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Chapter 81 Without reservation

Only last night did he know that it was the first time for Chen Ruolan.

today, Chen Ruolan has washed the dyed sheets.

Chen Ruolan, who has become a Lu Ning woman, has become more quiet and gentle.

every time I look at Lu Ning's eyes, it seems to melt.

'I'll take out my ears. It's very comfortable.'

Chen Ruolan let Lu Ning lie on her thigh and gave Lu Lu Ning a cotton swab to pull out her ear.

she often goes to the beauty salon and feels comfortable pulling out her ears.

'I'll cut your nails.'

when she is free, she will bring nail clippers and patiently cut Lu Ning's nails. She has two nail clippers, a big one and a small one. She first cut Lu Ning's fingernails with a small one, and then cut Lu Ning's toenails with a large one.

after the two had sex, she didn't wear underwear at home.

when cutting Lu Ning's toenails, Lu Ning can just see the snow-white scenery from above.

it seems that Chen Ruolan often deliberately exposes other advantages to Lu Ning because of her lack of face, hoping to make up for her position in Lu Ning's heart.

she will show Lu Ning everything about herself without reservation.

'as long as you like, I'm willing.'

this is Chen Ruolan's love words to Lu Ning at night.

Lu Ning naturally loves such a good girlfriend.

'I want to take you to meet my friend.'

one night, after the event, Chen Ruolan lay in Lu Ning's arms and said while touching his chest with her fingers.

her friend has long wanted to see Lu Ning.

and she also wants to show off to her sisters and let them know that she has really found the most perfect person in her mind.

'yes, just like it.'

Lu Ning kissed Chen Ruolan on the forehead and agreed.

hearing Lu Ning's promise, Chen Ruolan rolled happily on Lu Ning's chest, didn't stop rubbing his face against Lu Ning's face, and finally kissed him secretly.

Lu Ning holds the weak and boneless Chen Ruolan, and the corners of his mouth smile more.


two days later.

Lu Ning accompanied Chen Ruolan to a restaurant.

through the glass, you can see that there are already two girls waiting for them there.

Chen Ruolan took Lu Ning's hand and walked into the restaurant.

today, along the way, both of them became the focus, and passers-by frequently looked at Lu Ning and Chen Ruolan.

Chen Ruolan can feel the envious eyes of those girls, and her heart is naturally very happy.

she feels as if she is wearing a halo, which is extremely dazzling.

coming to the restaurant, Chen Ruolan and Lu Ning walked to the table of her two friends.

Lu Ning glanced at them and found that both of them were about the same age as Chen Ruolan and looked the same.

when Chen Ruolan's two girlfriends saw Lu Ning's face, their eyes lit up and their faces were surprised.

they stared at Lu Ning. After Lu Ning sat down, he kept looking at Lu Ning, as if he wanted to see whether it was true.

'well, don't look at my boyfriend like this?'

'to introduce you, this is my boyfriend Lu Ning. These two are my good girlfriends Li Yunli and Guo caifei.'


Lu Ning took the initiative to say hello.



two people nod.

'is he really your boyfriend?'

'can't it be the male model you turned from?'

the two girlfriends looked at Chen Ruolan suspiciously, and some couldn't believe that such a handsome Lu Ning would be Chen Ruolan's boyfriend.

not to mention Chen Ruolan, who was not disfigured before, at most 75 points. Now he still has a scar on his face. It's incredible to find such a good-looking boyfriend.

no wonder Chen Ruolan is fascinated by Lu Ning.

no wonder any topic cannot be separated from him.

if Lu Ning is their boyfriend, I'm afraid they will be similar to Chen Ruolan.

because it's so handsome.

maybe it really should be that sentence: handsome is justice.

'of course, I've already told you.' Chen Ruolan couldn't hide her smile.

'I don't believe it unless you kiss Lu Ning.'

'kiss it.'

Chen Ruolan leaned over and kissed Lu Ning on the face.

