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Chapter 69 Why?

In a pink room.

'brother Lu Ning is so handsome.'

Xiao Ni looks at the wechat news of Lu Ning on her mobile phone.

this is the first time she knows Lu Ning's appearance. Originally, she beautified Lu Ning's appearance in her heart. Unexpectedly, Lu Ning's real appearance is more handsome than she imagined.

maybe there is beauty, but even if it is beautiful, it should not be much worse in reality.

'Alas, I wish my boyfriend would be so handsome in the future.'

seeing Lin Meiqi kissing Lu Ning and their sweet looks, she admitted that her heart was a little sour.


in the hospital room.

Chen Ruolan is lying on the hospital bed with her mobile phone in her hand, also looking at Lu Ning's circle of friends.

the avatar is a group photo of Lin Meiqi and Lu Ning.

witty and beautiful Lin Meiqi, handsome Lu Ning.

and the straight line of becoming a stranger.

every time Chen Ruolan sees these, she feels a burst of chest tightness in her heart.

but she always couldn't help looking.

'I love you ~'

she touched Lu Ning's smiling face in her mobile phone, and a tear fell from her eyes, which happened to drop on Lu Ning's eyes.

at this moment, it seems that two people's eyes are blurred at the same time.

Lu Ning's heart ached at the thought that she would never belong to herself again.


Lin Meiqi's family.

'I'm going out.'

'what to do?'

'go to visit a friend.'

'men and women.'

'it's the previous blind date. She had a car accident.'

although Lu Ning knew that Lin Meiqi might be angry, he disdained to lie because he had no shame in his heart. If he lied, he felt that he really had something shameful.

'what if I don't allow you to go?'

Lin Meiqi's face immediately tensed and stared at Lu Ning.

'little fool, I only have you in my heart now. Don't worry.'

Lu Ning gave Lin Meiqi a hug.

'don't go if you don't want me to worry or think about it.' Lin Meiqi pushed Lu Ning away, her face serious.

'you are limiting my personal freedom.' Lu Ning said seriously.

'yes! Yes! Being with me has restricted your personal freedom!'

Lin Meiqi shouted, and then angrily walked to the sofa and sat down. She crossed her hands and turned her head away from Lu Ning.

'Qi, what can we talk about? Don't be too emotional.'

'as lovers, we should respect each other, understand each other, and trust each other.'

'I'm just like this, I can't change it.'

'if you can't stand it, go.' Lin Meiqi's indifferent way.

Lu Ning has no choice about Lin Meiqi's behavior.

Lu Ning didn't go out to take care of Lin Meiqi's feelings.

the development of a relationship is not easy.

it's easy to fall in love but difficult to get along with each other. Lu Ning, who has been in love for several times before, knows this very well.

no matter who you are with, there will be different contradictions.


when he thinks that this contradiction will be slowly diluted, the outcome will always surprise him.

in the following days, Lin Meiqi unexpectedly began to restrict Lu Ning from going out.

whether you buy breakfast, go to the supermarket, or even go for a walk, you need Lin Meiqi to accompany you.

Lu Ning is not allowed to go out alone.

Lu Ning can feel Lin Meiqi's love for him, but this love is too strong.

her possessiveness is too strong. She not only wants to occupy his body, but also his heart.

she also has a strong desire to control Lu Ning completely in her hands.

this relationship has obviously developed abnormally.

even if Lu Ning tried to break it back to normal, he couldn't catch it.

'let's calm down for a while.'

but after all, he loves the beautiful girl in front of him. He hopes that each other can calm down for a period of time and think again.

'if you leave this door today, we are finished.'

Lin Meiqi pointed to the door and said coldly.

this is her desire for control, and there is no room for negotiation.

Lu Ning looked at her with a silent expression.

Lin Meiqi stared at him, her chest undulating.

this is a game.

Lu Ning didn't say anything at last, opened the door, walked out, and then closed the door gently.

'get out! Get out!'

looking at the closed door, Lin Meiqi was hysterical, and then began to smash things at home crazily.

several vases were smashed to the door by her first.

then a piece of furniture was thrown to the ground.

the room is in a mess.

tired of smashing, she threw herself on the bed and began to cry bitterly.

the small body trembles.


get off the community and walk to the ground.

Lu Ning looked up at the location of Lin Meiqi's house, and then sighed deeply.

'I hope my leaving can make you grow up.'

Lu Ning stopped a taxi and left here.

he took the bus directly to the mobile station.

he looked out of the window all the way, and his mood was still a little uneasy.

he is not a ruthless person.

it's just that he can't bear such feelings.

while waiting for the train, he took out his mobile phone and wanted to see if Lin Meiqi would send any news.


what you wait for is a white bar.

he found that Lin Meiqi even changed their lovers' avatars.

replaced with a black-and-white picture of Halle Quinn.

in the photo, Haley Quinn wears clown makeup and smiles exaggerated.

