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Chapter 55 Tutoring


today, I promised to give Lumeng and chenzhihan a tutor.

before going to Lumeng's house, Lu Ning first went to the milk tea shop and planned to buy two cups of milk tea for two lovely younger sisters.

there are many young students at the gate of the milk tea shop, and most of them are girls.

there are people in line and twoorthree people get together to chat.

the arrival of Lu Ning immediately attracted the attention of many girls.

no way. He is so handsome. When he doesn't talk, he exudes a cold masculinity.

however, the girls here are shy. Although they secretly look at Lu Ning from time to time, none of them come up to talk.

'go to wechat, go.'

on a table, there were two girls sitting, one of whom pushed her friend.


girls are too timid to go up.

she glanced at Lu Ning. Lu Ning's handsome appearance made her heart beat and shy.

when Lu Ning bought two cups of milk tea and left, the girl could not help showing a lost expression.

'why not go up.'

'didn't you notice? He ordered two cups of milk tea. He must have a girlfriend.' The girl sighed.

if there are no two cups of milk tea, maybe, maybe, maybe, she will just go up bravely.

another girl said 'Oh' and bought two cups of Milk Tea probably because she already had a girlfriend.

I think so. He is so handsome that he can't have a girlfriend.



Lu Ning knocks at the door, and chenzhihan and Lu Meng come out to open the door.


'cousin Lu Ning.'

when they saw Lu Ning's arrival, they smiled happily.

'this is milk tea for you.'

Lu Ning smiled and handed them the milk tea.

'thank you, cousin.'

'cousin Lu Ning, you are very kind.'

chenzhihan gave a sweet cry, then inserted the straw into the milk tea, sucked hard, and then showed a happy expression on her face.

before Lu Ning came, they had already prepared the learning materials.

at this time, the sun shines through the window, emitting warm light.

Lu Ning is bathed in the sun, showing a smiling face.

'what are you confused about?'

'it's hard to understand these questions for us, cousin.'

Lu Ning soon became a tutor.

he began to give in-depth explanations on the problems that they did not understand.

speak twice if you don't understand.

if you don't understand, start from the most basic.

the contents of the supplementary courses cover Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry and biology.

'Wow, cousin Lu Ning, you are good at math.'

'ah, cousin Lu Ning, how can you speak English so smoothly?'

'cousin, you even know this.'

during the process, Chen Zhihan was surprised by Lu Ning's knowledge.

Lu Meng nearby also looks at Lu Ning admiringly.

Lu Ning smiled slightly.

after Lu Ning finished his explanation, he asked them to do it again by themselves. However, learning pays attention to the combination of work and rest. After the two people study for a period of time, Lu Ning let them relax again.

'cousin Lu Ning, I'll treat you to sugar.'

chenzhihan takes out a stick of candy, helps Lu Ning unpack it, and then feeds it to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning didn't think much and took the candy bar.

at this time, Chen Zhihan suddenly began to make a mistake.

she looked at Lu Ning with a strange smile and said: 'brother, your girlfriend won't be angry after you ate the candy I fed you ~'

the ending was still very long.

when Lu Meng knew that her best friend was starting to play tricks again, he gave her a white eye.

Lu Ning just smiled.

chenzhihan smiled again and said: 'brother, you come here to give us tutoring. Your girlfriend won't be angry when she knows it, brother ~'

she put her arm around Lu Ning and shook it with joy.

Lu Ning has nothing to do with her.

chenzhihan hugs Lu Ning's arm, first takes out a candy bar and puts it into his mouth, and then takes out the camera.

'brother, look over here.'

when Lu Ning looked over, chenzhihan took a group photo of the two.

in the photo, Lu Ning and Chen Zhihan both have candy bars in their mouths. Chen Zhihan holds Lu Ning's arm and leans against him in an intimate manner. At this time, the sun shines on them, and the picture exudes a hazy beauty.

after taking the picture, chenzhihan looses Lu Ning's arm and runs to Lu Meng to bang.

'look, isn't it very beautiful?'

'I decide that this will be my screensaver in the future.'

'it's really beautiful. Cousin Lu Ning is so handsome.'

chenzhihan's behavior angered Lumeng. Lumeng tickled her with her hand. She was really sad when she saw the group photo of Lu Ning and chenzhihan. She hasn't taken a group photo with Lu Ning yet.

