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Chapter 76 Spiritual baptism

Lu Ning was very sleepy all the way. It was already five o'clock in the afternoon when he got home.

he and Chen Ruolan confessed and directly lay down in bed to sleep.

in the evening, he began to dream about Professor Yang Zhen.

dreams are long, and there are all kinds of strange things, which are unreasonable and even absurd.

however, Lu Ning has not copied the ability of others for the first time, and has not slept for several days as before.

the next day, he will get up to eat, and then continue to bask in the sun.

Professor Yang Zhen's knowledge, both in width and length, is undoubtedly very profound.

after getting up, Lu Ning's head was still a little swollen.

however, as the sun shines, the sun falls on his hair, and a trace of heat is introduced into his brain through his hair. His brain is like being massaged by spirit, and the feeling of swelling is quickly relieved.

the spirit slowly becomes cheerful.

Datura stramonium can affect human nerves. If it is used well, it is a drug useful to human body. If it is not used well, it is a drug.

Lu Ning is undoubtedly the former now.

with the sunshine, he felt that his spirit was improving and his deep consciousness was being nourished.

like a sprouting grass, it thrives.

under this psychotherapy, his whole body and mind were baptized.

when Chen Ruolan called him for lunch, his world was bright, as if reborn.

with Professor Yang Zhen, Lu Ning has copied the abilities of six top human geniuses in total.

this is a huge knowledge, like a vast ocean.

he implicitly felt that there seemed to be a quantitative to qualitative change in the brain.

but he can't feel the specific changes for the time being.


Lin Meiqi's family.

Lin Meiqi finally stopped waiting for someone's information, and no longer imagined that someone would come to her to get back together.

in these decadent days, her home is in a mess.

after taking a bath, she finally recognized the reality.

she began to clean the room. Originally, she intended to ask someone to get back together and let him clean it. It seems that the idea of punishment has failed.

she is too confident.

put the clothes and shoes belonging to someone into the garbage bag.

although it's still very new, it seems that someone won't come back and take his things away.

Yes, he walked very crisp and did not want anything.

not even her.

at that time, she also fantasized about the plot in TV. Men and women broke up. The man said before leaving, 'I can go, but can I take my most important things away?'

the woman nodded and said yes.

then the man goes directly to the woman, pulls her away and says that you are my most important thing.

Unfortunately, disillusionment.

sure enough, the plot in the TV series is deceptive.

when she sorted out the anti-aging drug Lu Ning brought back last, she hesitated for a moment, and remembered Lu Ning's words at that time: 'this is a newly developed anti-aging drug, named PC1, which can help extend its healthy median life by 64.2%. My wife will always be beautiful after using it.'

at that time, Lin Meiqi didn't care too much.

now she took out her mobile phone and searched it. Sure enough, there were many introductions about PC1 on the Internet.

and the price is expensive.

she didn't throw away these anti-aging drugs in the end.

'I must live more beautiful and better than before. One day you will regret it.'

there is still some resentment of being abandoned in her heart.


on a challenge arena.

Chang Yonghao and white golovkin are having a fierce boxing match.

Chang Yonghao is tall, but he is still one size smaller in front of gorov's golden face.

but now Chang Yonghao is not the Chang Yonghao before.

facing golovkin who once defeated him again, he was fearless and moved forward bravely!

his fist technique is very fierce, and his opponent loses the fight.

finally, it is a punch Ko, knocking the other party to the ground.


with the bell ringing, Chang Yonghao won the championship!

Chang Yonghao raised his gold belt with great excitement on his face.

he finally did it.

this victory can be said to be a milestone, because the gold content of the champion of this competition is very high.

there are four boxing organizations in boxing.

first: World Boxing Association, WBA for short.

second: World Boxing Council, referred to as WBC.

Third: International Boxing Federation, IBF for short.

Fourth: World Boxing Organization, wbo.

this time, Chang Yonghao won the World Boxing Association, WBA's gold belt.

how does this make him not exciting, how does it not make his heart excited.

this is his long-standing goal, and now he has finally achieved it.

finally won the title of world boxing champion golden belt!

at this moment, Lu Ning came to his mind.

if Lu Ning didn't keep training for him, he would not have the current performance.

these days, he has been busy competing and has not contacted Lu Ning. He must invite him out to play when he gets back.


Lu Ning, who napped at home, soon received Chang Yonghao's message.

'I've won the world championship belt!'

Chang Yonghao in the message is very excited.

you should know how many talents Huaxia has won this honor, no more than one hand.

Lu Ning also returned the message and congratulated.

but his heart is extremely quiet.

Chang Yonghao can win the world gold medal, which has a lot to do with him. The more obvious the other party is, the easier it is for him to expose.

but the only thing that reassured him was that he and Chang Yonghao had agreed not to tell a third person about their training.

and boxing champion is just a sport for ordinary people. Generally, there is no need to worry too much.

but Lu Ning feels that he should try to keep a low profile in the future. Even if he shows his strength, he will never exceed the limits of human beings.

it should not be exposed in front of outsiders.

to avoid being caught and sliced.

the qualitative change of the brain seems to make him more and more cautious.

now he looks back at his previous things, which is full of loopholes.

fortunately, he stopped quickly at that time and hid himself as soon as possible before too many people found out, otherwise the consequences were really unimaginable.

'I'm very happy to win the championship this time. I'm going to invite you to Australia. Let's come.'

Chang Yonghao invited.


Lu Ning just thought a little and nodded his head.

first of all, he doesn't want to refuse the other party's kindness.

then he has time now. It's also relaxing to travel.

finally, Chang Yonghao and his friends are the second generation of the rich. Get on well with them, and you can bring them to invest in him in the future.

he has decided to integrate the wisdom of all domestic top scientists first, gather their abilities, and even invite them to join the future laboratory if possible.

second, it is natural to integrate all domestic industry giants.

use their resources to pull them into the water.

if we want to develop quickly, we should make use of the collective strength.

between the first step and the second step, we have to go abroad.

there are also many foreign scientists, and some scientists are even better than domestic ones. Lu Ning can't let them go.

however, foreign countries are very dangerous, especially the United States, which is in chaos. Lu Ning naturally needs to be fully prepared before going.

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