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Chapter 53 parents ' meeting

'Anning, your cousin teacher insisted that we go to the school to have a parents' meeting. Are you free tomorrow? Go for us.'

that day, Lu Ning was writing the code and the second uncle sent a message.

the second uncle explained that because he and his second aunt had gone to work in other places, they usually didn't have time to go to the school to hold a parents' meeting, which made Lu Meng very unhappy.

this time, the teacher specially told the parents that they must come.

in order not to disappoint Lu Meng, the second uncle can only ask him to go.

'OK, I'll go to Lumeng school tomorrow.'

it's just a small matter. Lu Ning nods and agrees.


the parents' meeting is scheduled after school.

Lu Ning came to see the students coming out of the school one after another. His appearance is so outstanding that passers-by looked at him all the way. Before entering the school gate, many female students stopped to look at Lu Ning.

when Lu Meng and chenzhihan came out of school together, they soon found Lu Ning who caused a little commotion at the door.

'cousin!' Lu Meng shouted in surprise and ran up with Chen Zhihan.

'cousin!' Come to the front, Chen Zhihan also sweet shouted Lu Ning.

Lu Meng glanced around and found that many girls looked at Lu Ning from time to time. She looked at her cousin and found that Lu Ning was really handsome, much more handsome than she had seen last time.

no wonder there are so many flower lovers.

chenzhihan glanced at the girls around him. She didn't know what they were thinking. Then she hugged Lu Ning's arm in their surprised eyes.

'cousin, why are you here today?' Chen Zhihan's face was slightly red, and she said intimately.

hum, this is my cousin, without your share.

'isn't there a parents' meeting today? I'm here for Xiaomeng.'

'why didn't you tell me?' Chenzhihan said dissatisfied to Lumeng.

'I thought my cousin might not come.' Lumeng said, holding Lu Ning's other arm.

chenzhihan is in her arms. Of course, her real sister can't fall behind.

Lu Ning is so handsome that even some parents can't help looking at him. Even standing in the crowd, Lu Ning stands out from the crowd.

now Lu Meng and Chen Zhihan are holding him, which makes people around him curious.

after the three chatted for a while, Lu Ning touched their heads and walked in.

after Lu Ning leaves.

'Wow, Lumeng, have you noticed that my cousin Lu Ning is handsome again!' Chenzhihan seemed a little excited.

especially when she saw the envious expression of the people around her, she was very proud.

'what is your cousin? It's my cousin.' Lu Meng's naughty way.

'yes, it's your cousin. You and cousin Lu Ning are related by blood. You can't. But I'm different. GA ~' Chen Zhihan began to laugh.

at this time, several girls in the same class came towards them.

'Lumeng, chenzhihan, who is that boy just now?'

the three girls are the same age as the two. They just saw that Lu Ning was very close to them. They were still holding each other's arms. They were curious.

'that's Lumeng's cousin. He came to hold a parents' meeting for Lumeng today.' Chenzhihan hurriedly replied.

it was my cousin.

they thought they were boyfriends.

'your cousin is so handsome. He is even more handsome than the grass in our school.'

the girls immediately praised.

their minds are very simple, handsome is handsome.

and there seems to be an impulse in her heart to get to know her cousin Lumeng.

several girls kept asking about Lu Ning while walking.


Lu Ning walked to Lu Meng's class in the eyes of some people.

'eh, excuse me, who are you looking for?'

the female monitor who stayed behind to help the teacher with the reception asked.

when she saw that Lu Ning seemed to be entering their class, she thought she was looking for someone.

'Oh, I'm here for a parents' meeting.'

'ah, parents' meeting? Whose family are you?'

'I'm Lumeng's cousin.'

'Oh, her position is here.'

the female monitor took Lu Ning to Lu Meng's seat.

at this time, there were many parents in the classroom, but they were all parents. Only Lu Ning was a young man. When the female monitor brought Lu Ning in, everyone looked at him.

'the young man is very handsome.'

several familiar female parents nodded to each other after glancing at Lu Ning.

they smiled at the corners of their mouths, and their faces were a little happy

after several dads saw it, they also compared it with themselves, but it was a pity that they were completely defeated.

'the teacher will come later. Please sit down first.'

the female monitor looked at Lu Ning and said something, then left.

after the female monitor left, a female parent of a student next door came to ask, 'are you the student's brother?'


'whose brother is it?'


'Lumeng, it's such a coincidence that chenzhihan and Lumeng are good friends.'

'so you are chenzhihan's mother.'

they got along quite well and started chatting.

outside the classroom, the female monitor brings people into the classroom from time to time. Every time she enters the classroom, she can't help looking at Lu Ning.

after a while, the female teacher came in.

she used to look around and suddenly saw the strange Lu Ning on Lu Meng's seat.

the previous Lumeng positions were empty.

Lu Ning is too tall and handsome to be noticed.

next, the teacher begins to speak.

talked a lot.

after a while, a test paper was handed out.

'this is your child's performance this time. Have a look.'

the paper is handed down from the top.

Lu Ning takes the test paper, finds Lu Meng's test paper, and passes other test papers down.

Lumeng is now a sophomore in senior high school. As a science student, he tests English, science and chemistry students.

he opened the test paper and took a look

the total score of six subjects was 750, and Lumeng got 50. It seemed that it was OK.

the teacher on the stage was talking about the exam. Some parents were listening carefully, some were wandering, and some dad was addicted to smoking and went outside to smoke.

some mothers even keep playing with their mobile phones.

Lu Ning glances at it and finds a mother watching a TV play in the dark.

I'm really drunk.

sure enough, have you given up hope for your children.

Lu Ning looked at the teacher on the stage for a while, then picked up the pen on the table and began to correct Lu Meng's paper.

for Lu Ning, the examination paper for senior two is not easy.

after a while, Lu Ning changed all the test papers for Lu Meng, and the correct answers were written next to them.

when Lu Ning changed the test paper, chenzhihan's mother next to her stared at Lu Ning. After Lu Ning finished changing the test paper, she gave Lu Ning a look, and then handed her daughter's test paper.

Lu Ning understood and took up his pen to correct her.

chenzhihan's score is similar to that of Lumeng, with 502 points. Indeed, she is a good sister and best friend.

after the correction, Lu Ning handed the test paper back to the other party. The other party took the test paper and was very satisfied with Lu Ning's neat and beautiful correction, although she could not understand it.

but if you look good, you're done.

the two examination papers have been corrected, and the teacher on the stage is still talking. Now it seems that it is time for the interactive session to focus on praising some students who did well in the exam, which makes the parents who were praised look bright.

the parents' meeting was held for more than an hour, and it was dark.

when the show finally ended, parents' patience had already been polished and they rushed out.

Lu Ning and chenzhihan's mother go out together.

when he came to the door, he was stopped by the teacher.

'are you Lumeng's family?'

'yes, I am her cousin.'

'Why are you here today? What about Lumeng's parents?'

'because my second uncle's family has gone to other places to work, I have never had time to come back. It will be more important to go home. My second uncle asked me to come here for him.'

Lu Ning explained.

'so it is.'

the teacher nodded, and then they didn't talk much.

after Lu Ning and other parents left, the teacher took a look at Lu Meng's position and suddenly walked to her desk.

as soon as she saw Lu Ning writing something on the test paper with her head down.

when she came to the desk, she saw that the test paper was still on her seat and was pressed down by a book.

when the teacher took a look, he saw Lu Ning's comments and remarks for Lu Meng.

'all right!'

even the more difficult problems have been solved.

she was surprised.

it seems that Lu Meng's cousin was once a school bully.

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