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Chapter 83 Professor Tu and Datura essence

The evolution of lobster's ability ended, and Lu Ning found that his body became lighter instead.

from the original 20 jin to the current 140 Jin.

it seems that great changes have taken place in the bones in the body. It may also be like graphene material. Although it is lighter, it is stronger.

Lu Ning, who finished the evolution, soon selected the next replication object.

this is Tu Baiyun, who has also won the Nobel Prize.

Tu Baiyun (December 30, 1950), born in boning, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, graduated from Yanjing Medical College, chief scientist of Huaxia Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, winner of 'order of the Republic', and the first Chinese Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine.

she has been engaged in the research of traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine for many years, and has created new antimalarial drugs artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin, which have saved the lives of millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries. It is considered to be a significant breakthrough in tropical medicine in the 20th century.

Lu Ning's vision is very high now. There is no Nobel Prize winner, so he will not pay attention to him for the time being.

through Professor Yang Zhen's introduction, he met the 71 year old milk.

Professor Tu Baiyun lives in Yanjing most of the time. Her husband Yan Guoming works at the Steel Research Institute in Yanjing. Professor Tu Baiyun has two daughters, one is doing administrative and educational work at Cambridge University in England, and the other is in Yanjing.

fortunately, Professor Tu Baiyun is not like Professor Yang Zhen. There are guard handles in his residence.

it's easy to meet her.

on the phone, not long after the appointment, Lu Ning took the subway and then changed trains, and slowly came to the other party's residence.

this is an antique block.

Professor Tu Baiyun's residence is an antique mansion, similar to the architectural style of Jiangnan courtyard.

the main building of Professor Tu Baiyun's house faces south and is composed of front hall, hall, main building and back room. The front hall and hall are two-story buildings with three rooms and two lanes, decorated with car wood railings, and the end face of the corridor floor is carved with curly grass patterns. The main building is a high flat house with three rooms and one lane wide and five columns deep, with five ridge horse head gables. The back room is a high-rise flat house with three rooms and one lane.

when Lu Ning saw her, she was alone in the family.

he looks kind and is a lovely old milk.

'Hello, Professor Tu, this is Lu Ning.'


two people shake hands.

Professor Tu Baiyun smiles kindly.

Lu Ning naturally copied the ability of the other party at the first time.

Lu Ning didn't talk much with Professor Tu this time. He just chatted for a while and left in less than ten minutes.

he can see that Professor Tu seems to be in poor health, which may be the reason for his long-term research. When chatting with Lu Ning, he coughs from time to time, just like an elderly man who is sick.


'young man, I think your eyebrows are like swords, your eyes are like stars, and your appearance is like Pan an. Are you interested in becoming a big star?'

Lu Ning walking on the road was accosted by an old man in his fifties and sixties.

the other party looked up and down at Lu Ning, and said with a smile.

be a star?

'where is it that easy to be a star?'

Lu Ning smiled.

'young man, when you smile, I'm afraid that women from the age of five or six to the age of 70 or 80 will be attracted to you. It's amazing. There's a lot to do.'

'I'm the producer of Yanjing Oriental film and television media. This is my business card.'

the old man handed Lu Ning a business card.

'thanks, but I don't intend to enter the entertainment industry.'

'young man, you don't have to be so absolute. With your appearance, you start very fast.'

Lu Ning took the other party's business card, chatted with the other party again, and finally shook his head and left.

looking at Lu Ning's leaving figure, the old man sighed, 'it's really handsome, and he's tall, much better than the few small fresh meat in the company. It's a pity.'

Lu Ning takes the bus and takes the subway at the subway station.

the bus is quite crowded and there is no seat.

Lu Ning squeezed in, holding hands.

on the bus, many people cast their eyes at Lu Ning from time to time.

even for girls, there was a boy beside Lu Ning. The other party took the opportunity to get close to Lu Ning and kept rubbing against him.

Lu Ning glanced at him, and the other party grinned at him.

no glass.

Lu Ning was speechless.

he left where he was and changed to a different place. Unexpectedly, the boy followed and continued to stand next to Lu Ning.

aversion to cold.

Lu Ning doesn't mean to discriminate against such people, but as a man with normal sexual orientation, he really can't stand it.

'stay away from me.'

Lu Ning reached out to stop the other party from approaching.

'OK, sorry.'

the boy's eyes are still quite resentful.

it seems that they are just testing whether Lu Ning is a fellow believer.

you ghost.

after taking a few stops, Lu Ning hurried to get off.


after returning home, Lu Ning couldn't help standing in front of the bathroom mirror to look at himself.