'cousin, I also want to take a picture with you.'

Lumeng walks to Lu Ning with a red face.

Lu Ning naturally smiles and nods.

Lu Meng also took a picture with Lu Ningmei. This is not over yet. After that, the three took several group photos together.

'if they see it, they will envy you to death. Cousin Lu Ning, I love you to death.'

at the thought of the envious expression of other female students in the class, chenzhihan was very proud.

'cousin Lu Ning, do you have a girlfriend?'

chenzhihan suddenly looks at Lu Ning with wide eyes.


Lu Ning smiles and shakes his head.

'no, cousin Lu Ning is so handsome that you don't have a girlfriend. Is there any reason, I!'

'I will be cousin Lu Ning's girlfriend.'

Chen Zhihan can't wait to jump on Lu Ning and hug his arm tightly. His body is still rubbing against Lu Ning.

Lu Ning smiled, touched her head and said, 'don't make trouble. You'd better read.'

then he took his hand out of her arms.

'I didn't make trouble. Cousin Lu Ning is so handsome. If you were my boyfriend, others would envy me to death.'

at the thought of the picture envied by others, Chen Zhihan's expression is somewhat floating.

'don't hurry to come here and make a question.'

Lu Meng can't let his best friend continue to be stupid with Lu Ning and hurry to get there.

in the evening, Lu Ning left Lumeng's house.

after going downstairs, Lu Ning takes out his mobile phone and looks at the photos sent to him by Lu Meng.

in the photo, Lu Meng and Chen Zhihan each hold Lu Ning's arm, and the three people smile happily at the camera.

'it's nice to be young.'

naturally, he would not take Chen Zhihan's words seriously. Young people do nothing, but he understands.

Lu Ning smiled, then put his mobile phone in his pocket and rode home on his small electric donkey.

the next day he went on to tutor them.

after two days of tutoring at the weekend, he continued to write code at home.

he is now developing another software, which is about anglers.

there are many fishermen, most of whom are rich.

the key is that you can spend money on fishing, which is more important.

there are some phishing software on the Internet, and their functions are roughly the same.

some can provide fishing friends with real-time tidal data, query and analysis functions of more than 70 ports around the world. In addition, it also includes tidal curve, meteorological information, month age chart, fish activity and many other functions.

some software provide fishing friends with practical functions and high-quality content such as nearby fishing grounds, local communities, fishing skills and fishing videos, so as to meet the needs of fishermen.

are similar.

however, Lu Ning is trying to find a new way. The software he developed has a unique function, which is to see where the most people fish.

identify popularity and footprints at a glance.

first, calculate the number of fishermen in some sea areas through big data.

in the later stage, the data will be updated in real time according to the location of the registered fishing friends.

if fishing friends find a new area, they can also name it.

that's about it. He doesn't know whether he can make money, but try it first.

in addition to this software, other software will be programmed slowly.

of course, in his spare time, he will still accept outsourcing from others.

do not make money without making money.

it is worth mentioning that xuguangdong, the product manager of the previous cooperation, often outsources to him. It seems that he is interested in Lu Ning, which makes Lu Ning's outsourcing more stable.


when Lu Ning was working hard, it was July in the twinkling of an eye.

Lu Ning received the first amount of software bonus, with a profit of 200000 yuan. Seeing this amount, Lu Ning was somewhat frightened. Unexpectedly, the monthly bonus was so high.

this means that at least 200000 people have used his software!

sure enough, stock speculators are generous and don't care about that little money at all.

Lu Ning, who received 200000 yuan, was very happy and thought about whether to go out for a big meal to reward himself.

at this time, a message came from wechat.

'senior student Lu Ning will visit the base tomorrow. Don't forget.' Lin Siyu sent a message to remind him of tomorrow's events.

'OK, I remember.'

naturally, Lu Ning did not forget to visit the base tomorrow.

he plans to copy the next ability there.

Professor maguangke's ability has evolved just a few days ago. Now he can continue to replicate new abilities.

Lu Ning is looking forward to it now.

I don't know what kind of ability he will get if he replicates plants or mushrooms.

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