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Chapter 78 ever-young

When Lu Ning and Chang Yonghao were traveling in Australia, Chen Ruolan was also with her best friend.

at this time, she is doing essential oil back opening with a girl in the beauty salon.

'how good-looking is he? You are so fascinated by him that you don't even need our sisters to pick you up after leaving the hospital.'

'you know, I've always been demanding on my partner, otherwise I wouldn't start talking about boyfriends until now.'

the girl next to me thinks so. I've known Chen Ruolan for so long. It seems that she hasn't talked about a boyfriend in the past two years.

Yan Kong is dying.

'you have lived in his family for so long, when will you get married?'

'it's not that fast.'

'you won't tell me that you live together and don't have that yet.'


'with such a good figure, he can't help it.' Her best friend looked surprised.

'I don't know.'

Chen Ruolan is a little suspicious of what he said.

she never resisted Lu Ning in her heart, but as a girl, she wouldn't take the initiative in that regard.

besides, it's her first time.

'is there another woman outside? He's full outside, so he doesn't want to eat at home.'

'no, I can feel that he is not like that.'

'I tell you, a good man is very responsible. If you don't want to lose him, you'd better take the initiative. When the relationship is officially established, he will fall in love with you. Don't listen to what others say. Look at what you say about him is so handsome. Which handsome man will have girl sex friends around him, do you say yes?'


Chen Ruolan nodded thoughtfully.

while enjoying the massage, the two continue to chat as if there were no one else.



on the endless blue sea.

a medium-sized speedboat quickly cut through the sea and headed for deep waters.

on the speedboat, an Australian local male guide drove the yacht.

Lu Ning and Chang Yonghao have both put on diving suits.

the guide drove the yacht to a small island, and then stopped slowly.

'lobsters generally live on the slope outside the coral, or on the slope of the reef, usually in a water depth of about one meter to ten meters.'

'this sea area has the most lobsters.'

the guide pointed to this sea area and introduced Lu Ning to them.

several people could not wait, put on oxygen cylinders and jumped into the sea.

each of them holds a long hook in their hands, which is specially used to hook lobsters.

several people nodded at each other, and then they dived into the sea in several directions.

Lu Ning also dived towards a position.

Ye Qianqian followed Lu Ning.

the water here is very clear and highly visible. The sun shines through the water, and some colorful fish swim around from time to time.

just diving into the sea, the sea here is about five meters, and the seabed is full of rocks and reefs of different shapes.

Lu Ning swam to the front of a rock reef on the seabed, and while observing, he kept testing it with a hook.

first, a group of small fish swam through the cracks of the stone, all of which were species of fish that Lu Ning had never seen.

then soon, he found a lobster, which seemed to be a fir lobster, which was green.

Lu Ning was quick eyed and quick handed. He stabbed the hook in at once, and then pulled it, and Lu Ning hooked the lobster out.

Lu Ning grabbed the lobster with his bare hands without gloves.

lobster is very energetic, constantly bouncing around, trying to get rid of Lu Ning's claws.

research shows that lobsters can secrete an enzyme called telomerase, which is an enzyme that repairs the DNA sequence at the end of chromosomes.

in the initial embryonic stage of human beings, it is rich in telomerase, but in the adult stage of human beings, it disappears. Lobster, on the other hand, has an increasing ability to secrete this enzyme and its content increases with age. Therefore, lobsters grow bigger and bigger, their reproductive ability is also higher and higher, and their energy and spirit are also better and better. It is completely contrary to the common sense of life and grows upside down.

theoretically, lobsters can remain young and immortal without natural enemies and other accidents.

although the lighthouse jellyfish is also good, it seems that rejuvenation will lose memory, and it is not even sure that it is the noumenon. The disadvantages are too serious to be compared with lobster.

thinking of lobster's immortality, Lu Ning hesitated a little and copied its ability.

Professor Yang Zhen's ability was completely copied last time, which took nearly 30 days, and the evolution was completed two days ago.

originally, he intended to copy other professors, but now that he saw the lobster, it was also a temporary intention.

therefore, Lu Ning, who has copied the lobster's ability, can live forever in theory as long as he doesn't die!

'brother Qinshihuang, I helped you do what you didn't do.'

Lu Ning is in a good mood after copying the lobster's ability.

with the ability of immortality, he will have more time to explore the world and the universe.


if you follow the guide's instructions, you should stab the lobster directly with a hook at this time.

but Lu Ning thought for a while, this lobster is also his own copy, and it's OK for the time being. He swam up again with the lobster, and threw the lobster into the yacht when it came out of the water.

the lobster was thrown on the board of the yacht and kept hopping, hopping happily.

then he was picked up by the male guide, poof, and the long sharp blade stabbed into the lobster.

blue blood flows out of the lobster.

the lobster bounced a few more times and finally stopped moving.

