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Chapter 24 shock

While they were talking, a BMW stopped at the roadside. A young man in his twenties got out of the car, came to Qin Yumian and said enthusiastically:

'Yumian, where are you going? I'll drive you.'

the young man's hot eyes made Qin Yumian uneasy. She shook her head:

'no, I have something to do with my friends.'

then he and Jiang Chen introduced each other's identity in a low voice:

'this is the son of our shop owner, Chen Yi.'

the young man looked at Jiang Chen at Wen Yan, as if he had just noticed him, and casually asked:

'you are Yumian's friend. Hello, where are you going? Why don't I give you a ride.'

Jiang Chen pointed to his battery car:

'I have a car, so I won't bother you.'

Chen Yi looked at Jiang Chen's weather beaten battery car and couldn't help laughing:

'can you call a car with only two wheels?'

Jiang Chen choked angrily:

'what's the name of this car? Is it Ju?'

Chen Yi ignores Jiang Chen and continues to say to Qin Yumian:

'Yumian, it's not comfortable to take a battery car in my BMW. Get on the bus quickly.'

with that, he reached out to pull Qin Yumian.

Qin Yumian dodged and refused:

'I really don't need it, and I also like to take a battery car.'

after that, he patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and urged:

'let's go.'

Jiang Chen glances at Chen Yi, does not speak, and gets on the battery car.

qinyumian sits down behind Jiang Chen.

after the battery car is started, drive slowly to leave.

Chen Yi stood there, stunned for a long time, not knowing where he had lost. Can't your brand-new BMW compare with the old battery car?

on the way, Jiang Chen casually asked:

'has he been pestering you lately?'

qinyumian nodded in some distress. Then he realized that Jiang Chen couldn't see it. He said:

'yes, he sent me flowers before, which made my colleagues at work look at me strange.'

Jiang Chen asked:

'I think Chen Yi has good conditions. He is also a rich second generation. Why don't you think about it?'

Qin Yumian said with a bad smile:

'originally, I went to the milk tea shop to apply for a job in order to learn how to make milk tea. I planned to open a milk tea shop myself in the future. Then I and their family would be competitors.

since I was destined to be an enemy, how could I promise him.'

Jiang Chen listened to ha ha! Yile, if other girls might want to promise each other, they can take the opportunity to become the landlady of the milk tea shop. Qin Yumian has no such idea at all, and only thinks about opening his own shop.

Jiang Chen can only praise this:

'what you said is reasonable.'

after driving for more than ten minutes, the battery car stopped outside a restaurant with elegant decoration and antique flavor.

Qin Yumian did not expect that Jiang Chen would bring her to Jiangnan people's house, which is a famous high-end restaurant in the city. He immediately asked:

'do you want to invite me here for dinner?'

Jiang Chen nodded:

'yes, that's it.'

Qin Yumian looked at Jiang Chen curiously, as if he had known him for the first time, and asked curiously:

'Why are you so generous all of a sudden? Will you win the prize?'

Jiang Chen thought about the golden finger that wanted to fall from the sky, and then he made 300000 in a few days. It's not too much to say that he won the prize. He said vaguely:

'you can also say so.'

qinyumian didn't think so much. She never thought about too complicated things. She clapped her hands excitedly and said:

'in that case, I'm not polite today. Let's go and have dinner.'

after that, he took Jiang Chen and walked excitedly to the hotel.

after entering the store, he found a seat and sat down

Jiang Chen ordered several dishes, and then handed the menu to qinyumian:

'you can order whatever you like. Don't be polite.'

'just wait for the bleeding.'

Qin Yumian said, but when he saw the price on the menu, his eyebrows jumped. Finally, he chose for a long time and only ordered two dishes he liked. He said in pain:

'things here are too expensive. These dishes will eat up most of my salary.'

Jiang Chen said wistfully:

'when I used to deliver takeout food, I was very curious about the taste of these restaurants because they were so expensive. Now I finally have a chance.'

qinyumian also thinks of his days as a waiter in the restaurant.

after the dishes were served, they chatted while eating and talked about the recent situation.

Qin Yumian is still as optimistic as before. He has no worries. His biggest dream is to have his own restaurant.

however, after working in the milk tea shop for several months, she also realized that the business of the milk tea shop was not easy to do and the competition was too fierce.

although Jiang Chen's experience during this period is wonderful, he can't share it with others. He can only use his previous words to say that he got some good things in his hometown and sold a lot of money, which can be regarded as a windfall.

as he said this, Jiang Chen thought of something and asked:

'I remember your birthday seems to be coming soon?'

qinyumian nodded:

'you still remember.'

Jiang Chen asked, 'have you figured out what to do about this birthday?'

Qin Yumian said casually: 'just like before, just ask some friends out for a meal.'

she has no other friends in this city except the two roommates she shared. In previous years, the other two roommates invited someone out to have a meal.

Jiang Chen thinks of the cooking he got from Gaoyao and has not had the opportunity to show it. The house Qin Yumian shared with his roommate has an independent kitchen, so he can take the opportunity to try his cooking.

then said:

'do you want to make it at home? My cooking skills have soared recently. I can show you my skills.'

qinyumian has never seen Jiang Chen cook. Wen Yan looks at Jiang Chen suspiciously:

'are you ok?'

Jiang Chen said confidently, 'don't worry. You will be absolutely satisfied at that time.'

Qin Yumian gently points his white and tender chin with his finger and says thoughtfully:

'it's cheaper to eat at home than outside. It's not impossible for you to try. But if you make it too bad and are scolded by my friend, I don't care.'

Jiang Chen: 'that's a deal.'

Qin Yumian looks at Jiang Chen's confident appearance, and suddenly has a bad feeling in his mind. He says:

'you should not prepare a pot of spicy hot at that time?'

Jiang Chen said angrily:

'don't worry, they are all hard dishes.'

Qin Yumian is relieved to see that he doesn't want to lie.

after one hour, the meal is finished.

Qin Yumian leaned back contentedly, wiped the corners of his mouth, and said with emotion:

'although the things in this store are expensive, they taste really good. I'm full of them.'

as he said this, he touched his slightly swollen belly and complained:

'it's all your fault. My stomach has been enlarged.'


after hearing this, Jiang Chen took a breath and felt that her scalp was a little numb. She hurriedly interrupted:

'sister, you can't talk nonsense.'

Qin Yumian realized that there was a big ambiguity in his words. His cheeks were slightly red, but when he saw Jiang Chen's frightened appearance, he couldn't help laughing:

'as for you, are you so scared?'

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