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Chapter 54 About chenjiuwen


chenzhihan's family.

'daughter, here is your report card. Mom brought it back for you.'

chenzhihan took the transcript and soon found the above corrections and remarks.

'Mom, did the teacher change this for me?'

there was some surprise on her face. She had never seen such a correction from a teacher before.

'no, it was your classmate Lumeng's cousin who changed it for you.'

'Wow, my cousin is not only handsome, but also so powerful.'

chenzhihan jumped up happily.

at this moment, Lu Ning's image in her heart became even bigger.

'you know Lumeng's cousin.'

'I've met you several times. Mom, you also met brother lumengtang today. Isn't he very handsome?'

'well, it's very handsome.'

to be fair, Chen Zhihan's mother, if she is not a star, Lu Ning is the most handsome boy she has ever seen in reality.

even when Lu Ning was around her, she was nervous. Looking at the handsome face of the other party, it seemed that her once young girl's heart was called back.

'after school, several girls in our class saw cousin Lu Ning and asked him who he was. They all said that brother Lu Ning was more handsome than our school grass.'

chenzhihan chattered with her mother about Lu Ning, but her mother also listened.

in the evening, Chen Zhihan sent a message to Lumeng, saying that Lu Ning had changed the test paper.

'I don't know.'

'cousin Lu Ning must have corrected your test paper.' Chenzhihan affirmed.

the next day, when Lu Meng came to the school, she couldn't wait to enter the classroom. Sure enough, she saw the corrected test paper in her position.

the neat handwriting and detailed steps.


long live my cousin.

Lu Meng cheers in his heart.

'you see, I said, how could my cousin forget you?'

'that's right. Maybe you entrusted me with the blessing.'

'cut ~'

'Lumeng, you see cousin Lu Ning is so powerful. When can we ask our cousin to give us a tutorial?'

chenzhihan suddenly proposed.

there are too many extra-curricular tutors now. Many students in the class are tutoring outside.

chenzhihan used to tutor for a period of time, but later, she didn't know her personal reasons. The tutoring class suddenly didn't open, and her tutoring was interrupted.

'I don't know. My cousin is usually busy. I'm sorry to disturb him.'

'what's wrong with me? I'm not asking cousin Lu Ning to come often. I'm asking him to come when we have a holiday on the weekend. Cousin Lu Ning will come naturally if he is free. If he isn't free, we won't lose anything. You don't ask me to go.'

'let me call.'


Lu Ning soon received Lumeng's message.

'cousin, you marked our examination papers.'


'you are so good, cousin. Thank you.'

'you're welcome. I'm just getting along with it.'

'cousin, we will have the final exam at the end of July. You are so good, cousin. If you are free this weekend, can you come and give me and Chen Zhihan a tutorial?'

finally, he made a cute expression with his tongue sticking out.

it is now June 20, and there is only about one month to go before the exam.


Lu Ning returns to the past with a smile.

the other side.


Lu Meng and Chen Zhihan happily clapped hands with each other.



Shijin village next to Luning.

chenjiuwen just finished drinking with Xiang Xiaobao in the evening, and then returned to his home.

these days, chenjiuwen's wife and children have all returned to his mother's house, leaving him alone.

Chen Jiuwen, who was idle and bored, began to chat with girls on various software, including Q, wechat and other dating software.

he is tired of seeing his wife. He has no novelty at all. He still likes to see beautiful and lovely beauties on the Internet. Some of the beauties were especially good at chatting, and he was fascinated for a while.

'brother, it's so late. Let's talk about something interesting.'

'interesting? What do you want to talk about? I will talk with you whenever you want.'

chenjiuwen thinks that he is a man and he is afraid of you as a woman.

'I want to see your figure. Would you please take a video for me?' The girl across the street sent a message.

Er ~

chenjiuwen hesitated.

'you send me your video first, sister.'

'OK, my sister will send it to you, and my brother will send it to me.'

of course, chenjiuwen has no opinion on this.

after a while, my sister sent a video to chenjiuwen,

then he did not hesitate to send a video of himself to the other party.

'brother, you look handsome. Why don't we watch the video? Let's watch each other's bodies together.' The opposite sister suddenly sent such a message.

'OK, let's watch it together.'

chenjiuwen was driven by desire at this time, and his heart was hungry and thirsty.

'but before we start the video, you need to download a software. I will send you the QR code.'

a download QR code is sent to the girl opposite.

when chenjiuwen saw this QR code, he hesitated again.

'is there a charge?'

Chen Jiu asked weakly.

'brother, you don't have to charge. This is the benefit that my sister gives you. It's because you are handsome. Just download the software to pay attention to my sister. It can be regarded as a popularity for my sister.'

the opposite sister explained.

there is no charge for hearing it, and it is just downloading a software. He usually downloads a lot of software, and this one is not bad. After thinking about it, Chen Jiuwen agreed.

when he finished downloading, he paid attention to his sister. Sure enough, the video from the opposite side came.