Lu Ning dived into the water again and continued to look for lobsters.

then he happened to see ye Qianqian running after a lobster.

don't mention that the lobster runs very fast in the water. With one tail swinging, it can swim a meter. Seeing that the lobster is about to drill into a reef group, Lu Ning swims quickly.

a sharp insertion of the long hook.


the lobster is pierced.

the lobster bounced a few more times before it disappeared.

over there, ye Qianqian gave Lu Ning a thumbs up and swam to other places.

next, everyone caught several lobsters in succession.

Chang Yonghao even caught a giant lobster. The lobster was very big, which was obviously twice as big as other lobsters.

but he also spent a lot of time catching this lobster.

finally, Chang Yonghao caught two, others usually caught two or three, and Lu Ning caught four.

everyone returning to the yacht, looking at their achievements, showed a happy expression.

this kind of self-made labor achievement can make people enjoy more pleasure than buying it outside.

those crazy fishermen who want to come have a deep understanding.

after catching lobster, this is not over.

this is only the first stop.

soon, the guide launched the yacht and took Lu Ning and them to the broader sea.

this time they will play a little more exciting.

they are going to deep sea diving and shooting fish!

the guide also stopped by an island, but this time, the depth of this sea area is much deeper than that sea area just now.

the shallowest ones are more than ten meters deep.

Lu Ning changed their weapons this time, from long hook to fish gun.

it is equivalent to changing a long gun into a cannon.

the fish gun looks like a crossbow. It is powered by the upper rubber band, plus a long sharp arrow and the long rope tied behind the sharp arrow

as long as it is shot, no matter big fish or small fish, can run.

'it depends on which one of us shoots the big fish.'

the competitive Chang Yonghao picked his chin at several people again.

he just caught two lobsters. Although one of them is a little big, there are still too few.

he is not satisfied.

this game should be broken back from here.

'who is afraid of who.'

other partners are also full of morale and will not easily admit defeat.

before everyone goes into the sea, pull the rubber band and be ready to shoot at any time.

Lu Ning also pulled the rubber band.

the tension of the rubber band is great. Ye Qianqian and another girl can't pull at all, but can only ask for help from other partners.

several other boys smiled and helped them pull up the rubber band.

as soon as they dived, they saw a group of silver carp swimming by.

this is too arrogant.

without saying a word, several boys catch up and launch at the sea silver carp school.

two of them each shot one, and the others failed.

the two people who shot the sea catfish ran around with the rope pulled. When the sea catfish ran tired, gently pull them back.

sea catfish look small in the sea, but after being taken to the yacht, each one is also dozens of centimeters long and weighs about five kilograms.

Lu Ning saw a grouper here. He swam quietly, aimed and shot.

the sharp long arrow flashed away and plunged directly into the center of the grouper's brain.

the grouper that originally swam seemed to be pressed and held down the pause key, and fell straight to the bottom of the sea.

if the head is punctured, it can't die anymore.

Lu Ning showed a proud expression on the corner of his mouth. Yes, he hit the target the first time he shot.

this fish gun is also his first time to play. It feels very interesting.

he pulled the rope, pulled the grouper over, then swam to the water and handed the fish to the guide.

Lu Ning continues to go into the sea, ready to look for the next prey.

as soon as he dived into the sea, ye Qianqian swam over and pointed to her fish gun.

Lu Ning nodded, took her fish gun and loaded her.

Unfortunately, there are too few fish here. Everyone has been busy for a long time and has not shot any fish again.

'let's look deeper.'

Chang Yonghao communicated with the guide, and then the guide started the yacht and took them to the deeper sea.

after driving for more than half an hour, the guide stopped in a deeper sea area.

people can't wait to jump into the water again.

this sea area is much deeper, but the advantage is obvious. There are more big fish.

after a while, several people chased their prey and swam farther and farther slowly.

one of the girls followed Chang Yonghao, while ye Qianqian followed Lu Ning. They couldn't pull the fish gun without the help of boys.

Ye Qianqian approached Lu Ning and pointed in the next direction.

Lu Ning looked in the direction she pointed and found a big fish swimming slowly in front of her.

the big fish doesn't know what kind of sea fish it is. It looks about the length of its arm.

he nodded, and then they swam towards the big fish.

there is a group of reefs here, and you can see that the reefs under the sea are full of black sea urchins.

the sea water is light blue, so people can clearly see things within 30 meters of the seabed.

when Lu Ning and ye Qianqian approached the big fish for about three meters, the big fish didn't run, and still swayed his graceful posture slowly.

Lu Ning didn't do it, but gave Ye Qianqian a look.

Ye Qianqian understood, raised her fish gun, aimed at the slow-moving fish, and fired.


the long sharp arrow directly hit the belly of the big fish. The big fish struggled desperately, bumped into the sea, and even accidentally hit the reef.

Lu Ning also extended a thumb to her.

Ye Qianqian was a little excited and shook her fist at Lu Ning.

then he swam over and helped Ye Qianqian pull the rope over.

at this time, the big fish has turned its belly. Although it is not dead, it is fast.


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