 point. Whichever team has less points wins,

Peng! Peng! Peng! .

although it is not a real gun, the sound of the gun is still not much different from that of a real gun. The fierce gunfire made the hormones in every human body become stronger.

the people on the field run quickly, shoot wildly, and hide behind the shelter from time to time.

this is a war without gunpowder.

Lu Ning saw several people hiding behind the bunker opposite. They were all cat in the back, holding guns and shooting indiscriminately at the outside.

he aimed at the hand of one of them and fired several shots.


two bullets hit the opponent's wrist and scared him back.

just then, a boy opposite was very brave and ran towards them flexibly and quickly.

shoot while running.

whose department is this!

someone was shot at Lu Ning soon.

as soon as Lu Ning took aim, the opponent quickly hid in the bunker.

as the game went by, everyone began to hang the lottery more or less. Even Lu Ning was shot.

'it's time.'

Lu Ning has figured out the rules and adapted to the battlefield.

at this time, his body moved in an instant and quickly moved towards the enemy.

as soon as the enemy moved, Lu Ning shot him.

Lu Ning evaded the counterattack.


three shots, three people, all shot.

in reality, all three people have been killed.

the last one who didn't die was the girl who hid.

it's no wonder Lu Ning is so powerful. With the dynamic vision of flies, he sees the actions of several people and the behavior of the next second.

at the end of the game, it is obvious that Lu Ning won.

among the eight people, the other seven had at least a dozen paintballs hanging on their bodies, except Lu Ning, who was still in the arm position.

'you are too fierce, brother.'

'yes, do you often play this before?'

the two men admire Lu Ning's skills.

'you asked me to order it. Look, I'm almost sieved.'

the girl from the enemy is wronged.

'it's OK. I've played it several times before.'

Lu Ning has never played before, but it seems modest to say so.

when they were about to quit, Hou Longhai came with several people.

the other party is also eight, four men and four women.

'how do you dare to compete with us?'

houlonghai glanced at several people and finally focused on Lu Ning.


changyonghao obviously knew houlonghai, but there was no intersection between them. When they saw houlonghai looking at Lu Ning, they couldn't help looking at Lu Ning.

'are you familiar with him?' Chang Yonghao asked.

'I don't know you well. I've seen you once or twice.' Lu Ning replied.


everyone knows.

if you are not familiar with it, you can be abusive.

'then mark it.'

several men looked at each other, and each face showed an eager expression.

abusing others is more interesting than abusing yourself.

'don't worry, I will be merciful later.' Houlonghai came to Lu Ning and said in a thoughtful tone.

'don't worry, I will take good care of you later.' Lu Ning responded with a smile.

houlonghai, you asked for it.


there were a lot of people this time, so we changed a larger venue.

with the sound of a gun, the game begins!

'what is the use of good shooting? In the battlefield, the key is cooperation and strategy.'

houlonghai discussed the strategy with several people and planned to focus on Lu Ning.

after the start of the competition, several people slowly rounded up Lu Ning's position.


Hou Longhai was shot in the head by Lu Ning as soon as he appeared.


houlonghai is depressed.

but I was only shot once. It doesn't matter.

Peng! Peng! Peng! .

the gunfire began to become fierce.

'handsome boy, remember to protect me.'

a girl hides beside Lu Ning.

she was the girl who was abused in the last game. As Lu Ning's opponent in the last game, she naturally knew that Lu Ning was powerful, so she felt that it would be safest to hide around Lu Ning.

it's a pity that the girl miscalculated. Lu Ning's side is the hardest hit area.


one didn't follow closely, so she took two bullets.

'ah, don't leave me.'

she shouted to Lu Ning in front and hurriedly followed.

the other side.


houlonghai was shot several more times. He could see clearly that they were all from Lu Ning.

'is this guy a monkey? He's so fast that it's too late to take aim.'

Lu Ning is so fast that he can only raise his gun to shoot. It is too late to take aim.

instead of hitting Lu Ning, he shot the small tail behind him several times.


as soon as he was distracted, houlonghai was shot again.

it was Lu Ning.

this makes houlonghai look worse and worse.

what the other party said was right. He really took care of him. Is that care! This is a fight against him. I can't bear it.

several female teammates nearby laughed when they saw Hou Longhai's tragedy.

even they don't have as many paintballs as Hou Longhai.

'give it to me!'

houlonghai couldn't stand it. He shouted and rushed over with a few people.

Peng! Peng! Peng! .

the battle became more intense.

under the strong offensive of the other party, Lu Ning retreated in a hurry and even pulled the girl who was going to attack.

several boys from Lu Ning were shot quickly, but their spirit was also inspired and they wanted to fight with each other. Several men even went out for a walk.

it's crazy.

Lu Ning was calm, hiding behind a bunker and shooting at houlonghai in the distance from time to time.

several bullets are in line.


one bullet directly hits Hou Longhai's forehead - blow his head.

if it is on a real battlefield, houlonghai can no longer die if he is already dead.

when the competition is over.

two groups of people come to the front.

'Ha Ha! Ha Ha! .'

everyone looked at houlonghai, who was shot in all colors, and burst into laughter.

most of them are yellow colored bullets.

Lu Ning uses yellow bullets.

'Lu Ning, you can.' Houlonghai's expression was a little uncomfortable.

'I said I would take care of you.' Lu Ning smiled slightly.

Chang Yonghao saw all this in his eyes and knew that the relationship between them seemed not friendly.

however, they were very happy to see Hou Longhai abused by Lu Ning.

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