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Chapter 21 Boss

The Kungfu performances of a Xing and the eldest martial brother were very smooth. The audience saw the power of the powerful King Kong leg through the previous conflict, so they all gave face and applauded from time to time.

after the performance, some girls came forward to chat up and show their kindness.

after getting rid of the enthusiastic audience, they came to Jiang Chen's side.

the big man in black and several younger brothers hurried forward and bowed down to apologize. They left after getting their forgiveness.

Jiang Chen hands the 500 yuan to a Xing and the eldest martial brother:

'take it. This is their compensation.'

the eldest martial brother was overjoyed when he heard the speech. He immediately took the money and shared half with a Xing.

Jiang Chen looked at a Xing and asked:

'a Xing, what do you think of my powerful King Kong legs?'

a Xing praised: 'it's very good. Your leg technique has already entered the house.'

Jiang Chen knows very well that his powerful Vajra leg is certainly not as powerful as a Xing's.

because he can't kick a wall hundreds of meters away with a can, but a Xing can do it easily.

according to Jiang Chen's estimation, a Xing's powerful Vajra leg is at least proficient.

so he sincerely asked for advice:

'you are an expert in leg techniques. Would you please help me to point out the shortcomings of my leg techniques?'

a Xing did not shirk his words and began to guide Jiang Chen on the essentials of the King Kong leg.

through a Xing's explanation, Jiang Chen's understanding of the powerful Vajra leg has been improved to a higher level, and he can save a lot of effort in his future cultivation.

on the other side, the big man in black and several younger brothers helped each other out of the bar. A younger brother with shoe prints on his face asked reluctantly:

'boss, is that all?'

the big man in black bit his back teeth and said angrily:

'of course it's impossible to just let it go. This boy knows Kung Fu. We'll find a better expert to deal with him.'

the younger brother immediately thought of a man when he heard the speech, and said:

'boss, is that the expert you said...

the next day.

Jiang Chen continues to learn lightness skills with feizicong.

during the noon break, I went to the store to buy two gold bars.

compared with 1997, gold bars in this era cost more than ten yuan per gram, but they are still very cheap compared with later generations.

during this period, Jiang Chen also tried to go to two mobile phone stores to sell old people's machines. He sold another one and made more than 5000 yuan.

in the evening, when Jiang Chen came to the bar again, he saw a middle-aged man holding a Xing. He didn't know what he was talking about.

the middle-aged man has gray hair and a frosty face. He looks similar to Uncle da.

Jiang Chen guessed the identity of the other party, but pretended not to know and walked forward and asked:

'a Xing, who is this?'

a Xing quickly introduced:

'this is football coach Ming Feng. He wants me to play football with him.'

Ming Feng looks excited. Looking at a Xing, he looks like looking at a piece of peerless jade. He persuades him:

'believe me, Shaolin Kung Fu and football are definitely the best. With a little training, you can become the top football player. Then we will participate in the football competition just held, and we will certainly get that million dollars.'

a Xing is moved and hesitant after listening.

although he doesn't understand the world, he has a pure heart and can understand who is good and who is bad.

although his performance with the eldest martial brother in the bar is still popular, he doesn't like the cold and contemptuous attitude of the bar owner.

in contrast, Mingfeng is undoubtedly more sincere.

a Xing looks at Jiang Chen and wants to hear his opinion:

'Jiang Chen, what do you think?'

Jiang Chen tells the truth:

'yesterday, your performance with the eldest martial brother was almost ruined. It can be seen that you have no talent for singing and dancing. In my opinion, you'd better play football with this Mingfeng coach. It's not difficult to become a star with your leg skills.'

Mingfeng nodded when he heard the words, and there was another burst of persuasion.

a Xing nodded after pondering for a while:

'OK, but I still have to persuade several senior brothers to join. After all, football is not a game that one can play.'

Mingfeng: 'great.'

Peng! !

while the three were talking, a group of people walked into the bar and kicked away the tables and chairs in the way, showing their arrogant and domineering attitude.

the leader was the man in black yesterday. After glancing around, he saw the figure of Jiang Chen. He couldn't help smiling. He turned his head and said a few words to the sunglasses young man beside him. Then a group of people walked towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen doesn't care about the big man in black. His eyes are fixed on the young man next to the big man in black. He sees that the young man is wearing sunglasses, a big back, a black suit, and looks like the boss of the underworld in Hong Kong movies.

when the big man in black approached, he looked at Jiang Chen with a sneer and said proudly:

'boy, your powerful King Kong legs are really powerful, but you are not the only expert in the world. Today I want to see how arrogant you are.'

Jiang Chen was still sitting in his seat, looking calmly at the big man in black. Shi ran said:

'it seems that the lesson I gave you yesterday is not enough.'

the man in black touched his chest. Jiang Chen kicked him here yesterday. Now it hurts when he touches it. He snorted coldly:

'I hope you can be so hard spoken later.'

he said with a smile and began to introduce the sunglasses youth with a proud look:

'this one around me is an expert who is proficient in iron sand palm. If you don't want to break your hands and feet, you'd better be sensible and kneel down to apologize now.'

the younger brother beside him also shouted:

'yes, get down on your knees and apologize.'

at this time, the owner of the bar noticed that there was a conflict here, and hurried to the bar. Wen advised:

'give me face, guys. Let's make money with peace, OK?'

the big man in black kicked the boss to the ground with a fierce look and shouted:

'go to nm and be kind to make money. Get out of the way and don't get in the way.'

when the surrounding audience saw this scene, they were not afraid at all. Instead, they talked excitedly:

'I didn't expect that yesterday's performance would be followed up. It was interesting.'

'yes, the owner of the bar is very thoughtful. He even put on a series show.'

'this is not much better than those performances with bare arms and legs. This is what men should see!'

'hit it, hit it!'

'fuck him!'

the crowd began to coax, and the atmosphere in the bar was very warm.

when the bar owner faced the eldest martial brother, he was so arrogant that he would hit the eldest martial brother on the head with a bottle of wine. At this time, he was kicked to the ground by a man in black, but he didn't dare to fart.

seeing that the customers in the store regarded the conflict as a performance, he simply stopped persuading and hid away.

the big man in black raised his chin to Jiang Chen, and said in a cat and mouse gesture:

'finally, I'll give you a chance. It's still time to kneel down. Otherwise, you'll have no eyes when you fight. Be careful to be interrupted.'

Jiang Chen didn't talk nonsense with him. He immediately stood up, moved his right foot, and took a remnant shadow. He flashed it on the black man's face and kicked him to the ground.

after the man in black fell to the ground and spit out two bloody teeth, he looked at Jiang Chen in surprise and anger, and said with a leak in his mouth:

'you, you dare to do it...'

Jiang Chen seemed not to feel the man in black's eyes, but said slowly:

'yesterday's lesson was not enough for you. Today I'll give you another one. I hope you can remember this lesson.'

seeing that Jiang Chen had hurt others in front of him, the sunglasses youth frowned slightly, but did not immediately attack. Instead, he looked at the big man in black on the ground and shouted:

'useless waste, get out of here and don't make a fool of yourself.'

the big man in black looked very ugly and dared not refute. He had to step aside with the help of his younger brother.

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