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Chapter 30 Break the ship

Jiang Chen doesn't know that president Yu is planning to rob his supplies.

at this time, he was practicing his lightness skill floating on the water in the woods, moving towards the highest point on the island.

this island has lush trees and complex environment, which is suitable for practicing lightness skills.

Jiang Chen runs his internal power and rushes into Yongquan cave at his feet along the meridians. His body is free and easy, and his feet are smart and light, just like a cheetah shuttling through the woods.

in fact, it takes a lot of physical energy to climb in this jungle and overgrown with weeds. If Zhang Jiqiang and others come, it may take several days to climb to the top of the mountain.

although Jiang Chen's lightness skill hasn't been introduced yet, his legs and feet have amazing strength and internal power. It took him only an hour or so to reach the top of the mountain.

find a big tree and climb the branch.

Jiang Chen looked down at the whole island and soon found the half of the cruise ship buckled on the beach.

before crossing, Jiang Chen chose the stranded ship as the place to stay. At this moment, he found the target, immediately went down the tree and walked towards the ship.

more than an hour later, Jiang Chen stood under the broken wheel.

when I looked up, I found that the ship was bigger than I thought, just like a giant beast that had been stranded all the time.

after entering the interior of the ship along a staircase, step on the ceiling of the ship and place fixed tables and chairs on your head. The feeling of space inversion is very wonderful.

Jiang Chen explored around the ship. After getting familiar with the internal environment of the ship, he chose a room and sorted out a place to sleep.

then he went to the beach to practice lightness skills and leg techniques.

when you are tired of practice, you will walk around.

it has to be said that this desert island has excellent scenery. If it is developed, it will definitely be a 5A scenic spot.

the day passes quickly.

the next day, early morning.

Jiang Chen came to the huge rock yesterday again with his travel bag on his back. He saw that there were more than a dozen people standing there.

after glancing at the crowd, Jiang Chen asked:

'does anyone want to change something to eat?'

security guard zhaotianlong came over, took out a big gold chain and said:

'can I exchange more food for my chain?'

Jiang Chen took the gold chain and found that the weight was not light. He said:

'here is a packet of beef jerky and some chocolates for you.'

zhaotianlong nodded and was satisfied.

after zhaotianlong, two women took gold bracelets and necklaces in exchange for beef jerky and biscuits.

after getting the food, he couldn't wait to tear open the package and eat it.

lucy saw her colleague eating beef jerky with gusto and swallowing saliva. She leaned over and held each other's arm intimately. The fullness of her chest was distorted because of this action.

with a flattering smile on her face, Lucy said in a charming voice:

'Xiao Yun, can you give me some beef jerky?'

Xiao Yun was embarrassed when she heard the speech, but it was difficult to refuse because of the face of her colleagues. She carefully tore off a small piece of shredded meat and handed it to Lucy. She said bitterly:

'ah, here you are.'

after that, Xiao Yun was afraid that others would ask for it from him, so he simply accelerated the pace and ate the rest of the dried meat in twos and threes.

Lucy looked at the pitifully small shredded meat in her hand, and her smile was very reluctant:


then he put the shredded meat into his mouth and chewed it slowly. He felt that the shredded meat was chewed between his lips and teeth and then burst out a sweet taste. He felt that eating meat was such a happy thing for the first time.

however, there was not enough shredded meat at all. The hunger in her stomach always reminded Lucy to continue eating and eat more.

these days, Lucy sleeps in the cramped and humid cave and eats sour wild fruits. It can be said that she has suffered a lot.

according to Wang Jiji and others, they will climb the mountain to pick wild fruits, catch fish in the stream and do all kinds of work.

Lucy doesn't want to live in such a dark and hard life. She looks at Jiang Chen, who has plenty of material, and makes a decision secretly.

Jiang Chen asked twice. Seeing that no one came to change food, he got up and prepared to leave.

then president Yu came over with Daqiu and Xiaodong's men, stopped in front of him, looked at Jiang Chen's travel bag, and asked meaningfully:

'do you have a lot of food in your bag?'

when Jiang Chen saw that the three people surrounded him, his eyes were not good. He realized that something was wrong, but he still said with his usual look:

'yes, there are still some food. Why, you want to change it?'

president Yu chuckled, as if mocking Jiang Chen's innocence.

he shook his head and looked like he had already eaten Jiang Chen, Slow said:

'I won't change it. What you said yesterday makes sense to me. In this case, the world may have come to an end outside, and the food you eat is really precious.

but you may not have thought that since it is the end of the world, the previous laws and regulations are meaningless.

why do you keep so many good things alone.

I advise you to take out your things and let us share them for you. Otherwise, something unpleasant may happen. '

the strong man named Daqiu nearby kneaded his fist and made several sharp noises at the joints of his bones. His eyes were full of threats:

' yes, boy, you'd better be sensible and hand over your things. Don't let us do it. '

Zhang Jiqiang didn't do anything, but stood aside and looked on coldly.

other people also noticed that the atmosphere here was wrong. They all watched. However, no one stood up to speak for Jiang Chen, but just watched the excitement in situ.

security guard zhaotianlong was even a little stupid and wanted to rob Jiang Chen together. He whispered to Wang Jijian:

' brother Wang, do we want to do something. '

after thinking for a while, Wang Jijian said:

' don't worry. Even if Zhang Jiqiang and his friends stole everything, I can let them share it with you. It's good that you don't have to do it yourself. '

Wang Jijian made up his mind. After they robbed the goods, president Yu stood up and presided over justice. While distributing the goods, he could also leave some of them to Jiang Chen, so as to win Jiang Chen over to his own people.

he had fighting skills and was the leader of the team, so he did not pay attention to president Yu.

zhaotianlong could only bear the words.

facing the threat from president Yu's three people, Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows:

' So, are you going to rob? '

Mr. Yu said dismissively:

' what is robbery? You said it was too ugly. We just want to distribute the goods better and more reasonably. Now, after all, is a special period, and we should always use some special management means. '

Jiang Chen kindly persuaded:

' your behavior is not very wise. I advise you to consider it clearly. '

president Yu thought Jiang Chen was afraid, so he smiled proudly:

' I think you are the unwise person. You want to exchange our jewelry and luxury goods worth tens of thousands of dollars with ordinary snacks and biscuits. Do you really think we are all wronged?

I don't want to know if I can protect so much food. '

Daqiu on the other side has become a little grumpy because she has been hungry for a long time. Seeing that Jiang Chen refuses to take the initiative to hand over the food and is too lazy to talk any more, she directly reaches out to Jiang Chen's backpack and grabs it:

' you can't eat so much by yourself. Shall we help you deal with it?

don't be ignorant. '


I saw the shadow of my legs flash. The big autumn was kicked to the ground in an instant, and the whole person was dizzy and couldn't get up.

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