'what a beautiful man.'

the fusion of several human genes seems to raise his face to a higher level again.

more and more perfect.

he is usually used to it and doesn't pay attention, but in the eyes of others, it is even brighter than a star.

'it seems that the next time I go out, I will wear a mask like Ruolan.'

now whether he walks or takes a car, he will always attract others' attention.

paying more attention is actually a worry, especially some girls will dare to call or wechat, and Lu Ning refuses even if she refuses.

I met the boy glass today, which reminded him again.

for unnecessary trouble, it's better to keep a low profile in the future.


in the next few days, Lu Ning was immersed in evolution while exercising his electromagnetic ability.

Professor Tu Baiyun is indeed a Nobel Prize winner. His medical knowledge is terrifying, not only self-contained, but also all inclusive.

what surprised Lu Ning most was that the other party was good at the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

the other party is called a pharmacist, and he is very experienced in some difficult and miscellaneous traditional diseases.

he is also very good at nerves and meridians.

Lu Ning, who got the ability of the other party, immediately began to study the effect of Datura plant liquid on himself.

this liquid emitted from his body is somewhat different from the real Datura plant. It seems to have the effect of nourishing spirit and nerves. He wants to experiment to see whether it has a benign effect on animals and ordinary people.

the experiment ends in a few days.

the experimental results are satisfactory.

through experiments, he found that if a single Datura liquid, it will not only cause damage to the body and nerves, but also cause paralysis at the first time.

this is similar to the characteristics of ordinary Datura plants.

however, after distillation, extraction and centrifuge separation, pure Datura liquid will be obtained, which Lu Ning calls Datura essence.

Datura essence can not only refresh the mind, but also restore the spirit.

and it has sleeping calmness, which can make people fall asleep quickly.

the key is to have no sequelae.

this is much better than sleeping pills.

however, the only side effect may be that if you take or absorb too much, it will also cause slight paralysis and limb unconsciousness.

the specific time of anesthesia depends on the intake.

Lu Ning first experimented on animals. A milliliter of nearly a gram of Datura liquid, volatilized on the oil lamp, will make the little rabbit sleepy for ten minutes.

it can make a pig sleepy for five minutes.

it can make a cow sleepy for one minute.

the experiment was carried out many times until Lu Ning applied Datura essence to Chen Ruolan.

Lu Ning lights the essential oil lamp in the room and drops 1 ml of Datura essence.

'what essential oil is this? It seems to have no taste.'

Chen Ruolan sniffed hard with her small nose.

she doesn't have any precautions against Lu Ning at all, and essential oils are usually useful. She has bought some essential oils from beauty salons before.

'this is dream essential oil, which can make you dream.' Lu Ning deliberately teased her.

'every night with you, I will have a dream.' Chen Ruolan hugged Lu Ning and stuck it on him with a smile.

'this essential oil can restore the spirit of fatigue, relax people's body and mind, and it's normal if you feel sleepy later.'

'come on, let's lie in bed first.'

Lu Ning said, pulling Chen Ruolan to the bed, and then the two lay down together.

Chen Ruolan snuggled in Lu Ning's arms, closed her eyes and smiled at the corners of her mouth.

with the volatilization of Datura essence, the room is filled with the special fragrance of Datura plants, and the charming fragrance is faintly visible.

Lu Ning can smell it, but for Chen Ruolan, the taste is extremely light, even can't smell it.

however, the effect soon appeared.

Chen Ruolan, who used to touch Lu Ning's chest with her hand, has stopped and fell into deep sleep.

she breathes smoothly.

ruddy complexion.

'Ruolan, Ruolan.'

Lu Ning whispered in her ear.

no movement.

next, Lu Ning slowly reached into her clothes and tickled her.

Chen Ruolan is usually afraid of scratching. Lu Ning will wake up even if she is sleeping as long as she moves her.

but this time, no matter how provocative Lu Ning was, she closed her eyes and didn't resist.

Lu Ning teased Chen Ruolan for a while again, and after confirming that she would not wake up, he looked at the time aside.

five minutes later, Lu Ning woke up Chen Ruolan.

her eyes are still blurred.

but as she slowly opened her eyes, they were full of luster.

'did I just fall asleep?' She also felt a little incredible.

I fell asleep in such a short time.

'yes, you are asleep.'

'how do you feel?'

'I feel very energetic, like endless strength.'

'there's more.'

'I ~ I want it.'

Chen Ruolan immediately blushed and teased her fingers. She was a little shy and didn't dare to look at Lu Ning.

is this a sequela?

it's Chen Ruolan who gets excited.

Lu Ning thought deeply, then ha ha! Laugh and throw Chen Ruolan down.

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