Lu Ning laughed at himself.

he holds his hand on his only dynamic and intends to delete it.

but I still didn't bear it after all.

changed a setting, which can be seen in three days.

then he changed his avatar back.

at this point, the two are officially separated.

the other side.

Lin Meiqi's room.

'if you come to me, I will forgive you.'

she lies on her bed and looks at the mobile phone screen. Lu Ning's handsome face is on the screen.

'I'll give you one day.'

with that, she kissed Lu Ning's picture, and then fell asleep slowly.




'excuse me, where is the patient in ward 301?'

Lu Ning came to Chen Ruolan's ward, but he didn't see anyone.

'Oh, she just went out for a walk. Her legs are almost ready. The doctor asked her to walk more.'

'OK, thanks.'

Lu Ning came to the outside of the hospital.

outside the hospital is a large flat lawn, where twoorthree patients are wandering.

many patients are accompanied by their families.

I can also see several nurses guarding some patients.

Lu Ning saw Chen Ruolan alone on a bench in a corner.

at this time, Chen Ruolan was bound with bandages on her legs and hands, and a small piece of white cloth was also pasted on her left side face.

looks a little haggard.

'Ruolan.' Lu Ning shouted to her and walked over.

'Why are you here?'

seeing Lu Ning, Chen Ruolan was surprised at first, but she touched the white cloth on her side face, and the surprise in her eyes soon darkened.

'don't tell me why there was an accident.'

'I know you have a girlfriend, and I don't want to disturb you.'

Lu Ning is silent.

he also guessed that this might be the reason.

'was that you that day?' Chen Ruolan suddenly asked.

'which day?'

'on the 2nd day of last month, not far from the gate of Jinhui supermarket, I got on a Porsche palamera.'

Lu Ning just thought for a moment and nodded, 'it's me. How do you know?'

'I was in a car accident that day.'

tears of grievance flow out of Chen Ruolan's eyes.

it was really him.

why did he fall in love with other girls as soon as he separated.

Lu Ning stared at Chen Ruolan.

that day!

he naturally remembers the car accident behind him that day.

Lu Ning stared at Chen Ruolan in front of her, and was suddenly surprised.

it's like connecting all clues through a circuit in my mind.

the truth is imminent.

'when you saw me with her, you caught up and accidentally had a car accident!'

Lu Ning was shocked.

'I'm so stupid. I thought I could be with you after cosmetic surgery.'

'I'm ready for cosmetic surgery. I also want to be worthy of you.'

'why don't you wait for me more time, why ~'

'I saw that you were so close to that girl, and my heart hurt at that time.'

'I just want to catch up and see if it's you.'

as Chen Ruolan said, tears kept falling.

looking at Chen Ruolan, who was crying in front of her, Lu Ning's mood slowly changed from shock to guilt.

and then become annoyed.

followed by incomparable self blame.

he thinks he is really stupid.

the girl in front of him is the most suitable one.

thinking of the time he spent with Lin Meiqi for more than a month, he felt as if he were separated from the world.

in the final analysis, he is still a man and will also be fascinated by beauty.

who hasn't dreamed of having a beautiful little wife.

but a really good love is the most important.

'I've broken up with her. If you still want to be my girlfriend.'

with guilt and sensibility, and seeing Chen Ruolan crying so sad now, Lu Ning said this sentence by magic.

after hearing Lu Ning's words, Chen Ruolan stopped crying and looked up at Lu Ning in a daze.

the pupils of her eyes first widened, and the expression on her face was infinite joy.

this joy is so pure, like the sudden realization of a wish in the bottom of my heart.

but soon, she touched her left face, her eyes quickly dimmed, became wronged, and her eyes were filled with tears again.

emotions quickly change from joy to anger.

'my face is disfigured now.'

'are you sympathizing with me and pitying me?'

'no, I really think you are suitable for me.'

'you lie, you go! You go! I don't want your sympathy, I don't want your pity!'

Chen Ruolan waved away.

'I really don't sympathize and pity you.' Lu Ning also wants to explain.

'you go, I don't want to see you!'

with red eyes, Chen Ruolan shouted at landing Ning.

Lu Ning looked at her, a little overwhelmed.

at this time, the nurse who was taking care of the patient found the situation here and came over.

she held Chen Ruolan and said to Lu Ning, 'the patient is a little unstable now. Please leave first.'

Lu Ning glanced at Chen Ruolan. Chen Ruolan turned his head and didn't look at him.

he didn't say anything more and turned away.

Chen Ruolan watched Lu Ning disappear at the door. Finally, she couldn't control it. She jumped on the nurse and began to cry bitterly.

she wants to say, I will! I do!

I want to be your girlfriend!

be your wife all your life!

but as soon as she thinks of her destroyed appearance, she will be immediately beaten down from the cloud.

the destroyed face reminds her deeply.

you didn't deserve it before.

now you are more unworthy!

'why do you treat me like this, why ~'

her heart is infinitely sad.

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