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Chapter 6 Three months later

Three months later.

in a room, a teenage boy was brushing Tiktok.

'can you stop my fist for twenty years?'

in the video, a burly man with a mask punched a solid wood with a thick bowl to pieces.

the log is directly disconnected from the middle, and the wood residue splashes out.

with the unique BGM of Tiktok, it should not be too flaming.

'Wow, this is so handsome!'

boys' blood is boiling.

is it true or false? Is it so.

the boy watched it twice in a row, and it seemed that he could not see the trace of editing.

he looked at it and found that there were more than a million likes and more than a hundred thousand comments at the bottom.

'that's cool, really Kung Fu!'

this is the most liked.

'it must be synthesized later, but it looks ok.'

this is the second comment.

'the log should be hollow. It looks like solid wood, but it is not stressed at all. Let me do it.'

'can you stop my fist for a hundred years?'

'can you afford to pay the medical expenses for 20 years?'

'do you believe that you will kneel down and beg me to get up later?'

'I may not be able to stop after 20 years, but I should be able to (dog head) after 80 years.'

'crisp, handsome and done.'

boys click on a comment, which is interesting.

after reading the comments, he clicked the author's account.

the account name is' master '.

the other party has more than 1.5 million fans.

this video is the first video sent by the other party three months ago.

in addition to this video, there are two other videos.

boys quickly click on one of the videos.

the video is in an abandoned village without people.

the masked man was standing in front of a three story abandoned building.

'Wudang ladder cloud column!'

in the picture, with the BGM music, the masked man squats down slowly and then rises directly from the ground.

he jumped very fast. In less than a second, he jumped to the top of a three story bungalow.

the whole picture is completed at one go without any unnecessary action.

'I'll go. It's so handsome!'

the pride in boys' hearts was ignited again.

he looked at it and there were more than two million likes.

there are a lot of comments.

'isn't this the legendary Kung Fu of the left foot stepping on the right foot? But why did you jump up without stepping on it?'

'it's easy to walk on the ladder of cloud flying in Wudang.'

'Mom doesn't have to worry about the power failure of the elevator anymore.'

'well, please go to the Public Security Bureau and report it to me.'

'do I see such a big root via?'

'with this lightness skill, you can go everywhere in the world. It's a funny skill to steal jade and incense.'


after the boy watched it for a while, the corners of his mouth opened unconsciously.

he can't wait to click on the third video.

this is the last video, which was taken ten days ago, with more than three million likes.

now he finds that the author has attracted more than one million fans with these three video circles.

the third video is by a lake.

the masked man on the bank suddenly moved as the man's self-improvement music slowly sounded.

he ran forward and took a step of ten meters. It was amazing.

in the blink of an eye, he came to the lake, but he didn't stop, but rushed straight to the lake.

when he stepped on the lake, BGM music changed again.

became the soundtrack in the movie Tai Chi.

with the soundtrack, the man's figure rushed out and ran on the water!

walk on the waves.

the calm lake was trampled on by the man's feet and exploded with a white spray.

less than a breath, the figure is already 100 meters away.

as the figure goes away, only the distant waves continue to burst in the picture.

but do you think this is over?


a few seconds later, the disappeared figure turned around and came back.

the figure stepped on the lake fiercely, flew directly into the air, made a half circle, and then landed directly in front of the camera with a bang.

the momentum of terror is coming.


the music ends and the screen turns black.

'Hoo ~'

the boy outside the video smiled like an aunt and put down his shaking hands.

'is this true? It's too handsome!'

giggle and read the comments below.

'I can't explain clearly to foreigners again.'

'I'm a computer expert. The author doesn't have any editing at all. I don't think he can explain clearly.'

'who can cross the river with the reed of the patriarch Da Mo?'

'if there are several golden dragons on the river, I believe you are really good at martial arts.'

'all the flowers I'm waiting for are gone.'

'I can, too. There are hidden piles under the water.'

'I want to be a teacher, I want to be a teacher!'

the boy watched the video several times with great interest. After reading it, he resolutely paid attention to the video author.

'Hey, it would be great if it were true.'

murmured the boy.

although he is in a passionate mood and hopes that the pictures in the video are true, instinct and reason tell him that these are all through post PS and synthesis.

how can it be true.

however, several videos are very interesting and look very real. The editing is very good.

just look happy.

and he is lucky. What if it is true?

in any case, the other party has genuine talent and learning, so it is right to pay attention.



on the other side, Lu Ning is also looking at his own Tiktok, just like the boys.

looking at the rising number of fans, he smiled at the corners of his mouth.

it's good to have so many fans in three months.

nature is inseparable from his ability.

in three months, he copied the abilities of three different creatures.

the first nature is the ant. The giant power of the ant is the ability that all people dream of.

to his surprise, the perfect evolution for a month made him possess about five tons of terrorist power.

generally speaking, it means that he has a power of 10000 Jin.

he now weighs 20 kg. According to ant research, his strength is at least 50 times his weight.

because of the change of his body, he is now a big man, and every inch is full of hard muscles.

his defense ability is invincible. Even ordinary blades can hardly hurt him.

the only drawback is that it may be a little stiff.

there is no way. It becomes meat, which is inevitable.

in order to make himself more flexible, his second choice copied the ability of flies.

flies are more flexible than humans.

evolution also took a month. After evolution, he perfectly acquired the ability of fly dynamic vision.

some people say that the reaction speed of flies is four times that of humans, while others say that it is ten times.

but Lu Ning, who has obtained the dynamic vision of flies, is about seven times.

in Lu Ning's eyes, all moving objects slowed down at a speed seven times faster than before.

the whole world seems to have been slowed down.

it was difficult for him to adapt during the period, but as time went on, he became used to it.

but the dynamic vision of flies is obtained, and there is another defect.

that is, he just gets the nerve reaction speed, but his hands and feet can't keep up.

that is to say, the instant explosive force can not keep up with the reaction speed.

so he set his mind on the third insect - flea.

once you search, what is the most explosive creature? Naturally, there will be two species, one is flea and the other is cheetah.

the cheetah is known as the fastest hunter on land.


after checking the ability of fleas, Lu Ning decided to choose fleas.

because it can jump 200 times the length of its body.

it is equivalent to a person of 1.7 meters jumping to a height of 20 meters.

its terrifying instant bouncing power is unmatched by all creatures.

so fleas became the third replication object of Lu Ning.

after copying fleas, Lu Ning was not only not disappointed, but also surprised.

in addition to more developed leg muscles, even the muscles on the hands have also evolved.

Lu Ning, who combined the three abilities, immediately became a little Superman.

in the end, it became what people saw on the Tiktok video.

one punch gravel.

100m in place.

step on the water and follow the waves.

these have become the norm.

the reason why Tiktok sends videos is naturally inspired by xiangxiaobao.

the other party loves martial arts and pays attention to many martial arts short video bloggers.

they can, so can I.

Lu Ning had a flash of inspiration.

and he is more talented than them.

worried about exposing yourself?

wearing a mask.

and now the network editing and post production are serious. Even if everything in front of us is suspected to be magic, let alone on the network.

no one will believe what you see is true.

this makes Lu Ning more determined.

so he bought a new mobile phone number and registered a Tiktok account.

unexpectedly, the first video alone made him angry.

and it is a fire.

but the video is more refined than more.

in order to let the audience see different changes, he simply waited until he got new abilities.

finally, with three videos, he became a new million Tiktok authors in three months.

become famous at one stroke.

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