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Chapter 283 personnel


The door of the meeting room was pushed open, and a strange young man came in with a simple sword.

Big Brother Du frowned: He told the two confidants at the door not to let anyone disturb him. How could they let a stranger into the room.

His face sank and he shouted at the door:

'Xiaohu and Dasi, how do you handle things? Didn't I say not to disturb the meeting?'

Jiang Chen glanced at the people in the meeting room, and finally fell on Du. He said quietly:

'Stop shouting, your men are dead.'

As soon as this remark was made, everyone in the room looked tense. Several people even reached into their arms directly, took out pistols and pointed at Jiang Chen, who was about to shoot.


The clear sword chanting sound sounded, and a bright sword light shot out, like a swimming fish, across several arcs in the conference room.

The figures of the men who raised the guns suddenly jerked, a thin sword mark appeared on their necks, and then red blood spilled out.

Poof, poof, poof!

The blood, like a spring, rushed up and splashed onto the ceiling, then showered down like a flower, leaving everyone in the meeting room covered with blood stains.

After killing several people, the flying sword turned its light and shot at Du like lightning. It was about to cut off his head.


At the critical moment, an ancient copper round shield suddenly appeared in front of Du and blocked the flying sword.

He was a middle-aged man with a stocky body and plain appearance, and saved the life of Du at a critical moment.

Jiang Chen looked at the middle-aged man with the round shield, and his eyes flashed a strange color. Unexpectedly, there was an expert beside Du who could block his flying sword.

When Du saw that the flying sword was blocked at the last moment, he was shocked. At the same time, he was also secretly grateful. Fortunately, after learning about Brother Chen's death, he paid a lot of money to hire an expert as his personal bodyguard.

Now it seems that the money has not been wasted and saved his life at the critical moment.

Jiang Chen pinched the magic formula and urged the sword technique to the extreme.

When the flying sword trembled, it was very sharp and fast. It launched a stormy attack against Du.

For a moment, the sword was shining, bringing up more than ten sword shadows.

The sturdy middle-aged man walked around with his shield in his hand, which often blocked the flying sword at the critical moment.

The sword edge and the round shield kept colliding, making a tinkling sound and sparks flying around.

Although the ancient copper round shield was extremely hard, it could not withstand the repeated attacks of the flying sword that cut iron like mud.

Before long, the shield's surface became pitted and broken.

The honest middle-aged man also knew that the situation was critical. If he continued to resist, the round shield in his hand would not last long. But under the continuous attack of flying sword, he had to keep on defending. It was difficult to breathe, let alone other things.

After more than thirty swords, the round shield was finally pierced by the sword light with a sound of acid metal tearing.


The flying sword suddenly turned into a sharp cold light. It penetrated into the chest of the solid middle-aged man, and then stabbed out from behind. The rest of its power continued to penetrate the boss Du standing behind him.

Mr. Du covered his bleeding chest, fell down on his knees with a puff, opened his mouth, but his throat was blocked by the gushing blood. He could not speak and fell to the ground without a sound.


The sword light turns and flies into the scabbard.

For a moment, the cold air was gathered, and the temperature in the meeting room seemed to rise several degrees.

Jiang Chen took his sword and looked at the remaining senior members of the Crocodile Gang.

The eyes of several people towards Jiang Chen Gu Jing Bubo suddenly stood straight, strained their muscles, and their faces were green and still like cicadas.

Jiang Chen did not fight against several people, but said slowly:

'Gentlemen, can you give me a reason not to kill you?'

He did not intend to kill all the Crocodiles. After all, the people of the Axe Sect under his command also had different ideas.

After the Crocodile Gang is destroyed, the Axe Gang will certainly continue to grow. At that time, the senior executives of the Axe Gang may have some ideas after their strength grows. It is better to recruit more people from the Crocodile Gang, and the two sides can still check and balance each other.

Although Jiang Chen did not learn any management knowledge, he also knew that for the superior, it would be more beneficial for him to let his subordinates check and balance each other.

Several senior members of the Crocodile Gang stared at Jiang Chen's words and were surprised. However, they were able to get to their current position. They soon realized that Jiang Chen didn't mean to kill them all.

Ronin from Douluo

One of the fat men rolled his eyes and said:

'Brother Chen, I have a message that you may want to know.'

Jiang Chen said noncommittally:

'Oh? Tell me about it.'

The fat man wiped the blood on his face nervously, and a fawning smile appeared on his chubby face, saying:

'Artest of the Axe Gang is actually a spy. He has long colluded with Boss Du and is ready to betray the Axe Gang. He also contacted a group of Axe Gang members who are dissatisfied with you and is ready to cooperate with others when Boss Du attacks the Axe Gang...'

Jiang Chen listened to his story silently and was very calm and not angry.

His position as the leader of the Axe Sect was forcibly taken by force. Of course, he did not expect the people of the Axe Sect to be loyal to him. This betrayal was also expected.

He nodded and said:

'Yes, this news is valuable. If you are willing to join the Axe Gang and follow me in the future, I can save your life.'

When the fat man heard that a big stone in his heart just fell to the ground, he nodded and said happily:

'That's great. I feel very kind when I see Brother Chen. It's like seeing a relative. It's a blessing I've learned for eight generations to be able to work with Brother Chen.'

'Fatty Chen, you are too spineless. Have you forgotten the cultivation of Boss Du, you TM...'

A young man could not help pointing at the fat man and yelling at him, but before he finished, his head burst open and he fell down straight.

Jiang Chen took back his hand and looked at the others: 'Who else wants to die? Come out as soon as possible.'

Others saw that the fat man had lost his life and the young man was dead. They could not resist the absolute force Jiang Chen showed, so they had to bow down and surrender.

An old man said that he knew where Du's money was hidden and that he could give it all to Jiang Chen.

Others said that they had just bought a group of teenagers, all of whom were high quality goods without any package. They hoped they would be lucky to serve Brother Chen's life.

A thug is not very clever. He can't think of any way to save his life at the moment, so he blurts out:

'Brother Chen, my wife is very fussy. How about letting her serve you for a few days?'

Jiang Chen was surprised for a moment. Unexpectedly, there was such a talent in the Crocodile Gang, but he was really not interested in this proposal. He said:

'If you have such a heart, you should keep your wife.'

The thug listened and sat back with disappointment.

Jiang Chen asked several people to go back and gather his men to divide the territory of the Crocodile Gang as soon as possible, and then left the villa.

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