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Chapter 7 Engage in gimmick promotion

Lu Ning is now thinking about the ability to replicate which creature for the fourth time.

as a human being, he certainly wants to be immortal, which is engraved in his bones.

how many emperors want to live forever.

this is the ability that every human has dreamed of.

now, Lu Ning is hopeful to become the first open-minded person.

through the network query, he found that there are still many immortal creatures.

such as lighthouse jellyfish.

lighthouse jellyfish (scientific name: turitopsis nutricula), belonging to lighthouse jellyfish of Polypodiaceae. It is known as the 'immortal jellyfish'.

it is called undead because it can recover from sexual maturity to larval stage.

generally speaking, it means that you can rejuvenate when you grow up, just like the eight wastelands of Tianshan Tongmu in the novel, but the lighthouse jellyfish has no defects in martial arts.

theoretically, it is immortal unless it is eaten.


hydra is a member of Coelenterata. It can produce and replace any aged or completed cells through immortal stem cells. In this renewal process, all cells and even nerve cells are also replaced.

it achieves immortality through infinite self-renewal.

keep updating, keep young and energetic, so as to achieve eternal life.

in addition to the two, there are lobster, sea surface, water bear, clam, planarian, etc.

it is worth mentioning that the water bear insect.

this is a great guy.

the water bear insect has strong vitality. The most remarkable feature is that it has strong tolerance to adverse environment.

in case of drought, they can reduce the body water content from 85% to 3%. At this time, the movement stops and the body shrinks. In this state, the slow walker can resist the harsh environment for several years, such as extreme temperature, ionizing radiation, hypoxia, etc. when the environment improves, the body recovers. This phenomenon is called cryptogenesis.

the limit temperature

can survive for 2 minutes at -272 ℃ and 151 ℃. It can survive for several days at -20 ℃ and at least 30 years at -20 ℃.

the dose of ionizing radiation it can withstand is hundreds of times that of human lethal dose. The resistant pressure is about 6 times of the deepest trench water pressure, and people may be deformed under the same pressure.

water bears can tolerate the temperature range of -20-149 ℃. They do this by removing water from their bodies, recovering fat limbs and legs, and curling up into dehydrated balls.

after the threat is removed, they refill with water and return to normal. It looks as if they have not suffered any damage. According to a study published in 2017, water bears that can continuously produce a special protein have a higher probability of successful recovery than their companions who do not always produce this protein.

in other words, this special protein may be the key to the water bear's tolerance to extreme heat and cold.

withstand high pressure

the water bear can not only withstand extreme temperatures, but also withstand pressures up to 6 times the deepest seabed pressure.

radiation conditions

the ionizing radiation dose that a water bear in space can withstand is hundreds of times that of human beings. The resistant pressure is about 6 times of the deepest trench water pressure, and people may be deformed under the same pressure.

a space experiment in 207 showed that it could survive for 10 days under vacuum and radiation. In 2017, some scientists even wrote that they thought they were enough to survive the earth destroying disasters such as asteroid impact, supernova explosion and gamma ray explosion, which can be called 'the sun does not explode, they will not hang'.

in the low earth orbit 258000-281000 meters above sea level, the two dehydrated adult water bears and their eggs were successfully recovered after 10 days of exposure to vacuum and radiation respectively, but the survival rate of water bears exposed to radiation was significantly lower.

anoxic conditions

generally, organisms will die due to lack of water and oxygen, but they can be in a state of suspended death for a long time, and their bodies will dry up, stopping metabolism, so as to maintain vitality. Then there is a chance of resurrection when encountering water.

in general, the water bear is the big brother of the undead world, a real superhuman creature.

in addition to living creatures, there are also creatures with strong resilience and difficult to kill.

such as cockroaches and salamanders.

needless to say, cockroaches are well-known and have strong adaptability. Even if their intestines are pulled out, they will not die.

similarly, salamanders can regenerate not only their limbs, but also their internal organs. They are just as good as the big devil in the dragon ball.

