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Chapter 26 A good play

Jiang Chen shook his head in silence, ignored the two wonderful flowers, and left with Qin Yumian.

after going out for more than ten meters, Qin Yumian was relieved to see that the two did not catch up. He said happily:

'fortunately, he tripped. Otherwise, he might be about to fight.'

Jiang Chen smiled without explanation. The reason why the tattooed youth fell down naturally has something to do with him.

while the tattooed youth was walking, he kicked it out at random, which destroyed the other party's center of gravity and made the tattooed youth fall to the ground.

it's just that Jiang Chen's leg technique is too fast and his movements are secret, so no one can detect it.

Jiang Chen nodded and said seriously:

'yes, if he didn't fall down, he would be in trouble. If I really want to start, I can only beat him into a pig's head.'

Qin Yumian was amused by what he said, so he joked:

'so, did he get away with it?'

'of course.'

under the dim light, they walked out of the alley slowly.

qinyumian looks at Jiang Chen with a confident smile on his face, and feels his change.

Jiang Chen's mental outlook is completely different from before.

Jiang Chen rode the battery car, took Qin Yumian to the gate of the community and left.

when Qin Yumian was about to enter the community, two girls came down from a roadside taxi. They were Qin Yumian's two roommates: Cheng Yao and Jiang Wen.

Chengyao is a clothing salesman. She has a good figure but an ordinary face. Several spots on her face are particularly prominent. She glances at the back of the battery car. She feels familiar. She frowns and asks:

'was that Jiang Chen just now?'

qinyumian: 'yes.'

Cheng Yao sighed and said,

'why did you come with him again? Didn't you ask you not to go out with him in the future?

if you hadn't opened a shop with him, your 50000 yuan would not have been lost. Why don't you learn a lesson? Remember to stay away from him in the future.'

Chengyao despises Jiang Chen very much. She thinks he is just an uneducated delivery clerk. Besides, Qin Yumian also loses money because of Jiang Chen's business.

in Cheng Yao's eyes, Jiang Chen is a typical person who overestimates himself and has no self-knowledge. Qin Yumian is not very smart. If he continues to get close to Jiang Chen, he will inevitably be implicated by him.

after hearing what Cheng Yao said, Qin Yumian explained:

'Oh, I've already said it. Jiang Chen and I are both responsible for the closure of the store. We can't blame him all. Besides, he lost more money than I did. Don't misunderstand him.'

Cheng Yao sneered at Yan and said:

'he deserved to lose money.'

seeing that Qin Yumian still wanted to speak for Jiang Chen, Cheng Yao touched her head and said with great sincerity:

'it's not easy for you to make some money, because you've been with him since you opened the store. How can you still speak for him?

it's a problem for me to say whether your store has lost so much money. You look so stupid. I'm afraid I don't know if you've been cheated.

I'm afraid you'll be sold by Jiang Chen and help people earn money.'

in Cheng Yao's opinion, even if the store closes down, she won't make any money. All the money invested has been lost. She suspects that Jiang Chen has tampered with the account.

qinyumian turned away from Chengyao's hand on his head and said dissatisfied:

'I'm not as stupid as you said, and I believe Jiang Chen won't cheat me.'

Jiang Wen also said:

'I think Jiang Chen is very good. He shouldn't be that kind of person.'

Cheng Yao sneered:

'it's hard to tell whether you know your face or your heart. In this society, it's not a bad thing to keep an eye on it.'

after a pause, he said to Qin Yumian:

'in my opinion, you should accept Chen Yi's pursuit. His family is very rich. If you two succeed, you will be able to be the landlady of the milk tea shop and enjoy a happy life. You don't have to work as hard as you do now.'

Qin Yumian just confidently said:

'I will become a boss by my own ability, not by others.'

the next day.

Jiang Chen went out early in the morning and bought a laptop.

he used to have a very cheap netbook, which was specially used to watch movies and TV on the Internet. Now he is ready to change to a better one when he has money.

back in the room, Jiang Chen began to search the information about the warehouse rental on the Internet.

the prices of small warehouses in the city are not much different. For more than one hundred square meters, it basically takes four to five thousand a month. They are rented from one year, and two are charged and six are paid.

after reading the warehouse information, Jiang Chen searched the rental information again.

he plans to live in a better house. The rented cubicle is too narrow and the environment is not good.

people feel very depressed when living in such a small compartment.

however, there is no need to rush to rent houses and warehouses for a while. After all, it may cost more than 100000 to rent them.

after reading the information, Jiang Chen decides to save some money.

then start to search for information and search for items suitable for space-time trade.

he prepared several things that could be traded in ancient and modern times, but in the modern background of the 18th and 19th centuries, he had nothing to trade.

after some searching, Jiang Chen quickly locked in a good thing: pearl.

after the 20th century, pearls began to enter the stage of large-scale artificial breeding, and then the price plummeted.

in ancient times before that, with the wanton fishing and collection of human beings, pearl resources became increasingly scarce, and the price remained high. It was an excellent choice for super time and space trade.

Jiang Chen immediately went out and spent 30000 yuan to buy a large box of pearls as a spare.

the two-day break soon ended, and Jiang Chen also received a new order.

[Zhang Jiqiang in the world of a good play ordered an egg fried rice. Please prepare it as soon as possible.]

[preparation time: 10 hours]

Jiang Chen looks at the order and frowns. It's a good play. He hasn't seen this film.

at present, there is plenty of time. As long as an order of fried rice with eggs is placed, he can finish it quickly. There is no need to rush for a while.

Jiang Chen plans to learn about the plot first. He turns on the computer and watches the movie at 1.5 times.

the plot of a good play is not complicated, that is, a company organizes group construction to travel to the sea. Unexpectedly, they encounter a shipwreck on the way and fall on a desert island.

then a group of people lived on the desert island and experienced various contradictions and conflicts.

zhangjiqiang, who placed the order, is the boss of the company, general manager Zhang.

there is only a few years difference between the time background of the film and the real world. The elderly machine prepared by Jiang Chen will certainly not be sold.

according to the experience of previous crossings, it will not be too far away from the customer.

Jiang Chen guessed that the place he crossed should be on that desert island, surrounded by vast waters.

in this way, he can only do business with zhangjiqiang.

these people are living on deserted islands, and their diet is a problem. The best way is to bring more food and daily necessities and sell them to exchange their valuable things.

after understanding the plot, Jiang Chen didn't expect to make a fortune through this crossing. How much can he earn.

after the decision was made, Jiang Chen got up and went to the supermarket to purchase materials:

compressed biscuits, chocolate, Snickers, candy, canned meat, packaged pickled duck, marinated duck, pickled beef and beef jerky.

then I bought soap, condoms, flashlight, cold anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.

there are so many things that Jiang Chen can't put the original schoolbag.

for this reason, he specially bought a large travel bag.

when everything is ready, start crossing.

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