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Chapter 22 Right here?

The sunglasses youth turned his eyes to Jiang Chen. In his cold voice, he said slowly:

'you are brave enough to hurt people in front of me.'

facing the dark glasses youth who didn't know the depth, Jiang Chen didn't know whether he could beat the other party. However, a Xing was watching and Xiandou was protecting his life. He didn't have much fear. He said without any sign of weakness:

'I just can't stand his bullying.'

the young man in dark glasses chuckled:

'it seems that you have made up your mind to fight with me?'

Jiang Chen was too lazy to gossip. He simply said:

'let's stop talking nonsense. You can do it directly. I also want to learn how powerful your iron sand palm is.'

'OK, let's get to the bottom of the story.'

hearing the speech, the young man slowly took off his sunglasses and handed them to the younger brother beside him. Then he waved his hand. The younger brothers beside him retreated obediently to make room.

the young man in dark glasses looks directly at Jiang Chen. His eyes are ancient but bright. It seems that there is a sharp edge hidden:

'remember, the person who defeated you is called Yi Shan.'

when Jiang Chen saw that the opponent showed his master's demeanor by raising his hands and feet, he could not help feeling a strong pressure and momentum, so he raised his head with caution.

Yi Shan raised his right hand falsely, and said without haste or delay:

'you take the first move, otherwise I'm afraid you won't have a chance to take the second move.'

the words showed strong self-confidence and did not pay attention to Jiang Chen at all.


Jiang Chen didn't dare to underestimate the other party. He immediately responded, used all his internal power, and suddenly made a force under his feet.

click! With a crack, a crack appeared on the ground under yuan Chen's feet. His body suddenly flashed, and the next moment he appeared in front of Yi Shan. His right leg took a whistling wind, which was a whip leg pulled out.

the powerful Vajra leg was originally a strong and domineering leg technique. At the moment, Jiang Chen showed his strength without reservation, and immediately showed his powerful destructive power.



Yi Shan used to look calm, but when Jiang Chen made a move, he was shocked. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen's movements were so fast and his leg techniques were so fierce that he didn't dare to neglect it. He quickly used the iron sand palm to attack.

Peng! !

with a crash of strength, Yi Shan felt a sudden burst of powerful strength coming from his palm, which made his palm ache and his hand bones almost crushed by his legs.

Yi Shan stepped back two steps involuntarily to remove his strength.

he resisted the severe pain from the palm of his hand, stood proudly, and still maintained his indifferent and confident expression on his face. He said slowly:

'your leg skills are not bad.'

Jiang Chen thought that Yi Shan was a powerful expert, so he took up the spirit of 12 points. He showed his full strength when he started to fight, but he found that: that's it?!

in his feeling, Yi Shan's internal power is almost the same as that of him, and the iron sand palm technique is not comparable to his powerful Vajra leg.

after all, one is a second-rate martial art in the Jianghu, and the other is a top unique skill. The two are far from each other.

Jiang Chen immediately realized that he thought highly of Yi Shan, and was almost bluffed by the other side's master. He was inevitably a little ashamed.

seeing Yi Shan still pretending, he sneered:

'your palm technique is not very good.'

as he said this, he moved, jumped up suddenly and fell down on Yi mountain like a battle axe.

Yi Shan's heart knew that Jiang Chen's leg technique was strong and abnormal. He dared not resist, so he quickly dodged to avoid.

Jiang Chen missed the attack without stopping. He immediately changed his moves and unleashed all kinds of leg moves in the powerful King Kong leg. The attack was like a storm. He took a string of leg shadows and kicked them into Yi mountain.

Yi Shan was forced to retreat. After escaping several times, Jiang Chen seized the opportunity and forced him to a corner of the bar. There was no escape.

in desperation, Yi Shan can only use the iron sand palm against Jiang Chen.

Peng! Peng! Peng! !

the two men fought against each other with a strong hand and a hard fight. They immediately fought more than a dozen moves. Their powerful strength collided with each other and made a dull noise.

Jiang Chen's trouser legs were torn to pieces by the fierce force and became rags.

Yi Shan's hands are even worse. Their skin is torn and their flesh is bruised.

at the moment, the audience in the bar held their breath and looked at the fierce fight between the two without blinking. They were very happy.

Peng! !

after a few more moves, Yi Shan finally couldn't resist the hegemonic power contained in the powerful Vajra leg. His fingers were twisted and deformed, his arms were sore, and his palm movements were also flawed.

Jiang Chen grabs a gap, breaks Yi Shan's iron sand palm with one foot, and then kicks Yi Shan in the chest.

Yi Shan flies backward, Peng! It was pasted on the wall with a sound. It took a long time before it slipped down and fainted on the ground.


seeing the end of the battle, the bar suddenly burst into warm applause.



'sleeping trough, this young man, awesome!'

Ming Feng looked at Jiang Chen's leg technique and said to a Xing in surprise:

'he can do it too? That's great. It's better to pull him into the football team.'

a Xing shook his head and broke his illusion:

'don't think about it. He has something else to do and won't stay in this city.'

Ming Feng feels a little sorry when he hears the speech. In his opinion, if a football team has two generals, Jiang Chen and a Xing, it will go all the way. No team can stop it.

after watching the fight between Jiang Chen and Yi Shan, the big man in black, who was hiding aside, sank to the bottom of the valley. Unexpectedly, Yi Shan, which was unfathomable in his eyes, was not Jiang Chen's opponent.

he could not help scolding in his heart: 'he behaved so badly on weekdays. He looked like an Invincible Iron Palm. The result was this level. What a waste.'

he didn't dare to stay in the bar. He waved his hand and motioned the younger brothers to sneak away with him.

at this time, Jiang Chen's voice sounded in her ear:

'why, do you want to go now?'

listening to the familiar words, the big man in black suddenly froze. He turned around slowly and showed a smile more ugly than crying. He begged for mercy:

'well, brother, I'm wrong. I won't dare again next time.'

Jiang Chen waved and said with a smile:

'come and sit down and talk slowly. How are you going to finish this today?'

although Jiang Chen showed a good manner of speaking, the big man in black was beating the drum in his heart and did not dare to relax at all.

both the two teeth he dropped and Yi Shan who was knocked unconscious show that Jiang Chen's methods are ruthless. If Jiang Chen is not satisfied, he may have to be severely beaten.

the big man in black looked like he was a loser, bowed his head and said:

'whatever you say, I have absolutely nothing to say.'

Jiang Chen nodded and said slowly:

'this time you found an expert to deal with me, which scared me a lot. I should pay some mental losses.

in addition, when I first started, my leg was injured. Should I pay some medical expenses?'

Jiang Chen pointed to his calf, and the tattered trouser legs could not cover several bruises on his leg.

Yi Shan's iron sand palm is fierce and vicious. Although Jiang Chen won, he was not unscathed.

the man in black was honest and nodded:

'yes, yes, how much compensation do you want?'

after thinking about it, Jiang Chen said a number:

'I don't want too much. You can compensate me 20000.'

the big man in black looked sluggish when he heard the speech. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen and the lion opened their mouth and asked for 20000 yuan. He couldn't help blurting out:

'isn't that too much?'

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