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Chapter 77 Beach beauty bikini


hot sunshine, blue sea water.

beach, beauty, bikini.

those who came back are still those in the shooting range last time, plus Lu Ning, a total of eight people.

six men and two women.

in addition to Chang Yonghao, Lu Ning, the other several people, only knew a name and were not familiar.

at this time, several people are playing tennis.

the two women in the field have white skin and hot bodies, and with the movement, the two snow-white balls sway up and down, which is simply pleasing to the eye.

several people played volleyball in turn, and the loser changed.

Lu Ning is too powerful.

and the girl named Ye Qianqian have been beating others, and they can't lift their heads.

Ye Qianqian is the girl who hid behind Lu Ning in the previous shooting range.

'Lu Ning, you are great. They are so delicious.'

Ye Qianqian is wearing a bikini with a pigtail and a bumpy figure. At this time, she is smiling.

abusing others is cool.

hit a few more, ye Qianqian was sweating, and Lu Ning retreated with her.

then everyone went swimming in the sea to wash their sweat.

don't be too happy when everyone jumps in the sea.

Lu Ning also completely let go in the sea water, because he copied the ability of electric eel. Even if he came to the sea, he was still like a fish in water, and even his body would spontaneously secrete a trace of mucus. The existence of this silk of mucus can reduce resistance and make Lu Ning swim faster.

'let's compare who swims the fastest!'

when Chang Yonghao rose, he planned to have a competition.

he lost a little miserably just now, which affected his invincible momentum of getting the golden belt.

he decided to break back a game because he was competitive in his heart.

'whoever wins later can help us apply sunscreen.'

Ye Qianqian and another girl stood by the beach laughing and coaxing.

they also gave them an encouraging look.

several big men howl.

then, everyone swam to the outside of the beach first, and stopped nearly 50 or 60 meters away from the beach.

the length of the standard competition swimming pool is 50 meters, which is almost the same distance.

with Chang Yonghao's 'start!'.

six men, including Lu Ning, all plunged into the water.

Chang Yonghao is worthy of his existence as a boxer. He took the lead and left the others far behind.

Lu Ning was originally in the second place, but he was soon caught up by the people behind him.

halfway through the swim, Lu Ning fell to the third position.

'come on! Come on!'

two girls on the bank shouted frantically, like two beautiful women in bikinis.

Ye Qianqian has been staring at Lu Ning's position. Unfortunately, when Lu Ning gets close to the bank and reaches the finish line, she is already fourth.

Chang Yonghao, who won the victory, laughed: 'it seems that you are not omnipotent.'

Chang Yonghao, who won the victory, was in high spirits and finally broke back a game, otherwise his face as a new champion would be a little shameless.

'there are shortcomings in a ruler and strengths in an inch. Swimming is really not what I'm good at.' Lu Ning answered with a smile.

he didn't win, naturally on purpose.

otherwise, he won in volleyball just now, and now he won in swimming. He always let others fail, which is tantamount to taking away all happiness.

a little unkind.

although he can win easily, it is not necessary.

this is not something you have to win.

'Alas, Lu Ning, I almost caught up with you just now, almost.'

the brother who ranked fifth felt a little regretful. He felt that he could catch up with Lu Ning as soon as possible.

'I knew I was the last one. This competition is too unfair for me.'

the last one is a little fat brother, who gave up halfway.

he was very tired after playing volleyball. He didn't have the strength to go swimming again. It was great for him to swim half.

this physical project is a kind of torture for him.

several people chatted and joked with each other, and then walked on the beach.

'come on, let me apply sunscreen to our two beauties.'

Chang Yonghao walked towards Ye Qianqian and the two girls with enthusiasm.

'let's paint it for you first, otherwise you have to paint each other.'

Ye Qianqian joked with a smile.

'I don't want them to paint.' One of the brothers glanced at the fat man next to him, showing disgusted eyes.

'do you think I want to paint it for you?'

this provokes everyone ha ha! laugh.

Ye Qianqian and another girl brought sunscreen and smeared it on the back of several boys. As for the rest, naturally, let them wipe it by themselves.

'your skin is better than mine.'

when applying it to Lu Ning, ye Qingqian praised it while applying it.

Lu Ning's skin is tight, shiny and white, which makes her envy to death.

Lu Ning just laughed about this.

after applying sunscreen, several big men are lying on the couch.

when Lu Ning wanted to lie down, a white girl suddenly ran next to her.

the girl is only 14 or 15 years old, very beautiful, and her figure is even hotter, which is a grade higher than that of Ye Qianqian and her two girls.

the girl also wore a bikini, came to Lu Ning with a smile on her face, and said to him in English, 'do you understand English?'

'understand.' Lu Ning answered in pure English.


Lu Ning's fluent English made the girl's face show surprise.

'can you go there and apply sunscreen for me?'

the girl pointed to her position.

Lu Ning looked at the direction she pointed out. There were several sisters waving at Lu Ning, and everyone smiled. It seemed that Lu Ning was very welcome.

'your friends are over there. Do you still want me to smear it for you?'

the girl smiled and said, 'I saw so many boys on the beach, but you'd better look. Our sisters also want me to invite you over.'

white girls are active.

Lu Ning didn't know how to answer for the moment because of the other party's so straightforward expression.

did you help them smear each one in the past?

'Lu Ning, go and let them know how powerful we Chinese are.'

'I'm afraid I don't need to come back in the evening.'

'why didn't anyone call me over?'

Chang Yonghao and several companions smiled at Lu Ning.

several people still shook their heads and sighed.

they are eager to let Lu Ning conquer foreign girls.

Lu Ning shook his head and said, 'I'm afraid my girlfriend at home will be angry in the past, so forget it.'

seeing Lu Ning's refusal, the girl's face was a little lost, but she didn't continue to pester. She went back and shook her head at several sisters.

'Alas, such a good opportunity, Lu Ning, you missed it.'

a few brothers feel sorry.

Ye Qianqian and another girl were laughing secretly there.

when ye Qingqian saw Lu Ning's refusal, she couldn't help but look at Lu Ning with new eyes.

in the afternoon, they eat in a seafood restaurant. Although it is close to the sea and a seafood restaurant, they eat not only seafood dishes.

because there were eight people, everyone sat at a large table by the side.

several people sat here chatting, and Chang Yonghao and two partners went there to order.

this is Chang Yonghao's treat. He is very proud. He didn't save money for himself. What good dishes do he have.

Australian lobster, Australian black edge abalone, Covent Bay oyster, Sydney rock oyster, bluefin tuna, Bluefin Tuna Sashimi, Australian emperor crab, Australian snow crab, balman crayfish, crocodile meat of Mindy beach, salmon.

in addition to seafood, there are also, kangaroo meat, Australian beef and mushroom meals in Queen Victoria Market.

when the dishes come up, everyone who watches them will be moved.

this is Lu Ning's first time to eat kangaroo meat. The taste of kangaroo meat is very similar to that of beef, but not as tender as beef. Kangaroo meat with spices such as salt and pepper, lemon and pepper tastes good on the whole.

after dinner, close to the evening.

everyone began to walk on the beach.

barefoot on the soft and warm beach, slightly cold.

at this time, the sun sets in the west, and the sunset clouds dye the whole sky red. The sea and the ground have all turned into a red world.

looking up at the sky, the cloud looks like cotton wool swaying with the wave.

besides Lu Ning and others, there are also many tourists walking together on the beach.

three or five groups.

there are children chasing and playing from time to time.

at this moment, far away from the noise and impetuousness of the city.

let everyone calm down.

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