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Chapter 32 Lucy

Jiang Chen walked around the boat with Lucy.

Lucy couldn't help sighing:

'there is so much space inside this ship. Even if all of us are enough, why don't you call everyone over?'

Jiang Chen said impassively:

'I'm not familiar with those people in your company. Who knows whether they are good or bad. President Yu and his colleagues are going to rob me today. If you bring them here, I don't know what they will do?'

Lucy thought of president Yu's robbery when she heard the speech, but she was hesitant. However, she explained:

'in fact, most people in the company are very good.'

Jiang Chen didn't talk much with her on this topic, but instead said:

'there is a lot of space here. You can choose a place to sleep and tidy it up.'


Lucy was shocked and her cheeks flushed:

'are you going to sleep so soon?'

she was not prepared.

Jiang Chen doesn't know what Lucy thinks. After that, she goes to prepare lunch by herself.

there are all kinds of kitchenware and kitchen knives in this ship, but it can cook some simple things to eat.

when lucy saw Jiang Chen start cooking, she realized that she had just made a mistake. Jiang Chen didn't mean to sleep with her now.

she chose an empty room as her residence and cleaned it.

Lucy is extremely satisfied with the new living environment. Compared with the caves she used to live in, there is no doubt that they are one heaven and one earth.

When Lucy comes out of the room, Jiang Chen's lunch is ready.

due to the limited conditions, Jiang Chen could not find any hard dishes. Jiang Chen simply cooked two bowls of noodles, added some green vegetables and sausage, and then cut one side of the beef sauce.

although the lunch is not rich, it is also a rare delicacy for Lucy who has been hungry for several days.

after eating, Lucy only felt her stomach was hot and warm. This sense of satiety, which had not been seen for a long time, made her extremely satisfied.

before Jiang Chen told her, she got up to clean the dishes and chopsticks.

after Lucy washed the dishes and chopsticks, Jiang Chen opened a bottle of red wine, drank slowly with Lucy and chatted.

he found the red wine on the ship. It is well preserved and has not deteriorated.

after drinking a few glasses of wine, Lucy became a little drunk. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes were dim. She looked around with a unique style.

thinking of the soap just found in the room, Lucy felt a little itchy. She hadn't taken a bath for several days, so she said:

'I'll take a bath first, and then I'll give you a massage.'

Jiang Chen nodded:

'well, you go.'

When Lucy comes back from the bath, she has changed her dress. The Yellow off shoulder long sleeves and cowboy shorts are sexy.

half dry long hair is scattered on both sides of the cheeks and looks very charming.

Lucy bit her red lip, summoned up courage and suggested:

'go to my room.'

Jiang Chen has no choice but to go to Lucy's room, take off her clothes and lie down and let Lucy massage.

as soon as Lucy got started, Jiang Chen knew she was a liar.

because Lucy doesn't know how to massage, she knows how to touch him.

after a minute of massage, Jiang Chen did not feel relaxed at all. Instead, Lucy felt angry.

Jiang Chen helplessly reminded:

'use some force on your hand.'

'Oh, OK.'

Lucy answered quickly, adding strength to her hands.

to prevent Jiang Chen from paying attention to her massage skills, Lucy said:

'I don't know your name yet?'

Jiang Chen introduced her name and then asked:

'what about you?'

'my name is Lucy.'

Lucy complimented in a flattering tone:

'have you ever practiced any Kung Fu? I think you easily beat the three of president Yu.

that Daqiu heard that he had practiced boxing and fought badly. No one in the company dared to provoke him. As a result, he was not your opponent at all.'

'I did practice leg techniques.'

Lucy: 'you are so good at Kung Fu. Do you open a martial arts school?'

'I deliver takeout.'

Lucy smiled at the words and didn't believe it: 'how could it be? Don't lie to me.'

'well, I'm actually a cook.'

Jiang Chen copes casually. In such an ambiguous environment where there are only a few men and women and their bodies touch, he has no intention to gossip with Lucy. His attention is all on Lucy's hands.

with Lucy's massage, he became more and more angry.

a few minutes later, Jiang Chen said:

'stop first.'

Lucy stopped and asked:

'what's the matter?'

Jiang Chen turned around, looked at Lucy and said seriously:

'do you know how to massage at all?'

Lucy was embarrassed when she heard the speech. She nodded in shame and gave a soft hum.

'well, let me teach you.'

with a sigh, Jiang Chen turns over and presses Lucy to the ground to demonstrate how to massage herself.

Lucy hesitated:

'OK, OK, take it easy.'

the so-called massage stresses various techniques such as pushing, wiping, holding, pressing, kneading, rubbing, shaking, rubbing, wiping, kneading, twisting, etc.

good massage can relax the tendons and promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, and harmonize Yin and Yang.

Jiang Chen has seen the massage videos of some famous masters in Japan, and has learned a little. It's OK to point Lucy out.

as soon as she got started, Jiang Chen found that Lucy's truth was really great. She couldn't hold on to one hand at all.

later, Jiang Chen tried a variety of massage postures and movements with Lucy, and it took more than an hour to finish.

during this process, Jiang Chen realized another powerful point of Dali Vajra leg.

leg technique is not only about leg training, but also about the integration of waist and horse.

Jiang Chen's leg skills are very strong, and her waist strength is naturally not weak. Lucy also knows this very well. As a horse, she is very tired.

after the massage, Lucy was very tired and soon fell into a deep sleep.

after taking a rest, Jiang Chen quickly recovered his strength, and then got off the boat to practice leg techniques and lightness skills.

Lucy didn't wake up until late afternoon.

after sitting up and stretching, Lucy noticed her own changes. It has to be said that Jiang Chen's massage really had a remarkable effect. After sleeping, she was completely tired, energetic and transparent.

she put on her clothes and stepped out of the boat. She found that Jiang Chen was practicing martial arts on the beach. Her legs were flying with a strong wind. Every move was full of an explosive sense of power, which was extremely frightening.

Lucy stood aside with her hands in her arms, watching silently without making a sound.

Jiang Chen stopped after practicing a set of leg movements. Seeing Lucy waking up, he asked:

'are you hungry?'

Lucy was no longer so reserved in the face of Jiang Chen. The relationship between the two sides was much closer. She nodded softly.

Jiang Chen looked at the time and said:

'let's go to the sea and see if we can catch some fish and shrimp and cook seafood noodles in the evening.'


Lucy readily agreed, with an air of great interest.

the two rolled up their trouser legs and began to chase the sea.

after more than an hour, although they failed to catch fish, they also harvested some crabs and shellfish. Jiang Chen began to cook noodles.

for zhangjiqiang and others, living on this island is a kind of suffering. They always want to escape here and return to the civilized world. But for Jiang Chen, life on the island is no different from traveling and vacationing.

there are beautiful sceneries, beauties, delicious food and wine here. Jiang Chen is a little happy.

it's a pity that he can only stay in this world for three days. Otherwise, Jiang Chen really wants to stay on this island for a while.

in the evening, Jiang Chen continued to guide Lucy on how to massage.

with the help of Jiang Chen, Lucy learned many new postures. No, it's new knowledge. She feels very full.

the next day, Lucy couldn't get up in bed, and Jiang Chen came to the trading place with her bag on her back.

this time, there were only sevenoreight people on the reef.

president Yu is absent. Obviously, he is afraid of being beaten and dare not come to see him.

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