'brother, sister doesn't charge you. Sister just wants to see your figure. Let's take it off and see if it's OK.'


seeing that the girl across the street had already revealed a little bit, chenjiuwen immediately went into his head and began to take off his clothes and pants with the girl across the street for video chat.

the girl opposite is very good-looking, with good figure and pleasant voice. She is simply chenjiuwen's dream lover. Even if he can't have a direct intimate relationship with the other party, he feels extremely excited and satisfied when he can have a video chat with the other party.

after half an hour, chenjiuwen was satisfied.

after the video, the opposite sister sends another message.

'brother, are you satisfied?'


'look, how much do you give us?'

money? What money?

before Chen Jiuwen was stunned, he received several indecent videos and pictures from the other party on his mobile phone.

in the videos and pictures, he was naked and looked obscene.

chenjiuwen was immediately frightened.

momentary anxiety.

great fear comes to mind.

'what do you want?'

how can he not know that he has been cheated.

'I don't want to do anything. Brother, we will delete these videos for a little money. Otherwise, we will send these videos to your family and friends.'

'ha! Ha! How do you know the contact information of my family and friends? Don't scare me.' Chenjiuwen said sarcastically.

he was relieved that they did not know the contact information of their relatives and friends.

'look what this is.'

another screenshot was sent from the sister across the street. In the picture is chenjiuwen's mobile phone directory, and the phones of all relatives and friends are clearly displayed.


you must have downloaded the other party's software and been invaded!

chenjiuwen is completely paralyzed on the chair, showing despair.

his heart at this time was full of frustration and regret.

why are you so impulsive just now.

but it's too late to regret.

'what do you want?'

we can only talk, or we will be ruined.

'if you don't want the video to flow out, you have to spend some money.'

'how much do you want?'


'if I give you 10000 yuan, you will delete my video immediately.'


'OK, I'll transfer it to you now.'

chenjiuwen immediately scanned the QR code sent by the other party, and then transferred 10000 yuan to the other party.

after the money transfer, there was really no movement across the street.

he sent another message, but the other party did not respond.

he thinks the other party will fulfill his promise.

chenjiuwen immediately deleted all the contact information of the other party, then ran into the bathroom, looked into the mirror and slapped himself. He was angry with himself. Why did he look at those things? Why did he lose his ability to think when he became lusty.

it is really a lower body animal.

well, I've put all the 10000 yuan I saved so hard into it.

at the same time, he was relieved. Fortunately, those videos and pictures did not show up.

in the next two days, chenjiuwen was still a little nervous.

there is always a shadow in his heart.

when chenjiuwen thought everything was over.

five days later.

the other party comes to the door again.

'what do you want me to do? I didn't transfer 10000 yuan to you.'

chenjiuwen panicked again.

'the last ten thousand was just brother's money. Now it's my money. Don't worry. After giving me the ten thousand, we won't ask for it again. If you don't give it, I'll send your videos to your relatives and friends.'

the other party threatened Chen Jiuwen's indecent videos and pictures again.

'this is the last time. If you come to me next time, I will call the police!' Chen Jiuwen gnawed his teeth.

but at the thought of those videos, he gave in again.

'no problem.'

'I don't have any money now. Please give me some time.'

'hurry up. I'll give you a day.'


chenjiuwen is not qualified to bargain. Even if he has no money, he can only agree first.

as soon as he thinks that these videos and photos of himself are sent to the mobile phones of relatives and friends, he has an impulse to kill himself.


at the thought of money, he was worried again.

married a few years ago and bought a house.

all the money in the family is spent on decoration. Now where is the money? He is just a courier.

reluctantly, he plans to borrow money.

go to Xiang Xiaobao's house next door to borrow it.

'I borrowed 20000 yuan from Lu Ning at that time, but I haven't returned it yet. What are you borrowing for?'

asked Xiang Xiaobao.

'nothing, nothing.'

naturally, chenjiuwen refuses to let go of the fact that he was cheated.

how can you tell such a shameful thing.

seeing that there was no money to borrow, chenjiuwen left.

xiangxiaobao behind him looks at chenjiuwen who has gone far away. He always feels as if he is hiding something.

but if the other party doesn't say, he is also embarrassed to ask.

Chen Jiuwen, who went back, went to several colleagues and friends to cobble together 10000 yuan, and immediately transferred it to the other party.

'don't come again!'

chenjiuwen sends a message to the other party.

there is no response to the information.

chenjiuwen sat on his chair and took a deep breath. His whole body was a little empty.

like losing one's soul.

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