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Chapter 88 Essence of Throwing Knife

The weather is sunny.

under the cliff.

Lu Ning took a throwing knife in his hand and fiercely projected it at the fresh branches at the top of the tree.


branches the size of chopsticks are cut off.

after the throwing knife cuts off the branches, the remaining force is not reduced, and I don't know where to fly.

Lu Ning took out a throwing knife again. He looked up at the fresh branches at the top of the branches, and this time he aimed at the buds.


throwing knives at the buds.

buds fall off.

then he even threw throwing knives at smaller and smaller targets.

some are branches of branches, and some are tips of weeds.

in front of the fast and sharp Throwing Knife, everything is cut off and then falls.

the Throwing Knife in his hand was soon used up, so he picked up the small stones on the ground and continued to project.

although the power of stones is not comparable to that of throwing knives, the impact is also terrible.

cases have no false hair.

everything targeted by Lu Ning was shot by him.

for a time, Lu Ning became a machine gun and walked back all the way, killing all the vegetation on the road.

were beheaded.

when temperament rises, Lu Ning will stop in front of a large area of weeds more than one meter high and output madly to the weeds.


he moves faster and faster, almost without aiming, just by feeling.

a series of small stones shot from his hands.

a large area of weeds in front of me was cut neatly from left to right.

at a glance, the height is almost the same, as if it had been cut by a lawnmower.

passing by a small river, the river is clear to the bottom, and there are some small fish swimming in the river.

Lu Ning didn't think about it. He shot a stone into the fish in the river.


the stone is extremely penetrating, like a bullet, and instantly breaks through the resistance and shoots to the bottom of the water.

the stone forms a bubble trace in the water, and finally explodes a burst of sediment at the bottom of the water.

the river water is muddy in a small area.

Unfortunately, the fish ran away because of the refraction of sunlight in the water.

Lu Ning determined the angle and threw a stone at the fish that had just escaped.


the fish swimming in the water was torn half by the stone in an instant. It didn't die immediately, and its mouth opened and closed.

the river is red with blood.

after the stone runs through its body, it hits the bottom of the water and quickly muddles the small piece of sediment where the fish is located.

the sediment blurs the bottom of the river.


Lu Ning read a sentence lightly.

every time he kills, he will give a Buddha's name to the dead animal.

maybe it's a psychological effect. I heard that before a creature dies, as long as he reads a Buddha's name for the other person, he can transcend the dead and go to bliss.

whether there is bliss or not, it's right to read it if you can transcend it.

when approaching the village, Lu Ning was still holding a handful of stones in his hand and did not finish shooting.

just then, he saw a wild dog in the village chasing a cat in front of him.

chasing and escaping, just passing by Lu Ning.

Lu Ning reacted and threw a stone at the ferocious wild dog.


the stone hit the wild dog's ass and made a dull sound.

the wild dog was full of excitement and screamed in pain. It gave up the kitten and looked back at its ass while running away.

Lu Ning couldn't help laughing when he saw the frightened appearance of the wild dog.

he has just left his hand. That stone will only cause a little damage to the wild dog, but the injury is not serious.

when he was almost home, Lu Ningcai threw away all the stones on his hands.

however, he still has some unfinished business.

after more than 20 days of deliberate training, now he has completely mastered the essence of Throwing Knife.

really do what you mean.

in close combat, I'm afraid it's no worse than a pistol.


the next day.

Chen Ruolan took Lu Ning to her home to meet her parents.

Chen Ruolan talked to Lu Ning a few days ago. Lu Ning naturally has no opinion on this.

it's normal for two people to talk seriously and meet each other's parents.

Lu Ning also thought about when to take Chen Ruolan to show her aunt after seeing her parents.

Chen Ruolan's house.

Chen Ruolan's family is relatively rich. It is a small villa with luxurious decoration.

it was Chen Ruolan's mother who opened the door.

'Hello, aunt, this is a little token for you.'

Lu Ning greets him quickly.

and handed the gift box in his hand.

'you are Lu Ning. Alas, you are so handsome. Good, good.'

'it's ok if people come, don't bring anything.'

Chen Ruolan's mother took the gift box and stared at Lu Ning's face for a long time, with a brighter smile on her face.

it seems that she is very satisfied.

after entering, Chen Ruolan's father also came.



Chen Ruolan's father said very little, and he also nodded at Lu Ning.

I will look at Lu Ning from time to time.

Chen Ruolan took Lu Ning and sat down on the sofa.

Chen Ruolan's mother brought tea to Lu Ning. A lot of washed fruits had already been placed on the tea table in the living room.

'I've wanted to see you for a long time. This girl in my family has a high vision from childhood.'

next, Mrs. Chen Ruolan began to enter the inquiry mode.

looking at Lu Ning while asking.

in fact, Chen Ruolan has told her about Lu Ning for a long time, but now it's time to ask again.

as for Chen Ruolan's father, he seldom spoke and occasionally inserted a few words.

in the process, Chen Ruolan's parents are all smiling.

at noon, Lu Ning had a meal here. After dinner, he didn't stay much. He always felt a little uncomfortable, so he took Chen Ruolan home.


recently, several professors copied by Lu Ning frequently contacted Lu Ning.

even what they usually do, they will report to Lu Ning and pay more and more attention to Lu Ning.

Professor Ma Guangke has made some progress in graphene. He asked several investors to come over and discuss the next specific matters.

Professor Zhao Yue said to Lu Ning, 'Lu Ning, if you break up in the future, remember to tell me. I plan to introduce my little niece to you.'

Lu Ning just laughed about it.

it seems that Professor Zhao Yue is still thinking about turning Lu Ning into his own family.

Professor He Wu and Professor Dong Sixuan will urge Lu Ning to visit their laboratory again from time to time, and even if he wishes, he can join their laboratory.

this makes Lu Ning a little excited.

in the future, he doesn't have to set up his own laboratory, just use Professor He Wu's existing laboratory.

let them do research in the open, while Lu Ning hides behind the scenes.

safe and reliable.

Professor Yan Xuejun's stem cell project has not made progress. Although Lu Ning is willing to help, his current knowledge is also insufficient.

make a breakthrough after learning, but try to help each other.

there are too few Nobel Prize winners in China. They have either died or changed their nationality. Even if there are only Nobel Prize winners in literature.

however, Lu Ning, the Nobel Prize winner in literature, does not intend to copy, which has no intuitive effect and value for him.

so he is already considering going to other countries, and if he goes to other countries, the first stop is the United States.

the United States is relatively dangerous.

before going, Lu Ning needs to replicate the ability of several creatures before going.

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