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Chapter 95 Progress

Two of the top 500 companies in China, as well as four companies second only to the top 500, have invested in a new company project at the same time.

this soon attracted the attention of insiders.

'the most advanced graphene preparation technology.'

there is no airtight wall in the world, and the news is soon spread.

some people are still on the sidelines, while others are already planning to act.

t Technology Group Co., Ltd.

chairman's office.

'Longhai, so many enterprises jointly invest in Yanjing graphene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. I'm afraid this company is not simple. Go and investigate it first. If the rumors are true, we have also invested in this project.'

in the office, Hou Jiping, chairman of T technology and also Hou Longhai's father, said to Hou Longhai.

Hou Jiping is a little fat, and his earlobes are especially large, like a Maitreya.

'good dad.'

Hou Longhai nodded confidently.

he got the news that four companies that are just like them have obtained the qualification of investment, not to mention their companies.

the other side.

HongRi company.

chairman's office.

Lin bin and Lin Meiqi sit opposite.

'you've done a good job these days. Finally, you're sensible and know that you can share some problems with me for your father.'

Lin bin looks at his daughter opposite him with a smile on his face.

his daughter seems to have grown up a lot after being lovelorn last time.

sure enough, people need to experience some things to grow.

sometimes Lin bin is a little grateful to the little Internet celebrity.

'Dad, what's the matter with you coming to me today?'

Lin Meiqi, dressed in a capable business suit, inquired.

'well, the company plans to invest in a project, which you should have known, that is, the graphene manufacturing project invested by several large domestic companies a few days ago.'

'our new technology company is mainly engaged in electronic products, and the graphene technology of the other party is more advanced than the existing domestic technology.'

'if we can occupy some shares of the other party, our technology company can develop completely in the future.'

'this is the information of the other company. Please have a look.'

after Lin bin explains, push the previous document to Lin Meiqi.

Lin Meiqi took the document and looked through it.

after watching it for a while, Lin Meiqi said, 'no problem, leave it to me.'

'nothing, I'll go first.'

'well, go.'

Lin bin nods.

Lin Meiqi picked up the document and went out.

Lin bin looked at Lin Meiqi who went out and smiled.

Lin Meiqi became sensible, but also became serious.

she is able to do things now and is meticulous. What she is given to do can always be completed in the first time, which is very efficient.

but it's better than playing around outside before. At least, don't worry too much around him.


Lu Ningjia.

on the balcony of the top floor.

Lu Ning suspended a thin steel needle on his palm.

under the control of Lu Ning, the steel needle slowly began to rotate.

maintain the speed at one revolution per second.

after turning for a while, Lu Ning's fingers gently picked, and the silver steel needle began to move with Lu Ning's fingers.

Lu Ning points to the left, and the steel needle flies to the left. Lu Ning points to the right, and the steel needle flies to the right.

he drew a circle on his arm, and the steel needle followed his dance and drew a circle above his head.

the steel needle follows Lu Ning's finger closely and is controlled at a distance of 20 cm.

the small steel needle looks like a butterfly flying up and down with Lu Ning's fingers.

Lu Ning's hand swings up and down, showing a wave track.

the steel needle 20 cm away also shows a wave track, following closely.

this scene is like the ancient sword out of thin air.

the difference is that what others resist is a sword, and what Lu Ningyu resists is a small steel needle.

take the head of a person within ten miles and search for things.

Lu Ning can only control the steel needle within 20 cm, and the speed is slow.

'a little more progress.'

it has made some progress compared with before, which has made Lu Ning happy.

although progress is slow, it is always evolving.

he believes that through continuous exercise, this ability will become stronger and stronger in the future.

when Lu Ning still wanted to try new control methods, suddenly, a violent electromagnetic wave surged towards him like a sea wave.

this electromagnetic wave is like a river. It doesn't flow to other places, but converges towards his body.

is a mysterious metal triangle object!

Lu Ning immediately threw down the steel needle and quickly went downstairs.

when he came to the room, he immediately saw that the originally motionless metal triangle object was suspended and emitting blue light.

blue light, like a heartbeat, keeps a rhythm and constantly bursts out of triangular metal objects.

fortunately, Chen Ruolan is not at home today.

Lu Ning hurriedly locked the door and drew the curtain.

the room darkens.

however, the room is still full of blue light that constantly bursts out.

the electromagnetic wave is still washing his body.

Lu Ning reached out and touched the surface of the triangular metal object.


a blue light rushed to Lu Ning, and Lu Ning shivered fiercely.

he didn't find the lightning mark of Z on his forehead.

the lightning mark of the Z word soon turned into a golden triangle pattern, and then disappeared.

at this time, Lu Ning's body also burst out a blue light with lightning, and the blue light rushed back to the triangular metal object.

the blue light of three metal objects disappears.

the tide of the magnetic field is missing.

it fell on the shelf again.

'what's going on?'

Lu Ning holds the metal triangle in his hand.

it feels cold.

at this time, it seems to change back to an ordinary metal object, which looks no different from ordinary metal.

'no, it seems different.'

Lu Ning immediately felt different.

he found that he seemed to feel the existence of metal triangle objects anytime and anywhere.

even if he closes his eyes, he can sense where it is.

it seems that they are more closely connected.

'it should be a good change.'

this metal can't hurt him.

without this mysterious triangular metal object, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to do it now.

Lu Ning thought of the money when he thought of his ability.

although the company has just started, the investment it has made is as high as 5billion, which is undoubtedly a little scary for a new company.

Lu Ning holds 30% of the shares, which is equivalent to an instant worth of 3billion.

of course, this money belongs to the company collective, and he cannot use it privately.

the investors' money, which is clearly written in the business plan, will be used for construction, scale expansion, technology research and development, and recruitment.

in addition, investors should be informed of any capital flow of more than 500000 yuan.

even if they get the money now, they need to submit financial statements and operating statements to the investors on a regular basis.

except for Chang Yonghao, ye Qianqian and Hao Qifei, the investors of other companies do not make a one-time payment, but pay in installments.

obviously, the reason why Chang Yonghao and his company will make a one-time payment must be due to Lu Ning's relationship.

otherwise, like other companies, they will choose installment payment.


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