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Chapter 79 No longer hidden

According to foreign media reports, in view of the fact that seven people have been killed by sharks in the past three years, the government of Western Australia set up a bait line on the coast of the province on April 25 local time and invited commercial fishermen to assist in shark fishing.

the authorities began a trial on April 25 this year, setting bait on local beaches to hunt sharks until July 30. Authorities announced on Wednesday that after the implementation of the relevant measures, 172 sharks were captured, of which 50 were large sharks, one of which was more than 4.5 meters long.

when Western Australia announced the implementation of shark catching measures on the same day, it encountered many opposition voices. The authorities said on Wednesday that the measures were effective, so that swimmers regained their confidence in swimming on the beach. The provincial government of Western Australia has applied to the federal government to extend the implementation of the measures for three years.


in the vast deep-sea area, several large fishing boats are patrolling the nearby waters to prevent sharks from entering the beach and posing a threat to tourists.

they will also check the previously placed hunting bait to see if any sharks have been caught.

huge fishing nets are surrounded in a circle, and even iron nets with hooks are used to block all the outer waters.

fishing boats drive over the sea.

but they didn't find that a four meter long shark just broke away from the fishing net, crossed the hook and swam into the shallow water.

the shark's body is full of scars, its skin is marked by ropes, and the iron hook is deep into its body, marking a tear like blood mark on its body surface.

the huge shark swayed its tail violently, quickly drilled into the seabed and disappeared.


the other side.

Lu Ning, Chang Yonghao and others are still shooting fish in the water.

as they continue to sell, more and more big fish are harvested. It's fun for one to play.

no one found that behind the fat man's companion, a beast flashed away.

the fat man slowly returned to the yacht. He was panting heavily. Swimming was also a physical work. He was a little tired.

several people have begun to return to the yacht to rest, and only four people are still in the water.

including Lu Ning, ye Qianqian, Chang Yonghao and another boy.

at this time, Chang Yonghao is tracking a big fish with a fish gun in his hand. For him, this big fish must be within his grasp.

wait to die.


the sharp arrow penetrated the head of the big fish, and a stream of blood burst out of the sea, and the big fish did not move.

when Chang Yonghao pulled the rope over and planned to bring the fish up.

at this time, the shark came off guard.

the shark attacked Chang Yonghao quickly.

Chang Yonghao was startled when he stared.

but he didn't panic. He immediately loaded it and shot the shark before it came.

the gun was directly shot into the shark's mouth, and a blood mist exploded in the sea.

when the shark was in pain, he gave up Chang Yonghao and swam aside.

the sharp arrow is tied with a rope, and the other end is still in Chang Yonghao's hand.

Chang Yonghao's fish gun was directly pulled out by powerful forces.

but he can't take care of the fish gun. His life is almost gone. What else can he take care of.

he turned back and swam to the sea desperately.

'there are sharks! There are sharks!'

he swam to the splint of the yacht and shouted as he climbed.

all the others were shocked when they heard what he said.

'there are three people in the sea!'

they are all a little flustered.

what can I do.

they can't jump now.

only wait for them to come up.

'give me the gun and I'll call them!'

Chang Yonghao hesitated for a moment, then grabbed the fish gun in one's hand and jumped into the water again.

after he came to the water, he quickly swam in one direction. He remembered that his friend was here just now. He had to take him up quickly.

as soon as he swam to the bottom of the sea, he saw Lu Ning, ye Qianqian and another companion. Unexpectedly, they happened to be together.

it's OK, it's OK.

the three also swam towards him.

Ye Qianqian also waved to him.

he just breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly saw the big shark appear behind the three of them.

his eyes were wide open, he got excited and quickly motioned to them, his hands kept pointing behind them, and then he made a quick gesture.

Ye Qianqian and another boy didn't know what he meant and slowly swam towards him.

Lu Ning looked behind him involuntarily.

he was suddenly surprised at this sight.

good guy, a big shark has arrived behind them and is swimming quickly towards Ye Qianqian next to them.

with its huge and ferocious appearance, no one will doubt its lethality.

Lu Ning speeded up instantly, and shot at the shark while approaching Ye Qianqian.


the sharp arrow directly hits the shark's head.

a blood mist burst from the shark's head.

Unfortunately, shark brain melon seeds are very hard, which is not fatal at all.

fortunately, the shark ate pain, and a wagging tail temporarily abandoned Ye Qianqian in front.

at this time, ye Qianqian and another boy noticed Lu Ning's action. When they looked back, they saw the huge shark.

they were scared to death and began to swim back desperately.

Chang Yonghao and another boy obviously swim faster.

Ye Qianqian follows behind them.

Lu Ning didn't hide anymore this time. His speed soared, and his body turned into a flexible swimming dragon. He immediately chased Ye Qianqian, then held her with his left hand and swam to the sea with Ye Qianqian.