Lu Ning has been wondering which creature he will copy next.

besides, it is not possible for him to copy if he wants. Some creatures can not be seen on weekdays and can only be found in specific places.

such as lighthouse jellyfish.

it is mainly distributed in the waters of the Caribbean.

it is also distributed in the coastal waters of Spain, Italy and Japan.

if you want to get it, you can imagine the difficulty.

there are also water bear insects, which can only be found in extremely cold and hot places.

it is generally distributed in different habitats from the north pole to the South Pole and from the slope of Himalaya Wu mountain to the deep ocean.

it's hard to find them.

however, unlike the lighthouse jellyfish and water bear insects, other permanent creatures are easier to find.

such as Hydra, lobster, etc.

therefore, Lu Ning's dilemma is whether to spend a lot of time and energy searching or to choose nearby first.

while he was struggling, a man contacted him again.

this man is wangyulong, manager of the marketing and Commerce Department of the red sun beverage network.

the other party asked Lu Ning to cooperate with him so that Lu Ning could bring his family's advertisement in the next video.

the other party's quotation is 50000 yuan for an advertisement.

this is the normal quotation for millions of Tiktok bloggers.

Lu Ning has discussed with the other party before and will bring the other party's goods when he shoots the video next time.

this is simple.

'Hello, what's up?'

'we intend to try another promotion method.'

'Oh, what is the promotion method?' Lu Ning is curious.

'do you have real Kung Fu?'


what is Kung Fu?

does it count if one force is reduced by ten.

'that's good. We're going to let you challenge the ten most famous boxing experts in China, and really make a stunt to expand your influence. All the expenses in the process will be reimbursed by us, and the price will be raised one by one through feedback.'

'Oh, how to raise the price.'

Lu Ning is a little cute and interested.

this promotion method is really unexpected.

he also cares about the price.

such a big fight can't only earn 50000 yuan.

'for example, in the first game, we will offer you a price of 100000, as long as you make one. If the market responds well, we will offer you a price of 200000 in the second game, and so on.'

'Oh, if you do this, the tenth game will cost a million?' Lu Ning's eyes lit up.

he seems to have seen the million yuan. Oh, no, it is the five and a half million yuan that he has pocketed.


'we have studied the video you released, and your current fans are around 1.5 million, which has reached a bottleneck. It is still difficult to rise.'

'however, we believe that your fans will also increase through this publicity, which is mutually beneficial to us.'

'what we are most concerned about now is how much strength you have and whether you can bring expectations and surprises to the audience.'

wangyulong asked his most concerned topic.

some people think Lu Ningfa is a real hermit martial artist because of his three videos on the Internet.

there are still many voices.

however, a large number of people think that Lu Ning is an empty shell, and his videos are all post processed.

these people are pragmatists.

'let me believe it is OK. I will know after a fight.'

'yes, if you fight with Wen Hongyong, we will believe it.'

there are many such messages on the Internet.

Wen Hongyong is a star of Sanda in China. He has millions of fans on Tiktok.

the two factions hold their own views.

as a result, Tiktok became more and more fierce, shouting everywhere who Lu Ning would challenge.

however, Lu Ning did not respond.

but he doesn't care about these. Some advertisers who see traffic have found big business opportunities.

I hope I can make use of the topic.

HongRi is one of the larger ones.

HongRi is a top domestic company, which is also the reason why Lu Ning chose the other party.

'don't worry, I have strength.'

'how many levels of assurance do you have against ordinary boxers?' Wang Yulong is obviously still a little worried.

this is a big deal. No jokes.

if Lu Ning is not sure, they may give up the proposal.

after all, they didn't want the activities they sponsored. In the end, as the instigator, Lu Ninghui failed.

will be laughed at by netizens.

this will cause serious damage to the reputation of their products and the company.

therefore, this promotion method is a double-edged sword.

success means double profits, and loss means both fame and wealth.

'Wen Hongyong, you know, he can't do anything in my hands.'

Lu Ning holds his mobile phone and smiles at the corners of his mouth.

although his tone is crazy, he thinks he is telling the truth.

but Wang Yulong at the other end obviously doesn't believe Lu Ning.

