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Chapter 80 I do

Everyone sat on the yacht to relax.

the scene just now was so thrilling that everyone was terrified.

when the people relaxed and chatted, a patrol fishing boat came in front of them soon.

the local guide communicated with the people above for a while, and sometimes pointed to the underwater.

soon, three heavily armed divers jumped into the sea from the fishing boat.

they soon found the dead shark in the sea.

the shark was shot several times. Finally, with Lu Ning's electric shock, he was dead and could not die anymore.

obviously, they have no doubt about the cause of shark death.

the shark's body fell on a rock, motionless, and a trace of blood floated from the wound from time to time.

after finding the shark, the diver tied the shark with a rope. As the fishing boat started the motor to pull the rope, the shark was slowly dragged onto the fishing boat.

a group of people on the fishing boat looked at the huge shark and couldn't help tut! tut! Cheng Qi, such a big shark was shot dead by Lu Ning and several of them.

when the hidden danger was eliminated, the people nodded to the guide and drove the boat away.

after experiencing such things, people are not in the mood to play again.

with full harvest, the guide took the people to the seaside restaurant specializing in barbecue processing.

several people barbecue lobsters by themselves, and process other fish to the restaurant. Some fish are too many, so they can directly sell them to the restaurant, which can offset part of the meal money.

with the sunset, everyone is busy.

'thank you very much today. If it weren't for you, I would have been bitten by that big shark.'

Ye Qianqian took the opportunity to approach Lu Ning and thanked him.

Ye Qianqian thought that if she was bitten by a shark, she would either be disabled or lose her life. She was frightened at the thought of it.

I'm afraid this trip will become the most unforgettable memory of her life.

'you're welcome. I dare to go because I'm a little sure.'

Lu Ning answered casually.

but the more he said so, the more Ye Qianqian thought Lu Ning was great.

Lu Ning can jump into the water to save others regardless of his own safety twice. This kind of thing is not what ordinary people can do.

Ye Qianqian talked with Lu Ning for a few words and left.

after a while, Chang Yonghao came over with two cans of beer.

he handed a cup to Lu Ning, and the two clinked glasses.

'I saw that you could swim so fast with Ye Qianqian. I knew that you deliberately lost to me in the swimming competition. You, you, I really don't know what to say about you.'

Chang Yonghao shook his head at Lu Ning, as if he had seen through him.

'you won the championship anyway. It's not enough to make you happy.' Lu Ning didn't deny it anymore, laughing and joking.

'I won't say much anymore, good brother, cheers!'

the two continue to clink glasses and drink happily.

after Chang Yonghao left, another boy also came later.

this boy's name is haoqifei. It seems that he is also the rich second generation of China's top 500 enterprises.

he was saved by Lu Ning.

'if you need any help in business in the future, just ask.'

Hao Qifei and Lu Ning clinked glasses and said proudly.

obviously, Lu ningshe won his inner recognition for saving them.

he has seen a lot of commercial intrigues.

he needs this kind of person who can be desperate for his brother.

after dinner, they slowly returned to the hotel.

the next day, several people went to the market to buy some local specialties. There are many local specialties in Australia.

such as wine, kangaroo skin, handicrafts, etc.

several people have selected several things they like.

Lu Ning thought of Chen Ruolan at home and bought a woolen fir for her.

Australia is rich in wool, which is well made and cheaper than domestic wool.

how many people left for home in the afternoon.

with the transit, it took nearly a day to return home.



seeing Lu Ning coming home, Chen Ruolan welcomed him happily.

'it seems that I haven't bought new clothes for a long time. Yesterday, I went shopping with my friends and bought two sets of shoes for you. See if you like them.'

Chen Ruolan took Lu Ning to her room, and then took out her clothes and pants and put them on the bed for Lu Ning to see.

Lu Ning saw that the two sets of clothes and shoes were branded, and he was afraid that it would cost a lot of money.

'yes, I like it very much.'

he replied with a smile.

'I also brought you a special Australian sweater.'

Lu Ning handed Chen Ruolan the bag he had been holding in his hand.

'ah, this is the woolen sweater of countryroad brand. I heard some sisters say to buy this kind of woolen sweater on behalf of others a few days ago. Xie Luning, I like it very much.'

Chen Ruolan kept gesturing with her clothes and a bright smile on her face.

this is Lu Ning's first gift to her. In fact, she will like it no matter how much it is worth.

Lu Ning can bring her gifts when traveling, which shows that she remembers her in her heart. This is what makes her feel the most happy.


after returning, Lu Ning's life returned to normal.

the ability of lobster is still evolving. The characteristic of lobster is immortality, but Lu Ning can't feel the change brought by this wonderful ability for the time being, which needs time to verify.

the only thing he can feel is that the bones in his body begin to itch.

in the middle of the night, it seems that there are insects crawling in the bones.

bones sometimes make a sound.

Lu Ning is a little worried about this, afraid of whether there will be any bones or barbs suddenly growing in his body.

fortunately, this wonderful change began to disappear slowly after a few days.

he can safely bask in the sun again.


Lu Ning found that Chen Ruolan had a little change these days.

always wear a thin low bodice to walk in front of him. Wearing such clothes, the snow-white scenery inside is clear at a glance.

one night.

after taking a bath, Chen Ruolan came out wearing a pajama without wearing anything inside.

her hair is wet, completely ignoring the leakage of her spring.

when Lu Ning came out after taking a bath, he found that she was sitting on his bed.

I saw her head bowed and her face was pink.

'I have something to ask you.'

Chen Ruolan looked at Lu Ning and said weakly.

her fingers intertwine with each other, which shows that she is a little nervous.

'what's the matter?'

Lu Ning took advantage of the situation and sat down next to her.

he is taller than Chen Ruolan. Looking from the side, he can see what he should and shouldn't see.

'am I your girlfriend now?'

Chen Ruolan seemed to notice Lu Ning's eyes, dared not look at him, and hesitated to ask.

'of course.'

Lu Ning answered with a smile.

Lu Ning's words made Chen Ruolan happy. She looked up happily, just opposite Lu Ning's eyes.

'but you didn't formally offer me to be your girlfriend.'

Chen Ruolan leaned slowly towards Lu Ning, gently hammered Lu Ning's chest with her small hand, and said in a coquettish way.

'haven't I been rejected by you once?'

Lu Ning holds her delicate hand in a provocative tone.

'then say it again.'

'Chen Ruolan, are you willing to be my girlfriend?'

'I will.'

Chen Ruolan jumped directly into Lu Ning's arms happily.

Lu Ning hugged Chen Ruolan and showed a happy smile on his face.

'I ~ I don't want to go back to bed tonight.'

at this time, Chen Ruolan exhaled gently in Lu Ning's ear, and her voice was as thin as a mosquito and fly. With that, she was extremely shy, came out of Lu Ning's arms, and suddenly got into Lu Ning's quilt.

looking at Chen Ruolan wrapped in the quilt, Lu Ning's face is full of smiles.

he got up, closed the door, turned out the light again, and then slowly lay down and approached Chen Ruolan.

after a while, he felt a warm body.

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