Lu Ning broke out at full speed so fast that he directly passed Chang Yonghao and his colleagues.

Chang Yonghao and another boy were shocked.

Ye Qianqian, who was pushed up quickly, felt like surfing in the water. Her body didn't move at all. She was forcibly pulled by Lu Ning to ride the wind and waves. It was simply not too cool.

she was so excited.

in the process of rising, she looked at Lu Ning beside her, and her eyes were full of shock and joy.

on the sea.

all the partners on the yacht are looking forward to it, staring anxiously at the sea.

the guide was also anxious like an ant on an oil pan, for fear that something might happen to several people.

fortunately, Lu Ning and ye Qianqian rushed out of the water first.

he helped Ye Qianqian up first.

after ye Qianqian went up, she stretched out her hand to help Lu Ning pull it up, but Lu Ning shook her head.

'they're still down there. I'll see them.'

'it's dangerous. Come up first. They'll come up soon.'

Ye Qianqian is worried about trying to stop it. She thinks it's useless for Lu Ning to go down now.

Unfortunately, Lu Ning has plunged into the sea.

maybe it's because there was no sequela of saving the old man last time. This time, Lu Ning only wanted to save people.

they will die if bitten.

now time is life.

sure enough, when he returned, the two were still desperately swimming back, and behind them, the big shark was rushing towards them.

the shark opened its ferocious mouth and saw like fangs, which made people shiver.

Chang Yonghao and another boy were surprised by Lu Ning's appearance.

I didn't expect Lu Ning to come down again when he went up.

Lu Ning pointed at their back and made a quick posture.

Chang Yonghao and another boy looked behind and saw a huge shark head approaching.

Mom, it scared faster.

Lu Ning swam over, stopped the shark, and shot the shark.

the shark was shot again on the head, but the shot seemed to miss.

blood dyed the Sea red.

the ferocity of the shark was exposed, so he directly abandoned Chang Yonghao and rushed towards Lu Ning.

Lu Ning glanced at them and found that they were close to the sea.

when the shark approached, he directly pulled out, and the sharp arrow fell off the shark. The momentum of the shark decreased sharply. Lu Ning took the opportunity to insert the fish gun into its mouth.

he was hit hard by the shark, and with this force, he swam up.

on the sea.

Chang Yonghao and another boy finally climbed onto the yacht.

they were in danger, and they were still afraid.

'Lu Ning, where's Lu Ning!'

Ye Qianqian's face was extremely anxious, even with a trace of crying.

Lu Ning just saved her, and now she runs down to save people. In her heart, this is really great.

you can't die.

'he ~ he's down there. Just now he stopped the shark for us, maybe ~'

another boy's expression became a little unnatural.

seems very ashamed.

'wait and see, it may be okay.'

Chang Yonghao believed Lu Ning in his heart and stared at the sea nervously.

everyone looked at the undulating sea and waited patiently.


they saw Lu Ning emerge from the sea.

everyone cheered.

'come on, swim here!'

Ye Qianqian shouted, tears flowing from her eyes.

Lu Ning was about to swim towards the yacht. At this time, behind him, the shark showed its sharp dorsal fin, which cut through the water and quickly approached Lu Ning.

'behind! Behind! Sharks!'

Chang Yonghao shouted loudly and pointed behind Lu Ning.

everyone's heart runs to his throat.

the body tightens up.

what should I do.

Lu Ning, who was swimming, turned his eyes behind him.

naturally saw the shark.

'you asked for it.'

originally, he still wanted to keep sharks alive. After all, sharks are also protected animals in China.

Lu Ning's mouth was cold. At this moment, a strong current suddenly burst from Lu Ning.


the strong current spread over the sea area of more than ten meters around Lu Ning, and the strong current instantly hit the shark behind him.

the shark was like being thrown into an oil pot, and its body suddenly aroused its spirit, and immediately turned over its belly.

it was like a whipped corpse, twitching all over, constantly bumping left and right, and then gradually sank to the bottom of the sea.

Lu Ning swam to the yacht and climbed up with Chang Yonghao's hand.

'you are so lucky!'

Chang Yonghao hammered Lu Ning's chest hard and breathed a sigh of relief on his face.

he was really scared to death just now.

fortunately, the shark seemed to be fatally injured and gave up Lu Ning at the critical moment.

the rest of them all surrounded Lu Ning, talking about Lu Ning's power.

only Ye Qianqian didn't say anything, just smiled and looked at Lu Ning, with a little tears flashing in her eyes.

'you see, ye Qianqian just thought you were going to die, and she was scared to cry.'

someone pointed to Ye Qianqian and coaxed.

everyone looked back at Ye Qianqian and laughed.

'you're scared to cry.'

Ye Qianqian touched her tears and gave everyone a white eye.


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