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Chapter 16 Powerful Vajra legs

A Xing raised his head, looked at the strange young man in front of him and asked:

'it's me. What's up?'

Jiang Chen picked up the bag and handed it to the other party:

'here are the shoes you want. Take them.'

a Xing took the bag in surprise, took out the shoe box and opened it. He found that there were a pair of brand-new sports shoes in it, which were novel and fashionable.

'completed the order'

'Congratulations, you have won the reward: powerful Vajra leg (proficient).'

when Jiang Chen heard the system reward, he was surprised. He was still thinking about how to learn martial arts in this world. As a result, after completing the order, he directly won the great King Kong.

and he has reached the proficiency level from the beginning. He can master it without hard cultivation.

what TM is called surprise? This is called surprise.

on the other side, a Xing also showed a surprised expression.

he looked at the new shoes and carefully extended his hands. He was afraid that his hands would dirty the new shoes. He wiped his hands on his clothes first. Then he picked up the shoes and fondled them fondly.

Jiang Chen looked at a Xing and said with a smile:

'try it on and see if it fits.'


a Xing reacts and sits down on the ground. He wipes the bottom of his feet before putting on his shoes.

after putting on his shoes, he stood up and jumped. The soft and elastic feeling under his feet was many times stronger than his old worn shoes.

a Xing feels like stepping on a ball of cotton.

Jiang Chen asked:

'how do you feel?'

'very good. I have never worn such good shoes. Thanks!'

a Xing expressed his sincere thanks and asked curiously:

'you must be sent by the Buddha?'

'ha ha!, of course not.'

Jiang Chen is also curious about how customers place orders, but he forgot to ask when delivering takeout food several times before.

now I have this opportunity. A Xing is kind and sincere, and he won't cheat. So he asked:

'can I ask how you placed the order?'

a Xing shook his head in confusion:

'I don't understand what you said about placing an order. I wanted a pair of new shoes when I saw them in the shoe store. Then I heard a voice saying that the delivery system had received the order and someone would give me shoes. I thought it was auditory hallucination.'

Jiang Chen nodded slightly and asked thoughtfully:

'so, does this take away system charge you anything?'

a Xing said without any concealment:

'it seems that he copied a part of the experience of the powerful Vajra leg from me.'

a Xing doesn't care about the copied martial arts experience. He would like more people to learn Shaolin martial arts, which is his dream.

after listening to his account, Jiang Chen probably had a guess about the operation mechanism of the Zhutian takeout system: perhaps after the customers of Zhutian Wanjie had a strong desire, they would be captured by the Zhutian takeout system, and then they could place an order after paying a certain amount of remuneration.

of course, this is just Jiang Chen's preliminary guess. Whether it is true or false is not certain.

without too many entangled system mechanisms, Jiang Chen turned to ask:

'I forgot to introduce. My name is Jiang Chen. I heard that you are committed to promoting Shaolin martial arts. I happen to be interested in learning martial arts. Why don't we talk?'

when he heard that Jiang Chen wanted to learn martial arts, a Xing was overjoyed. He nodded his head and said enthusiastically:

'OK, OK, what do you want to know? As a Shaolin research monk, I must know everything.'

since leaving Shaolin, a Xing has respected Shifu's last wish and is determined to carry forward Shaolin martial arts. However, his dream has been defeated by reality.

because he doesn't know the world, has no social experience, and his clothes are sloppy, when he propagandizes Shaolin's unique skills to people these years, he used to be regarded as a beggar, a salesman, a liar, despised, disgusted, and even beaten and scolded.

for so many years, Jiang Chen is the first person to take the initiative to find him to understand martial arts. How can a Xing not be happy.

they found a place nearby and sat down.

Jiang Chen first asked about a Xing's current situation.

a Xing is very honest. He says what he has to say. When he talks about sweeping the floor and picking up garbage, he is also very frank and has no inferiority complex and shame.

then he asked Jiang Chen what Kung Fu he wanted to learn:

'if you want to learn the powerful Vajra leg, I can teach you now.'

as he said this, a Xing stood up and demonstrated his leg technique to Jiang Chen.

his legs turned into a remnant, and he kicked them in the air for a few times, bringing a strong wind roaring, showing the powerful power of leg techniques.


Jiang Chen clapped his hands and said a few words of praise after reading it. However, he already had the powerful Vajra leg with systematic rewards. There is no need to learn from a Xing. At present, what he most wants to learn is another unique skill:

'I want to learn lightness skills. Can you?'

a Xing was embarrassed and said:

'I know a little about lightness skills, but I'm not proficient. I may be reluctant to teach you. Well, I'll take you to find junior brother six. He is nicknamed lightness skill floating on the water and is best at lightness skills.'

Jiang Chen thanked:

'I'll trouble you.'

a Xing is very active and enthusiastic about promoting Shaolin martial arts. He immediately took Jiang Chen with him to find the sixth younger martial brother.

feizicong, the sixth junior brother, works in a supermarket.

they came to the supermarket and soon found someone.

after meeting, a Xing first introduced their identities, and then said to feizicong:

'younger martial brother, Jiang Chen wants to learn the lightness skill floating on the water with you. This is a good opportunity to promote Shaolin Kung Fu. You must teach him.'

fat Cong holds a bag of potato chips in his hand. His eyes are dull and his expression is dull. With his fat body, he can escape the image of a slow witted fool.

after listening to a Xing's words, he grabbed a handful of potato chips and stuffed them into his mouth. CLICK! Click! He chewed and shook his head reluctantly:

'elder martial brother, you see I'm so fat now, how can I have any lightness skills? I just want to walk faster now. You'd better learn lightness skills from others.'

a Xing looked at his round belly and twitched at the corners of his mouth. He thought what the sixth junior brother said was reasonable, but he consoled:

'you are a little fat now, but after all, you have practiced lightness skills for so many years and have rich experience. I believe you have no problem teaching a new person.'

Jiang Chen followed suit and said:

'yes, I also believe you. Besides, I will pay tuition fees. What do you think of fivehundred a day?'

feizai Cong is about to turn around and leave. When he hears Jiang Chen talking about the tuition fee of 500 a day, he stops again.

in this age, the average salary is about sevenoreight hundred.

Moreover, a large number of people in the society can not reach the per capita wage level. Feizicong is just a tallyman in the supermarket. His salary is very low. He can earn four or five hundred dollars a month.

he is often out of control and talking nonsense because of his mental illness, and his salary will be deducted. Moreover, he eats a lot. Although his economic situation is better than a Xing, it is limited.

if he has money, he can buy more good food.

feizai Cong hesitated for a while, wondering whether he should agree or not.

a Xing continued to persuade:

'six younger martial brothers, why do you hesitate to do this? Don't you want to carry forward Shaolin Kung Fu? Have you forgotten what Shifu expected of you...

finally, with a Xing's help and persuasion, feizicong agreed to teach Jiang Chen lightness skills.

however, he has to go to work now, so he has time to teach Jiang Chen after work.

Jiang Chen made an appointment to come back to him at 5 p.m. and left the supermarket with a Xing.

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