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Chapter 51 Magical bacteria

In a room.

Professor zhaoyue has just finished his work.

there are a lot of books and manuscripts on his desk.

but at this time, he was puzzled: 'who is that young man? Why do I always think of him recently?'

Professor Zhao Yue said he was Lu Ning.

'Professor Zhao!'

'well, are you?'

'you may not know me, but I have always admired you. Today, I finally saw your real person. Hello ~'

Lu Ning took the initiative to reach out and hold each other, showing great enthusiasm.

recently, Lu Ning's picture of shaking hands with him has been recalled in his mind from time to time, sometimes even in a dream.

what happened to him.

and there is a kind of expectation and urgency in my heart.

make him want to see each other very much.

that's strange.

'it was really polite at that time. It seems that people are also good-looking. Is it because of the recent blind date of their little niece?'

recently, one of his little nieces was urged to marry by his family. The relatives are helping to find good boys.

as the niece's uncle, Zhao Yue is also a professor. He has rich resources. His niece jokingly asked him to find a boyfriend.

naturally, he took this matter to heart.

maybe subconsciously, he noticed the boy.

'if you see him again next time, you can ask.'

Zhao Yue shook his head, temporarily dispelling the sense of urgency in his mind.



this paintball contest made several people enjoy themselves.

Lu Ning's strength was unanimously praised by everyone. They all added wechat to each other and said that they would come out to play with other projects in the future.

after returning, Lu Ning fell into the laboratory again.

experiment while evolution.

with the continuous evolution and absorption, Lu Ning has more and more knowledge in his brain.

the knowledge inside is accumulated by others all their lives.

after replicating maguangke's ability, Professor maguangke mainly studies bacteria, which also fills his deficiency in bacteria.

after getting the knowledge of Ma Guangke, he became more and more familiar with bacteria, and also knew some previously unknown bacterial species.

there are several kinds of bacteria that he is particularly interested in.

for example, the first one - electricity eating bacteria.

electricity eating bacteria, as the name suggests, is a kind of bacteria that takes electrons as food. It can also release electrons, which may be a new mode of life.

the second kind - magnetotactic bacteria.

scientists have found the existence of magnetosomes in magnetotactic bacteria. They produce tiny magnetosomes in order to control magnetism and make themselves move.

the third species - Pseudomonas syringae.

Pseudomonas Syringa is a common plant pathogen, which is an ice nucleation bacterium. It can cause freezing injury to plants at higher temperatures. The key factor inducing freezing injury to plants is a protein secreted by it, ice nucleation protein.

Pseudomonas syringae takes 'icing' as a means to attack plants.

the key point here is icing, which means that it can control the temperature.

even at high temperatures, bacteria can stimulate proteins to 'make ice' to freeze plants and steal nutrients they need. When bacteria infect plants, they will fly into the air in the form of particles, and form ice crystals to spread and multiply, which is what people see as snow.

even a bacterium that is too small to be seen by the naked eye can cause thousands of snowflakes. This means that not all snow is caused by weather.

at present, the bacterium has been used to make snow in ski resorts.

some outrageous things.

the fourth species - Clostridium crescenti.

the substance with the strongest adhesion ability has been found in the cells of Clostridium Lunatum.

this 'super glue' in nature widely exists in the cells of Clostridium Lunatum. Its viscosity is twoorthree times stronger than the strongest glue synthesized at present. Scientists believe that, It may be used to make 'super glue'

the adsorption capacity of gecko is only one seventh of that of gecko.

the adhesion force of a single Bacteroides crescenti can reach 0.1 to 2.26 micro newtons, equivalent to 70 Newtons per square millimeter. This is equivalent to concentrating the mass of four cars on an area of one square centimeter. In other words, if such bacteria stick to a coin, it takes an adult male to pull them down.

this bacterium reminds Lu Ning of spider man.

in addition to these, there are also various intestinal bacteria. Studies have shown that intestinal bacteria can potentially affect the brain and communicate through vagal nerve, immune system and hormone changes.

there are even bold views that bacteria are the masters of the world, and human beings are just the intelligent products of bacteria.

according to this argument, that is to say, human beings are intelligent creatures made by bacteria for better reproduction.

this argument is not nonsense.

it is proposed in the selfish gene that people are born selfish, and the gene will not fold the means to achieve the purpose of survival.

for example, if an animal cares for its offspring, it may be an altruistic behavior from the perspective of an individual organism. But it is precisely because genes control this behavior that it can complete its own replication through the altruistic behavior of many animals to take care of their offspring, so that it can survive.

obviously, all examples that are obviously altruistic behaviors from the perspective of biological individuals are the result of genetic selfishness.

the only thing genes are interested in is copying themselves repeatedly, so as to strive for maximum survival and expansion in the process of evolution. Because genes hold the 'genetic code' of organisms, the key to the reproduction and evolution of all life ultimately comes down to the selfishness of genes.


human evolution is inseparable from viruses and bacteria. Many bacteria have been closely integrated with human beings and become a part of human beings.

about 8% of these viruses come from retroviruses.

these gene fragments even retain all the characteristics of the virus.

there are a lot of bacteria and viruses in the human body, which have reached 2%-3% of the human body weight. From the inside out, they exist.

so, how do you know that your thoughts must be your thoughts, not bacteria or genes controlling your thoughts.

imagine if there are many instincts that are not your will but are dominated.

do some people around you sometimes look like robots, as if they all have their own fixed patterns.

'some terrible.'

Lu Ning thought to himself, and felt his hair stand on end.

but after thinking about it, it seems that there are many stubborn people around in life. They are not tolerant enough to accommodate other people's opinions. They have their own survival and three outlooks model.

ideas should be inclusive.

'they regard reproduction as their greatest responsibility and goal.'

'maybe breaking their thoughts will break their three outlooks.'

'breaking their three outlooks will destroy one's will.'

however, the genes in your body will make you firm your thinking and persistence. It is right to constantly correct you and get you back on track.

if one day, when you find that what you insist on is meaningless and you know the truth, you can't look straight at it. Maybe anyone will collapse.

just like one day, you tell Professor Charles in the film X-Men that you are not real. You are just a virtual character in the film. Maybe the other person will break down when he hears this answer, no matter how powerful the other person is.

in reality, you will find that many people are somewhat different.

these people have experienced ups and downs, and then they will reshape their three outlooks and become completely different from before.

may be awakening or enlightenment.

this is a fundamental change in thinking.

like some people who can't get away with Sha, they just walk into a dead end of thinking, don't let go of their thinking, and just stick to their own inherent thinking mode.

when the mind is open, jump out of the limited brain.

do not let genes and body instincts control themselves.

if you try more models, you will find that this road won't work. Just go another way.

a real expert is tolerant and open-minded, and can accept all different views.

he may have his own existing survival mode, but when this mode fails, he will naturally change to another one.

change is the key.

this is the true philosophy of existence and the best result of natural evolution.

just as you enter the desert, you will evolve the essence of adapting to desert survival.

when you come to the sea, you will evolve a mode suitable for the survival of the sea.

not like some people who walk into a dead end, do not want to change, and then kill themselves mentally.


Lu Ning found that he thought too much because of the influence of knowledge in his brain.

in the final analysis, bacteria and genes may influence humans imperceptibly.

human beings may only be the hotbed of bacteria, viruses and even genes, just as the earth is the hotbed of human beings in the galaxy.

your brain may not be just your brain.

however, this also provides Lu Ning with a new thinking direction and lays a foundation for creating artificial intelligence in the future.

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