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Chapter 74 Can you save it?

Xiao Ni had a holiday, and Lu Ning promised to pick her up to play.

Unfortunately, Lu Ning has been dragging on, and he hasn't mentioned it for a long time.

'brother Lu Ning, when will you pick me up?'

Xiao Ni in the message was a little angry and made several pathetic expressions.

'tomorrow, I'll visit you at your house tomorrow.'

'great, I'll wait for brother Lu Ning!'

for the sake of Xiao Ni and his parents, Lu Ning naturally cannot let a little girl come out alone to find him.

this is too dangerous.

a responsible man is always thinking of others.

the next day, Lu Ning came to the door alone according to the address.

'Lu Ningge!'

as soon as she opened the door, Xiao Ni shouted at Lu Ning at the door. Her face was covered with a sweet smile and her eyes were very surprised.

so handsome, even more handsome than the photos.

Xiao Ni's eyes are shining with stars.

'you are Lu Ning. Welcome, welcome. I heard from Ni yesterday that you will come. Come in, come in.'

Xiao Ni's mother warmly welcomed Lu Ning in.

'Lu Ning, we have only met for so long, and once again express our family's gratitude to you. If it weren't for you at that time, I'm afraid we would have been in bad luck.'

Xiao Ni's father held Lu Ning's hand warmly and thanked him constantly.

'you're welcome.'

Xiao Ni's father is too enthusiastic, which makes Lu Ning feel a little embarrassed.

during the meal, the living room is full of a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

Xiao Ni is 18 years old this year, which is the time of youth and beauty. She is beautiful and full of girlish breath.

Xiao Ni's mother is a woman who looks more than 30 years old. Although she is a little feminine, it can still be seen from her face that she should be quite beautiful when she was young.

Xiao Ni's father is a calm middle-aged man with dark skin and looks simple and honest.

'Lu Ningge drinks tea.'

while Lu Ning was chatting with Xiao Ni's father, Xiao Ni poured a cup of tea and handed it to Lu Ning with a smile.


their names are more natural.

Ni sat beside her and looked at Lu Ning, who was chatting with his father. The more she saw the curve of the corner of her mouth, the bigger it was, and she inserted a few words excitedly from time to time.

Xiao Ni's mother went in and cut a plate of fruit and brought it out.

next, Lu Ning had lunch at their home.

the food is very rich. It can be seen that they should have prepared it specially.

after lunch, Lu Ning took Xiao Ni out after noon.

what to do, of course, to play.

before leaving, Lu Ning also proposed to Xiao Ni's parents to go with them.

but both shook their heads and didn't follow.

'it's okay, we're at ease with you.'


Xiao Ni's father and mother are smiling at Lu Ning.

they are not prepared for Lu Ning, the life-saving benefactor, and they are very relieved.


Lu Ning took Xiao Ni to the nearby amusement park and took the roller coaster and ferris wheel together. After sitting, Xiao Ni pointed to the car and said, 'brother Lu Ning, I want to play with you.'

Lu Ning naturally agrees to Xiao Ni's requirements.

then the two played touch car together.

after touching the car, I played kart again.

also made several shots on the shooting machine.

Lu Ning's skill is so fast that Xiao nilian screams excitedly.

finally, Lu Ning took Xiao Ni to the aquarium to watch the dolphin show.

seeing dolphins, Lu Ning was reminded of their abilities.

'when should we copy the dolphin ability?'

but now he is concentrating on scientific research for the time being, and plans to catch all the domestic top scientists first.

as for the ability of other creatures, it will be pushed back for a period of time.


out of the amusement park, Xiao Ni was satisfied and her face was full of smiles.

she just took a lot of photos with Lu Ning. Looking at the happy look of the two people in the photos, she was very satisfied.

finally, Lu Ning sent her home.

'brother Lu Ning, remember to come back to me when you are free.'


Lu Ning nodded with a smile.

he walked out of the community and came to the outside of the street.

when the red light is on, he stands by the sidewalk and waits for the red light.

however, an accident happened at this time.

this is a huge three-way intersection in the urban area.

there is a climbing slope above and two forks below, with vehicles and people passing through in the middle.

the accident happened to a large truck.

the big truck comes down from the high slope at a very fast speed. At a glance, you can see that the big truck is out of line with the car next to it.

the speed of other cars is only within 30 kilometers per hour, while it is at least 50 kilometers per hour.

facing the vehicles in front, the big truck not only didn't brake, but ran into them.

'get out of the way! Get out of the way!'

the truck driver leaned out of the window and shouted while controlling the steering wheel.

his expression was extremely flustered and his face was sweating.

obviously, his brake failed.

it's almost over without brakes in this place.

the truck is also loaded with a large amount of steel, and the body is extremely heavy.

the car in front of it waiting for the red light, some of which had no time to escape, all of which bumped into one side recklessly.

the part of the car that was hit was sunken on the spot, and the body was deformed.

the driver and the co pilot's woman inside screamed.

at this time, the light is green and there are many pedestrians.

including Lu Ning.

as early as the truck crashed down, the pedestrians below began to disperse in a mass.

but because there are too many people, some people always walk slowly.

the truck driver turns temporarily and turns to the place with few people.

after the big truck hit several cars, it rushed up the side road.

on the path, there is an old man in his seventies.

this happened too fast.

Lu Ning is at least forty or fifty meters away from the old man.

seeing the truck rushing towards the old man, he instinctively tightened up and rushed to save people.

at his speed, if he bursts out with all his strength, he can be saved before the truck hits the old man.

but at that time, he will also be exposed.

this place is full of cameras, and the traffic accident police will definitely look back at the surveillance.

his body moved, but finally he softened and didn't rush up.

he watched helplessly as the old man was pressed under the huge tires by the truck. He was crushed before he could shout with a scream, and a pool of blood burst on the ground.

after the truck passed, the old man was covered with blood and had already passed through a strange place.

the truck crashed into a shop on the street and crashed into a wall inside before stopping.

at the moment when the old man died under the car, Lu Ning made a 'buzz' in his mind, as if all the voices had disappeared.

then the next second, the noisy car horn and the noise of all kinds of people suddenly poured into his ears.

he looked at the scene in the distance.

at this moment, his head was blank and he didn't know what he was thinking.


Lu Ning stood where he was waiting for the traffic light, staring at the corpse on the ground and the slowly diffusing blood.

when choosing between his own life and others' life, he chose himself.

this is the first time he has faced this situation without giving a just hand.

it's not that he doesn't want to save, but that he knows that if he saves, he will be completely exposed.

he doesn't know what the result will be after exposure.

but he knows human nature.

human nature cannot stand the test, and he will not give his life to others.

after the traffic accident, many of the crashed vehicles stopped in the middle of the road, most of which were damaged by large trucks. Car owners are waiting for the arrival of traffic police and insurers.

beside the big trucks and the old people, there were crowds watching the excitement.

even some people are holding mobile phones for shooting and video recording.

the master of the truck has got out of the car. He is sitting in the restaurant he crashed, looking like a stranger.

the walls and front doors of the restaurant were completely broken, and the inside was hit in a mess, with bricks and broken glass shooting everywhere. Fortunately, no one was injured inside, just scared.

in the face of this foolproof disaster, the owner and his wife scolded the truck master there at the beginning, but they didn't say anything later, and ran out to see the old man who was hit.

the police came quickly, and soon pulled up the cordon, and then maintained order.

not long after the police came, 120 also came.

soon, the traffic resumed.

Lu Ning has been looking at the situation over there from a distance, and did not come forward.

it was not until the traffic resumed and the old man's body on the ground was carried away that he sighed and left here slowly.

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