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Chapter 52 Chenruolan's determination

that day.

the last blind date, chenruolan, invited Lu Ning to go out.

where to play? Water upstream park.

during this period, the other party sent messages to Lu Ning intermittently, but he focused on the experiment and answered perfunctorily.

Lu Ning thought about it and agreed.

if you keep this blind date, my aunt will not introduce him to anyone again. After the little aunt asked, it was easy to answer.

come to the agreed place, which is a street corner.

'I'm here.'

chenruolan is driving a car across the street, waving and shouting.

Lu Ning walks over to the front passenger seat.

as soon as I came in, I smelled a light perfume, which was fresh, elegant and not pungent. Lu Ning glanced at her and found that the other party wore a more delicate makeup today.

plus the other party's dress, you can give a score of 75 points.

'how do you feel that you are handsome again?'

chenruolan kept looking up and down at Lu Ning and didn't mean to drive at once. She put her arm around her hair and tidied up her collar, revealing a proud career line.


Lu Ning smiled.

they chatted while driving.

half an hour later, they came to the water playground.

this amusement park is called the great magic amusement park. It has a swimming pool, a water shooting warship, vertical lifting rafting, rafting, soaring gyration, wide body water slides, flying carpet slides, big horn slides, spiral slides, large spiral slides, rainbow competition slides, closed spiral slides, large wave swinging slides, rapid sprints, torrents, water climbing, etc.

complete facilities.

it is the largest amusement park in the county.

chenruolan took the initiative to buy tickets and bought drinks for Lu Ning. He was very attentive to him all the way.

every time she walks, she leans against Lu Ning intentionally. To outsiders, the two people look like a couple.



chenruolan changes her clothes and walks out.

she wears a leopard print suspender swimsuit with a piece of snow-white on her chest. It looks very sexy with her protruding body.

'do I look good?'

chenruolan boldly shows her figure in front of Lu Ning.

'good looking.'

Lu Ning nods.

he glanced at the other side's chest without any trace, and then quickly withdrew his eyes.

however, chenruolan saw all this.

she smiled happily.

her figure is her proudest place. She may be a little short, but she has a good figure. Seeing that even Lu Ning is attracted by her figure, she finally regains some confidence.

'you have a good figure. I didn't expect you to be so handsome and have such a good figure. You still have eight abdominal muscles.'

chenruolan stares at Lu Ning's naked upper body, ready to move.

she really wants to touch it.

however, she soon fulfilled her wish. When playing various projects, she screamed and hugged Lu Ning.

often drill into his arms.

it's just fun not to.

in the wave making pond, with the coming of big waves, she jumped directly on Lu Ning.

Lu Ning feels an amazing elasticity.


in the swimming pool.

'Lu Ning, I can't swim. Come and teach me.'

chenruolan pulls Lu Ning into the water.

the water flooded their chests. Chen Ruolan kept his body close to Lu Ning from time to time and breathed in his ear like LAN.

Lu Ning looks at the white flowers shaking in front of him from time to time, and suddenly misses No. 6.

Lu Ning finds that the makeup on Chen Ruolan's face hasn't fallen off when they come out of the water upstream park.

sigh that this makeup is too waterproof.

the two of them went out to have a meal together in the evening, which was invited by chenruolan.

Lu Ning's appetite naturally surprised her.

'do you want to visit my home?'

after eating, chenruolan invited.

she looked at Lu Ning, and her eyes seemed to drip water.

'next time, it's a little late today.'

Lu Ning refused.

he can naturally understand the meaning in the other party's eyes, but if he goes to the other party's home, he will determine each other's identity.

if you go, it's just desire, not liking. You need to be more responsible. It's not as good as No. 6.

'well, let's play together next time when we are free.'

chenruolan hears Lu Ning's refusal. Although she is a little disappointed, she soon looks forward to the next meeting.


Lu Ning refused again and nodded.

'where is your home? Let me take you back.' Chenruolan said warmly.

'no, I'll just take a taxi back later.'

