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Chapter 82 Progress and breakthrough

On the balcony on the top floor.

Lu Ning put a nail on his palm, and the nail was suspended ten centimeters above his palm.

he looked tight and focused on the nail.

electromagnetic surge.

slowly, the nail began to rotate, although the rotation speed was very slow, not much faster than the clock. But it has made great progress than before.

Lu Ning smiles.

it's not easy. After so long persistence, there is still some progress.

after continuing to exercise for a while, he was a little tired and began to lie on the couch and bask in the sun.


in the hospital.

Chen Ruolan rushed to the hospital and found his father sitting haggard in the corridor.

'Dad, mom, what's wrong with her?'

'you also know that your mother usually has stomach discomfort. This time, it was found to be stomach cancer.'

gastric cancer!

Chen Ruolan's eyes widened. Everything related to cancer is creepy to listen to.

cancer, in the eyes of ordinary people, is extremely close to the edge of death, and even may die at any time if you are not careful.

seeing his daughter's color change, Chen Ruolan's father hurriedly said, 'it's all right. The doctor said it's good to find it early. He has just pushed forward to have an operation.'

'that's good.'

sure enough, after a while, Chen Ruolan's mother was pushed out by doctors and nurses.

'doctor, how is my mother now?'

Chen Ruolan immediately went over and asked.

'the operation is very successful. It's no big deal. Just rest for a while. During this time, remember to eat cold and spicy food.'

the nurse placed her mother in the ward, hung the bottle, and after a few words of advice, several nurses left.

'it worries you.'

Chen Ruolan's mother lay in bed and smiled at Chen Ruolan. She couldn't see that she had cancer at all.

'Mom, you scared me to death.'

Chen Ruolan sat beside her mother's bed, stretched out her hand and held her mother's hand in his own hand.

'it's okay, it's okay, the doctor said it's okay.' Chen Ruolan's mother doesn't care.

'it makes you greedy at ordinary times. Every time, you not only eat disorderly, but also often drink Baijiu and eat barbecue. It's no wonder that you have stomach cancer.'

Chen Ruolan's father complains a little.

'you are allowed to eat. I am not allowed to eat. I have no hobbies except eating. I will eat again in the future.' Chen Ruolan's mother refused to admit defeat.

'I'm too lazy to care about you.'

Chen Ruolan's father turned his head around and didn't want to talk to her.

'OK, mom, Dad, stop arguing. Mom, you really need to eat less of those high salt and barbecue things, which is really bad for your health.' Chen Ruolan rubbed her mother's hand and woke up.

'I see. Forget me. How are you and your boyfriend? Have you decided? When will you bring them back for mom to see?'

Mrs. Chen Ruolan quickly changed the topic.

her father turned his head and looked over.

'he and I are fine. I'll take him to see you tomorrow.'

'no, let him come after I leave the hospital, so that people don't think I'm unlucky in the hospital.'


knowing that she couldn't beat her mother, Chen Ruolan nodded and agreed.

Chen Ruolan didn't tell Lu Ning about her mother's operation. She thought it was her family's business, and it would only worry Lu ningbai.

and her mother also said it was unlucky and didn't want Lu Ning to think about it.

in the days when her mother was hospitalized, she worked at home and then went to the hospital.

fortunately, her father is with her in the hospital, so she doesn't need to worry too much.

his father said he didn't care about her mother, but she knew that it was her father who quarreled with her mother. Usually, her father loved her mother the most, otherwise he wouldn't spoil her mother like this.


Lu Ning's software was sold, but this time it was sold at one time for only 50000 yuan.

well, sure enough, not all software development will go well.

this time, Lu Ning didn't even go to the other company to sign a contract. The two parties just completed the handover on the Internet, and the money was over as soon as it was transferred.

there was a little accident on the software side, but he made progress on the laboratory side.

after integrating the abilities of several domestic bigwigs, the power finally began to appear.

Professor Ma Guangke in the laboratory has been concentrating on graphene projects.

graphene is a kind of ┬▓ Hybrid connected carbon atoms are closely packed into a single-layer two-dimensional cellular lattice structure of new materials. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties. It has important application prospects in materials science, micro nano processing, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery, and is considered to be a revolutionary material in the future.

graphene was popular as early as a few years ago, but it is still difficult to popularize it for civilian use after so long.

the reason is that graphene is too expensive.

for example, bicycles made of graphene will sell at a high price of more than 100000.

graphene is difficult to make and scarce, which makes it difficult to popularize even if it is a very good material.

many scientists are committed to developing new graphene production technology. After all, graphene can really be linked to money, but it is a pity that the effect is better than the micro effect.

the addition of Lu Ning directly solves Professor Ma Guangke's difficulties in graphene.

Professor Ma Guangke originally followed the path of bacterial reduction of graphene, but it has been difficult to break through the quantitative advantage. Even if he can produce graphene, it takes too much time to achieve mass production.

Professor Ma Guangke first treated genetically engineered Escherichia coli to obtain sterile fermentation broth and used it for the reduction of graphene oxide, realizing the biological green reduction of graphene oxide at room temperature and pressure.

Lu Ning directly added nitrifying bacteria as bacteria on his original basis to carry out secondary biological reduction of graphene oxide.

through the combination of the two.

the result of the experiment is that they first remove the graphite layer of the material, generate a single-layer graphene oxide, and then mix it with the experimental bacteria, and keep them in full contact for enough time. After a period of time, these bacteria can reduce the single-layer graphene oxide to graphene material.

the key is to achieve mass production!

'we succeeded!'

'we succeeded!'

MA Guangke holds Lu Ning's arms and his expression is very excited.

everyone who does scientific research is poor. Ma Guangke has always wanted to prove himself. They can also make money.

now he finally did it.

'yes, we succeeded.'

Lu Ning is also very happy.

originally, his focus has always been on brain computer interfaces and neural sensors, but he didn't expect to come back to the laboratory to do experiments. By coincidence, he helped Professor Ma Guangke break through the technical projects he has been studying.

if it was ma Guangke before, it was obvious that he would not let outsiders touch his research project, but after being copied by Lu Ning, he had long been honest with Lu Ning, so he had no reservations about scientific research projects.

'this research result is the result of our two people's joint efforts, and even Lu Ning's ideas have played a decisive role.'

after all, he has studied for so many years, but he has made no progress. If he hadn't insisted in his heart and wanted to prove himself, he would have given up long ago.

Moreover, although Lu Ning only gave his opinions in the last step, that step played a key role.

without Lu Ning, it will not succeed.

'don't worry. If our graphene is put into use in the future, you will get more than me. I can promise you here.'

Professor Ma Guangke said to Lu Ning with a sincere expression.

there is another hidden relationship, and Lu Ning naturally believes his words.

'if you really put it into use in the future, you'd better take more of it, Professor Ma, as long as you don't let me take care of it.'

he knows that there is still a long way to go from successful experiment to practical application.

in the middle of this process, he hopes to give it all to Professor Ma Guangke. He wants to be a shopkeeper.

'don't worry, I'll entrust someone to deal with the next thing, and I'll tell you the good news as soon as possible.' Ma Guangke responded to everything and let Lu Ning rest assured.

he used to have some investors investing in him. Now he has achieved success. I think those investors will not give up such a good opportunity.

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