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Chapter 66 Lu Ning's hair

After Lu Ning left the Institute, he didn't go back immediately.

instead, I first found a barber shop and planned to have a haircut.

a mid-range barber shop on the roadside.

as soon as Lu Ning came to the door, a teenage shampoo girl pulled the door for her.


Lu Ning's handsome appearance makes her reluctant to look away from his face.

'do you want a haircut or a shampoo?' The younger sister asked with a smiling face.

in her opinion, this is normal hype, and treating guests with enthusiasm.

you can look at handsome men openly.


since the evolution of Datura stramonium plant ability, he has not cut his hair. This time, his hair is still quite long.

although his handsome face is still handsome even if it is not cut, he does not allow himself to be too sloppy.

'OK, handsome boy, sit here first, have a cup of tea, and I'll give you a massage to relax.'

under the guidance of her younger sister, Lu Ning sat in an empty position.

his arrival is like dropping a stone in the lake and rippling in the barbershop.

all the shampoo girls, barbers and even other guests pretended to look at him casually.

'tea, please.'

little sister brings Lu Ning a cup of tea and puts it on a small cabinet.

then she began to massage Lu Ning.

'handsome boy, do you usually exercise? Your muscles are so strong.'

as soon as my younger sister relaxed Lu Ning's shoulders, she felt that Lu Ning's shoulders were very strong, as if they were all muscles.

'exercise occasionally.'

the little girl who washes her hair has little strength, and it's very difficult for Lu Ning to press it.

'wash your hair directly.'

Lu Ning doesn't want to see her too tired, so she just skips the process.

'OK, this way, please.'

little sister takes Lu Ning inside to wash her hair.

Lu Ning lies on the couch where she washes her hair. Her little sister puts on a mask and starts to wash her hair.

'Wow, your hair is so soft. It's the first time I've met such soft hair. Handsome boy, do you usually do hair care?'


'it's so good not to do hair care.' The little sister was very surprised.

after washing her hair, she left and a male barber came.

'this handsome guy, how are you going to cut it today?'

'both sides can be cut short, and the top can be left long. You can watch it cut.'

'OK, your face shape, how can I cut it? Don't worry.'

after more than ten minutes, cut your hair.

Lu Ning looked at it and was quite satisfied.

sure enough, a handsome face can hold no matter what hairstyle it is equipped with.

just as Lu Ning was about to leave, he suddenly saw the hair on the floor, and his mind suddenly became excited.

'where is the broom?'

'over there.'

Lu Ning directly took the broom of the barber shop and swept his hair together.

he asked the barber for a bag and put all his hair in it.

Lu Ning finished paying for his haircut and left the barbershop with the bag.

after Lu Ning leaves.

'why did he take his hair away? It's strange.'

'I don't know if I have any special hobbies.'

'it is said that a woman can poison a man through his hair. Is it superstition?'

the shampoo girl and other barbers are whispering over there.


after leaving the barber shop, Lu Ning went directly to the wilderness by car.

he looked at it. After confirming that there was no one around, he untied the bag, then took out the lighter he had just bought and lit a handful of hair.

as Lu Ning ignited his hair, a handful of hair began to ignite white smoke.

different from ordinary hair, Lu Ning's clump of hair in his hand at this time is like a Buddhist incense, burning very slowly.

the white smoke was ethereal, and then a light fragrance began to emanate from the white smoke.

with the burning of hair, like soot, the burned hair turns into a white dust.

when a gust of wind blows, this clump of hair burns faster.

'sure enough, my hair also has the characteristics of Datura.'

fortunately, I was alert at that time, otherwise I would have made trouble if I was not sure.

Lu Ning once heard that some people will take away the hair from the barber shop and then take it to brew soy sauce. If you really take his hair to brew soy sauce, it's not bad.

I'm afraid people who eat soy sauce are addicted to drugs.

it's terrible to think about it.

when Lu Ning was still in a trance at the little poke, a little squirrel suddenly jumped out next to him.

it is an ordinary little squirrel, as big as a mouse.

the little squirrel is vivid. He jumps over from a distance. He seems to be afraid of Lu Ning, but he is attracted by the fragrance in his hand. Slowly, the little squirrel begins to approach.

tested for a few times.

finally, he boldly came to Lu Ning and wanted to take away Lu Ning's burning hair.


Luning drive road.

snuff out his hair while driving away.

the little squirrel sniffed and refused to go. His small body shook. Squeak! Squeak and scream, then kick your legs and fall to the ground.

but he didn't die. He picked up a small stone in his small hand and chewed it on his mouth, as if he had taken the stone as food.

although the stone is hard, it is still gnawed to pieces by the sharp teeth of the squirrel.

'is this hallucination?'

Lu Ning thought it was interesting. Just when he wanted to get up, a snake sprang up next to him.

is a green bamboo leaf!

this startled Lu Ning.

although he should not be afraid of being bitten by snakes, human instinct still makes him have a natural fear of snakes.

'Xiaoqing, is that you?'

at this time, the little green snake seems to be drunk. The whole body of the snake curls up together. He stirs up his own body and rolls on the ground.

the snake opens its mouth and spits out a letter.

it seems that some are on top.

'Xiaoqing wakes up.'

Lu Ning took a branch and dialed it. The snake's body was still crazy and twisted.

after a while, the little green snake turned its belly and seemed to stop moving.

his stomach fluctuated and he didn't die.

Lu Ning glanced at the bag in his hand and sighed: 'Hey, I'd better dig a hole and bury you.'

after such a short time, I became fascinated by squirrels and green snakes.

hair has the same function as Datura.

he should be careful in the future.

Lu Ning found a dry wooden stick, dug a hole nearly half a meter deep in the ground, then threw the small bag containing hair into it, buried it in the soil, and stacked a large stone on the soil.


it should be OK.

when Lu Ning left the mountain, several birds suddenly fell to the ground from a tree beside him.



Wen Weina, dressed as a sanitation cleaner, cleans the passage.

since she was caught by Lu Ning, she found it difficult to be a thief. It seems that being a thief again will make her feel infinite guilt and shame.

she clearly remembers Lu Ning.

when Lu Ning caught her at that time, she felt a little ashamed in her heart.

it seems that red fruits are exposed to the sun.

the eldest brother with her disappeared, and she guessed that he might have been caught.

she knows that she will eventually be caught doing this.

she was not afraid before.

feel there is nothing to lose.

but now she is suddenly afraid.

because of expectation.

she doesn't want to be a thief when Lu Ning bumps into her next time.

then she will look down upon herself.

she wants to make friends with Tang Zheng and Lu Ning.

so she came to the subway to apply for a job. Unfortunately, as a deaf mute, the only job she can do is to be a cleaner.

there is no need to talk or communicate. Just do a good job of sanitation in your area.

she is very satisfied. If she has a job, it is OK.

and the place of work is this subway station.

when she was working, she often looked at the passengers, hoping to see Lu Ning again.

she has been working for a month, but it's a pity that she hasn't met Lu Ning again.

Lu Ning.

she remembered Lu Ning's name

when she thought she might never meet Lu Ning again in her life.

the familiar figure appeared again.

it's him!

Lu Ning walked into the carriage while looking at his mobile phone.

the carriage door is closed.

when Wen Weina hurried to come, the subway had already left.

she looked at the subway speeding away and stretched out her hands.

have not moved for a long time.

she is completely out of her mind.

all the passengers nearby looked at the cleaner who had just run in a hurry and thought what had happened to her.

'are you okay?'

there are passengers coming to inquire.

Wen Weina just shook her head, then walked to the corner and sat on her small chair.

she curled up like a kitten just discarded by her owner.

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