'well, let's arrange a fighter to try with you first. Do you think it's ok?'

'no problem.'

Lu Ning still agrees with the other party's insurance.

so they agreed on the time and place.

the time is tomorrow, and the place is in the Tai Le fight sports hall in the city center.

Lu Ning has heard of that sports hall. There are several great gods in Tiktok.

don't know who to fight with?

Lu Ning is looking forward to it.

his strength has grown to such a terrible level that he has never fought with others.

'in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, you'd better wear a mask.'

Lu Ning made up his mind to fight boxing in the future. He would wear a mask.

give people a sense of mystery.

it also makes people not know his identity.

this can avoid many unnecessary troubles.

if you go tomorrow, you should start cleaning up now, and then book a bullet train ticket.

Lu Ning takes action immediately.

he had just finished cleaning up, when the phone rang again.

is my aunt.

since my parents left, my aunt has been most worried about his daily life. She calls him several times a month.

Lu Ning already thinks of her aunt as her second mother.

'Hello, aunt.'

'Anning, how's your work recently?'


he quit a few days before work, but he won't tell his aunt.

now that he has millions of fans, he is not afraid of having no money.

'you are too old. It's time to consider finding a girlfriend to get married.'

'aunt, I know.'

he is used to being forced to marry normally.

'I recently got a girl for you. Her parents are OK, and her family is good. I'll give her to you on wechat later. You should have a good chat with others.'

'ah, oh, OK, I see, aunt Xie.'

Lu Ning faces bitterly, but still responds.

my aunt is good everywhere, but she often introduces her girlfriend to him.

I have introduced him several times before, but I heard that he had no relatives, no car, no house, and no savings. So I didn't talk for a few days, so I stopped contacting him.

some unfriendly people even delete Lu Ning as a friend.

fortunately, no agreement was reached, otherwise it would not have fallen into the pit.

Lu Ning is happy about this.

let's talk first. It's a task for my aunt.

then he chatted with his aunt and hung up.


at this time, he opened wechat and found that a girl added it.

Lu Ning agrees immediately.

'hello (smiling face).' The other party first sent greetings and added a smiling face.

'hello (smiling face).' Lu Ning followed suit and went back to the past.

'my name is tangshuying.'

'my name is Lu Ning.'

'we can have dinner together when we have time, so that we can get to know each other better.' Tang Shuying offered to invite.

it is said that whether men and women are good or not. You can understand it clearly after a meal.


Lu Ning has no comments on this.

fortunately, they have no time recently, so they made an appointment to have dinner together next week.

the next day.

Lu Ning took the bullet train to the Taile fight sports hall in the city center.

he wore a mask all the way to make passers-by turn back frequently.

fortunately, the current social atmosphere is good, and many people are dressed in strange clothes. It is normal for him to wear only a mask.

'are you a master?'

Lu Ning meets wangyulong in front of the gate.

wangyulong is a young man in his thirties. He wears glasses, looks gentle and has some weight.

'it's me.' Lu Ning nodded.

'you are so mysterious that you don't even want to show your face.' Wang Yulong smiled.

although Lu Ning mentioned it to him on the phone, he still wants to laugh when he sees Lu Ning's dress.

this is too mysterious.

but he also knows that some Tiktok bloggers are deliberately mystifying.

the sense of mystery can increase the number of fans and will not die in light.

it can also avoid many unnecessary troubles such as star chasing, which is considered for later stage.

'please come inside. I have arranged for you. Today, you are fighting with a Tiktok blogger with more than one million fans. The other person's name is' Zhuang Lianghong '. You should have heard of him.'

Wang Yulong introduced while walking.

'yes, I have seen some of his videos.' Lu Ning nodded.

Zhuang Lianghong often teaches others some self-defense skills in Tiktok.

there are also different fighting videos uploaded, which can be regarded as real strength.

people dare not underestimate it.

the reason why the two men were arranged to fight in advance was actually specially arranged by the Red Sun company.

both are reserve personnel.

they are carefully selected by the company.

whoever wins this time can represent the red sun.

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