'OK, OK, we believe, we believe, don't sprinkle dog food.'

two people immediately stopped.

for a moment, they felt that the cabbage was arched by the pig.

after confirming that Lu Ning was really Chen Ruolan's boyfriend, the two were a little reserved.

in front of such handsome boys, they always feel a little uncomfortable.

if you are shy inside, your heart will jump involuntarily.

several people began to order, all of which were their favorite dishes.

after the dishes came up, Chen Ruolan's two girlfriends chatted with Chen Ruolan and glanced at Lu Ning from time to time.

whether on the left or right, Lu Ning's face is perfect.

at this moment, the two girlfriends were jealous to death.

why don't they have such a handsome boyfriend.

this is not fair.

Lu Ning's arrival naturally attracted the attention of the restaurant waiters, especially some little girl waiters, who stood there after cleaning up the dishes, would look at Lu Ning's table from time to time.

in addition to the waiters, some female customers at the adjacent table also pay more attention here.

'I'll go to the bathroom.'

on the way, Chen Ruolan got up and went to the bathroom.

Lu Ning and her best friend are left on the table.

as soon as Chen Ruolan left, her two girlfriends were a little embarrassed in the face of Lu Ning. They looked shy and didn't even know what to say.

'cough, Lu Ning is that right.'


'as for Chen Ruolan, she has never had a boyfriend before. This is the first time. You should be kind to her and don't let her down.' One of them, Li Yunli, pretended to cough and began to explain a few words.

Chen Ruolan is her best friend. She can't allow Lu Ning to bully her.

'I know that she has a good character and is my favorite type. Don't worry, I won't let her down.'

'Oh, that's OK.'

Li Yunli's momentum immediately fell down, and her hands trembled when she picked up chopsticks.

the other side.

Chen Ruolan enters the bathroom and closes the door.

after a while, two girls came in.

they make up in the mirror.

'did you just see the handsome guy at table 05? He's so handsome.'

'I see, yes, I also feel so handsome.'

'but I just saw that woman kiss him. It seems to be her girlfriend, but why is that woman so ugly and scarred on her face? She doesn't deserve to be with that handsome guy at all.'

'I also saw it. I can't guess why that handsome guy is with such a girl. Isn't there any other good-looking girl? If he offered to be my boyfriend, I'll definitely agree.'

'maybe that woman is rich.'


two girls went out after makeup.

the expression on Chen Ruolan's face in the bathroom has changed from happy at the beginning to lost and depressed. She had just finished going to the bathroom, but she was afraid to go out.

she didn't open the toilet door until she heard them leave the bathroom.

she came to the mirror disappointed, first washed her hands, and then looked at the scar on her face in the mirror.

the scar is so obvious.

I will follow her all my life.

she took some water and threw it on the mirror. Her appearance in the mirror quickly blurred.

Chen Ruolan took a deep breath, smiled again on her face, and then walked out.

after returning, Chen Ruolan seemed to be the same as gang, with a smile on her face.

but her eyes will pay attention to the surroundings from time to time.

some female customers at the adjacent table will look this way, and some waitress girls will also look at them and whisper.

Chen Ruolan drinks and looks at the two waiters in the corner.

'they must also think I'm ugly and don't think I'm worthy of Lu Ning.'

a trace of silence appeared in her eyes.

this thread of silence flashed away.

when the drink was taken from her mouth, her expression showed a smile again.

the other side.

the two waiters.

'that handsome guy is so handsome. I don't know what relationship he has with those three girls.'

obviously, they didn't see the scene of Chen Ruolan kissing Lu Ning before.

'Why are there no so handsome boys around me?'

'shall we go and ask for a wechat later?'

'come on, look at those two girls, which one is worse than us.'

the waiter of two girls thought so, and had to give up the idea.

they didn't talk about Chen Ruolan's appearance at all, but only Lu Ning.


wait for Lu Ning and Chen Ruolan to leave the restaurant, and then separate them.

Chen Ruolan will still hold Lu Ning's hand.

there will still be envious eyes looking at them on the street.

however, her face was no longer proud and confident.

the world is divided into two kinds of people.

intentional people and unintentional people.

you didn't know it would hurt you before you were burned.

from this day on, Chen Ruolan will wear a mask when going out, especially when she is with Lu Ning.



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