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Chapter 11 Run after the fight

When Yuanhua arrived at the hotel, he went to Jiang Chen's room and directly said:

'I have read the novel you gave me yesterday and can publish it. Here is 50 yuan. I wonder if I can change two more novels?'

Jiang Chen was thinking about a big sale by jumping off a building, and he didn't bargain. In his opinion, Yuan Hua, as a high school student, had already offered 5000 yuan, so he just showed some embarrassment, deliberately hesitated for a moment, and said:

'OK, you are also an old customer. If it's cheaper, you can sell two novels.'

Yuan Hua was delighted. Then he took out the pair of gold bracelets and necklaces and asked:

'this is my mother's gold jewelry. It's very valuable. How many novels can I exchange?'

Jiang Chen glanced at Yuanhua unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, the boy was brave enough to steal the gold jewelry from his family.

I thought it would be nice to make a little money from this trip. I didn't expect Yuanhua to give him such a big surprise.

it has to be said that super time and space trade is profiteering!

Jiang Chen picked up the gold finger and necklace and looked at them carefully. In fact, he could not tell whether the gold was true or false. He just observed Yuan Hua's reaction by looking at it.

seeing Yuanhua's performance as usual, I believe Yuanhua for the time being.

after pondering for a while, Jiang Chen said:

'I have a novel here, the trilogy of ghost blowing the lamp. Let's change your jewelry.'

Yuanhua didn't know the value of the novel trilogy in Jiang Chen's mouth, but with a bargaining mind, he asked:

'can you change more?'

Jiang Chen glanced at him and said angrily:

'don't be greedy. If the trilogy is developed, you can eat it all your life just because of the copyright of the novel. Have you made a lot of money?'

if the time was not limited and it was difficult to find a buyer, Jiang Chen could not have sold his works at such a low price.

although Yuanhua Wenyan was skeptical, he did not dare to refute.

Jiang Chen doesn't care about him either. He puts away his jewelry and money and says:

'let's go to the print shop.'

as he said this, he got up and took Yuanhua to the printing shop. He printed an article like a young man galloping, a fantasy City, and the first three parts of ghost blowing the lamp: Jingjue ancient city, Longling grottoes and Yunnan insect valley.

when saying goodbye to Yuanhua, Jiang Chen also specially reminded the publishing time limit of these novels to avoid the collision with the original author.

although Yuanhua did not understand the true meaning, he also firmly remembered this reminder.

after the transaction, Jiang Chen said goodbye to Yuanhua and returned to the hotel with satisfaction.

as for what will happen to Yuan Hua's life and destiny and what impact it will have on the world after he gets these works, he is completely lazy to care.

when he came to this world, his biggest purpose was to make a fortune besides completing the delivery order.

in his opinion, Yuan Hua, a literary scribe, naturally had Charlotte, a transgressor, to deal with.

it must be exciting to see the drama of 'the transgressor vs. the scribe', but it's a pity that he didn't have a chance to see it.

the next morning.

after leaving the room, Jiang Chen carried his backpack and Maotai to a nearby gold shop.

just after entering the door, a saleswoman greeted her with a smile:

'Hello, sir, what do you want to see, necklace, ring or bracelet?'

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and said:

'I see the gold necklace.'

'OK, please follow me here.'

the salesperson leads Jiang Chen to a counter.

gold necklaces of various styles are displayed on the counter.

the saleswoman begins to introduce.

after glancing, Jiang Chen chooses a very thick necklace, which is 100 grams and worth 780.

'here, let me see.'

the saleswoman looked at the price of the necklace chosen by Jiang Chen, and her smile became brighter. She quickly promised:


she took out the necklace and asked:

'do you want me to put it on for you?'


Jiang Chen took the gold necklace, weighed it in his hand, and directly said:

'just this one, I'll take it.'

'ah? Oh, OK.'

the salesperson is ready to boast about how well Jiang Chen matches this necklace. When he sells it, he suddenly hears Jiang Chen's words and fails to react for a while. This is the first time she has seen such a casual person buying gold.

'please follow me.'

after two seconds, she realized that Jiang Chen had decided to buy it, and hurriedly took Jiang Chen to check out.

then weigh, pack, invoice and complete the transaction.

Jiang Chen soon walked out of the gold store with a bag.

there are still a few hours before he returns. He plans to wander around.

Jiang Chen was stopped by a group of people just after he had just crossed the road.

the leader is a fat man with a full face and a coat. He looks vicious and very difficult to provoke.

beside him, there are three young men who are very angry.

Jiang Chen looks at the ferocious looking man in the lead and feels that he is familiar with each other's looks. He seems to be the bully in Charlotte's troubles. His name is Chen Kai.

the man has a famous line in the film: 'just TM, your name is Charlotte?'

unexpectedly, I was stopped by the other party.

a thought flashed through Jiang Chen's mind:

'Is it that the boy Yuanhua is playing tricks, deliberately looking for these people to take back the money and jewelry he gave himself? '

Jiang Chen guessed Chen Kai's intentions, but asked calmly:

'what are you doing?'

Chen Kai took a toothpick in his mouth and looked at Jiang Chen with his head askew. He almost wrote the word 'rogue' on his face and said maliciously:

'I see you just bought a gold necklace in the gold store. I just lack a gold necklace. Why don't you lend me this chain for a few days?'

Jiang Chen suddenly asked:

'did Yuanhua ask you to come?'

'what is round and square?'

Chen Kai curled his lips. He didn't understand what Jiang Chen was talking about. He continued to threaten:

'don't talk about these things. Lend me your chain for a few days. I advise you to be sensible and don't force me to do it.'

'it turns out that these people are here to rob.'

after Jiang Chen found out that Chen Kai was not invited by Yuan Hua, he knew that it should be a coincidence. Maybe he was blackmailed and robbed because he was seen by the other party when he bought the gold necklace just now.

in the face of Chen Kai's coercion, he did not resist, smiled, nodded and said:

'OK, just borrow it for a few days, no problem.'

Chen Kai didn't expect that Jiang Chen would agree so easily. He was shocked, and then said with a smile:

'you are a sensible boy, otherwise...'

taking advantage of the gap between his words, Jiang Chen suddenly stepped forward, encouraged his whole body to talk about his arms, and then slapped Chen Kai in the face.


a loud slap in the face was heard all the way down the street.

Jiang Chen used up all his strength to slap him. After he finished, he felt his palms hurt. He could not help scolding: shit, this guy has a thick skin.

Chen Kai was hit so badly that he took two steps back and buzing! of

Jiang Chen doesn't give Chen Kai any time to react. After giving Chen Kai a slap, he immediately raises his foot, puts his foot on the other party's tummy, and kicks Chen Kai to the ground.

'boss, are you ok?'

'MD, you dare to do it. You don't want to live!'

'fuck him!'

seeing that his eldest brother was beaten, two of the gangsters immediately reached out to help him, while the other two scolded and rolled up their sleeves to start.

however, before these punks could fight back, Jiang Chen silently said:


the next moment, his figure disappeared in place.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Salesmen beyond the heavens] online and go to the source website for reading.