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Chapter 3 The worst transgressor

It was dark in the mud hut with poor environment.

no lighting.

there was a pungent smell of sweat and feet in the room. A group of officials and slaves were sleeping on the straw mat, snoring everywhere.

the heavy work during the day had already exhausted the people. Once they fell down, they fell into a deep sleep and could not wake up.

only Gao Yao is still awake in the room. Because he is excluded by other officials and slaves, he cannot sleep on the straw mat. He can only curl up on the cold ground.

after working all day, Gao Yao didn't eat much. At this time, Gao Yao felt extremely hungry. His stomach was burning like a fire. He couldn't sleep at all.

he has never been hungry since he became a cook.

at this moment, Gao Yao especially misses his life in modern society and those tempting delicacies.

'is Gao Yao there?'

just when he felt dizzy because of pain, fatigue and hunger, he suddenly heard a voice outside the door calling himself.

Gao Yao was afraid that officials would come to him, so he didn't dare to neglect him. He was afraid that he would be severely beaten again if he was too slow. So he quickly got up and went to open the door.


as soon as he opened the door, Gao Yao was stunned when he saw the young man standing outside the door. He was frozen in his place.

although the night is dark, Gao Yao can still see that the other party is wearing modern clothes with short hair. The clothes are not the same as the people in the world.

what is it?

Gao Yao doubted that his eyes were blurred, so he raised his hand and rubbed his eyes.

Jiang Chen looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, who was ragged, with messy hair and could not see his face clearly, and asked:

'are you a high-ranking man?'

Gao Yao still couldn't react. He just nodded in a daze:

'it's me. Are you?'

'Hello, this is your takeout.'

Jiang Chen said and handed Gao Yao the takeout he was carrying.

however, Gao Yao, who was hungry at this time, didn't listen carefully to Jiang Chen's words. After he reacted, he immediately showed a surprise on his face. He suddenly grabbed Jiang Chen's arm, lowered his voice and asked:

'you are also a modern man, aren't you? You also passed through? How did you... How did you pass through? Can you take me back? I don't want to stay here anymore. It's really hard here!'

Gao Yao has suffered a lot in the official slave camp in the past two days, and has been bullied. He has a deep understanding of the horror and cruelty of the ancient feudal society.

he has only one idea now, that is to return to modern society and be his chef honestly.

the appearance of Jiang Chen undoubtedly gave him hope to go back.

Jiang Chen has seen TV dramas and knows that Gao Yao is now in a miserable situation. He can be called the most miserable passer in history, so he can understand his excitement.

although he was sympathetic, he could not help but shook his head and said:

'sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you. This is your takeout, please keep it.'

then he shoved the bag of takeout into Gao Yao's hand.

there is a system sound in his ear:

[the order has been completed, and the reward is being issued...]

[congratulations, you have won the reward: Gao Yao's cooking skills (proficient)]

Gao Yao doesn't care what to eat at this time. He just wants to leave the official slave camp.

he wants to be free and go home to see his sister.

Gao Yaoba was the only straw to save Jiang Chen on the spot. He grasped Jiang Chen's arm tightly, and his lips were trembling with anxiety. He begged:

'why can't you help it? You can send the takeout here, and you can certainly go back, right? Save me, I beg you.'

'sorry, my way of crossing is only useful for me. I can't take you with me.'

Jiang Chen looked at him in a pitiful state, but he couldn't bear it. After thinking about it, A kind reminder:

'I really can't help you go back. However, I believe that your cooking skills can still make a difference in the future as long as you have a chance to show them.

by the way, you'd better not be a chef in the palace. All chefs in the Palace should be clean, that is, castrated.

Also, you should be careful of Liu Bang and Yi Xiaochuan. The reason why you become an official slave this time is that Liu Bang ran away from two corvees when escorting the corvee, so he pulled you and Yi Xiaochuan to replace him.

as for Yi Xiaochuan, his virgin heart is too serious, which will harm others and yourself. If you get close to him, you will come to no good end. '

Gao Yao doesn't realize that Jiang Chen is spoiled, and he doesn't have the heart to think about why Jiang Chen knows so much. He just prays:

' even if you can't take me back to modern times, you can always take me out of this official slave camp. Everyone is modern and fellow countrymen. You always have to help me. I really don't want to stay here. '

his voice was hoarse and sad, full of pleading, which made people moved and could not bear to refuse.

Jiang Chen sighed, shook his head and said helplessly:

' even if you can leave this camp, where can you go? You are now an official slave. If you escape and get caught, you will end up worse than now, and I have no time. '

while talking, Jiang Chen could not stay in this world any longer.

his figure suddenly disappeared.

Gao Yao looked at the disappeared Jiang Chen, and the light in his eyes suddenly dimmed, just like a dead pool.

he opened his mouth, but could not say a word.

It's like just seeing hope, but in a twinkling of an eye, hope is dashed again. Gao Yao just feels like death in his heart and is full of despair for the future.

after standing for a long time, he silently wiped away his tears, took the bag of takeout and walked to the corner and ate silently.

Jiang Chen is a little fond of Gao Yao. After all, everyone is an ox and a horse. He has a feeling of empathy.

that's why he spoiled. I just hope Gao Yaoyao can remember his reminder and will not follow the old path.

after returning to the real world, Jiang Chen quickly cleared up her mood, stopped thinking about high-level things, and began to check the reward after the completion of this order: high-level cooking (proficient).

as for rewards, he was surprised. He didn't expect to get skill rewards in addition to items.

at the same time, I feel the power and magic of Zhutian takeout system.

after choosing to extract the reward, a string of information poured into my mind, including the practice of various dishes, the control of knife work and heat, the selection of materials and the deployment of seasonings...

it was like having worked in the kitchen for more than ten years, a kind of memory picture was in my mind.

Jiang Chen slowly digests the sudden information in his mind with his eyes closed. When he has digested it, he finds that he has mastered good cooking skills.

now he can apply for a chef in a restaurant or hotel.

however, Jiang Chen doesn't have time to think about cooking at the moment, because he still needs the last order to complete the newcomer assessment task and bind the system.

[receiving orders...]

Jiang Chen looks at the system and silently waits for the last order.

soon, he heard the prompt tone of the system:

[Ding... You have a new order, please check it!]

[the cat fairy in the world of seven dragon balls ordered one roast saury and one boiled fish. Please prepare as soon as possible.]

[preparation time: 3 hours]

after the previous two meal delivery experiences, Jiang Chen guessed that the reward obtained after the completion of the order should be related to the person who placed the order. I'm looking forward to it. I don't know what reward I can get this time: tumbling cloud, supernatural water, immortal bean, or any martial arts skills.

all kinds of guesses flashed in Jiang Chen's mind, but he didn't stop at his feet. He got on the battery car and drove to the nearby shop.

more than 30 minutes later, Jiang Chen got the packed grilled fish and boiled fish.

then find an empty stairwell and locate the target world with ease - start crossing.

go to seven dragon ball world

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