'if I'm here, you have to take a taxi. Do you think I'm a friend? Tell me quickly.' Chenruolan pretends to be angry and looks at Lu Ning.

seeing the other party's resolute attitude, Lu Ning was helpless and could only say his own address.

at night.

chenruolan sends Lu Ning to the Village intersection.

'what is your home like? I want to see it.' Chenruolan was not in a hurry to go home at this time. Instead, she looked curious.

'nothing to see.'

'I heard about your family before, but now you live alone?'

chenruolan thinks that there is no woman hidden in her home.


'yes, I live alone now.'

'when you come, I'll go to your house. I'm curious about what will happen in your big man's house.'

chenruolan feels that she needs to see it before she can know whether what Lu Ning said is true.

seeing that chenruolan didn't mean to leave, Lu Ning took her to her home.

it was just over 7:00 p.m., and some villagers in the village were still sitting outside chatting.

when they saw chenruolan's car parked there, they looked at it curiously, and then they saw that Lu Ning took chenruolan into the path shortly after.

'is that Lu Ning of the Lu family?'


'is that his girlfriend? He seems to have a lot of money and drives such a good car.'

'very good. My parents have left. Now he is almost married.'

'I don't know where that woman is from.'

the villagers began to whisper.


Lu Ningjia.

'this is my home.'

Lu Ning refers to the three storey house.


chenruolan looked up and felt that it was OK to look outside. There were also ceramic tiles.

Lu Ning takes her inside.

two people put on their shoes.

'Lu Ning, let me ask you, I am the first girl you brought home.'

chenruolan asked playfully while visiting the landing Ning family.

'the third one.'

Lu Ning answered casually.

'less than I expected.'

chenruolan is somewhat satisfied with this answer. No matter whether Lu Ning deliberately lied to her or not, she is serious now.

'which room is yours?'

chenruolan is anxious to see Lu Ning's room.

Lu Ning took her to her room: 'this is my room.'

the articles in the room are placed neatly without random garbage. The most common thing on the table is a profound mathematical and chemical book.

the only thing that hasn't been put properly may be the clothes that were put on the chair when I went out today.

'your room is too tidy. It doesn't look like a man's room at all.'

she sniffed: 'don't you smoke?'

'no smoking, smoking is harmful to health.'

chenruolan couldn't help feeling a little funny after listening to this. She thought Lu Ning was very interesting.

'can I not leave tonight?'

chenruolan suddenly leaned over and asked, lowering her head in front of Lu Ning.

she is a little twisted.

Lu Ning saw that her ears were red to the root of her ears.

'it's inconvenient. I'm the only room where people can live.'

'well, then I'll come to your house when I'm free and tidy up the other rooms so that I can live here.'

chenruolan suddenly raised her head with bright eyes.


she suddenly made up her mind to move in later.

first come, first served.

she doesn't believe Lu Ning can resist it.

'well, let's forget it. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. This will make others misunderstand us and will have little impact.'

'Oh ~'

Chen Ruolan's excited face suddenly became disappointed.

the meaning can't be clearer. She can't pretend to be stupid any more.

it must be because she is not good-looking, so Lu Ning doesn't like her.

'let me walk you out.'


Lu Ning sends chenruolan out again. Along the way, chenruolan is as different as before. She is no longer lively and does not speak.

after chenruolan got on the bus, she suddenly raised her head, looked at Lu Ning and asked, 'if I become more beautiful, can I be your girlfriend?'

Er ~

Lu Ning was stunned by the sudden question.

'appearance is not important if the character is appropriate.' He thought about it and answered truthfully.

indeed, this is what he wants from his future girlfriend.

however, chenruolan, who heard the answer, obviously did not believe what Lu Ning said.

she still firmly believes in her own feelings that 'it must be because she is not very good-looking, so Lu Ning deliberately avoided her. If she is more beautiful, she may be able to stay at Lu Ning's house tonight.'

this strengthened her determination to have cosmetic surgery!


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