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Chapter 33 on parting

Jiang Chen looked at the people across the street and said:

'today is my last day to trade. I won't come again from tomorrow. If you want to change your food, you'd better take advantage of it now.'

all of them have slightly changed their looks at the words, and they are surprised.

immediately, four people came to trade with Jiang Chen with jewelry.

the rest of the people hesitated, thinking that Jiang Chen's words were a sales routine, just like the shops on the street have been talking about store transfer and price reduction for many years.

in the past two days, led by Wang Jiyuan, they all went out to look for food, picked more wild fruits, and caught a lot of fish and crabs. They were able to barely fill their stomachs.

although Jiang Chen is still greedy for the food in his hands, he is no longer as eager as before.

Jiang Chen doesn't take it personally. He always pursues the principle of voluntary trading. He won't force others to change him.

zhangjiqiang has been observing Jiang Chen for the past two days and has seen something.

although he doesn't know where Jiang Chen lives, looking at Jiang Chen's energetic appearance, it is obvious that he is living a good life and should have a good shelter.

after Jiang Chen said that he would not come to trade tomorrow, Zhang Jiqiang couldn't bear it any more. He walked over and said with a smile:

'look at you, you've had a good time these two days?'

Jiang Chen thought of the massage with Lucy and nodded:

'it's really good.'

seeing that Jiang Chen had a peaceful attitude and was not as distant and cold as he imagined, Zhang Jiqiang stopped circling around and asked tentatively:

'are you willing to exchange food for gold and silver jewelry because the outside world is not the end?'

Jiang Chen knew that Zhang Jiqiang had misunderstood his origin, but he didn't explain it. He just nodded:

'of course, if the whole planet fell into the end of the world, you wouldn't survive at all.'

Zhang Jiqiang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that the situation he was most worried about did not appear. As long as the company was still there, as long as there was no end, they would be rescued sooner or later.

these days, he has been trying to communicate with the Zhutian takeout system again. Unfortunately, he has not received a response. But he can only put his hope on Jiang Chen.

Zhang Jiqiang asked quietly:

'are you really unable to leave this island? I can assure you that as long as you can take me back to the outside civilized world, I can give you 10 million yuan.'

although Zhang Jiqiang paid a high salary, it's a pity that Jiang Chen really can't bring him back to the outside world.

although he has bamboo dragonflies, flying with people consumes too much bamboo dragonflies. Moreover, the weather around the desert island is not good. It often thunders and rains. When he really flies, Jiang Chen is afraid that he will be killed by the thunder.

even if Jiang Chen takes Zhang Jiqiang out with a bamboo dragonfly, there is no guarantee that the rescued Zhang Jiqiang will keep his promise and give him the money.

it is more likely that Zhang Jiqiang will find someone to rob his bamboo dragonfly after returning to the outside world.

Jiang Chen has never been afraid to guess others with the greatest malice.

it is enough to pass through him this time. There is no need to create new problems.

finally, Jiang Chen was not moved by Zhang Jiqiang's money offensive.

after thinking about it, he waved to Wang Genji not far away and motioned him to come and talk.

Wang Genji doesn't have any valuable jewelry on him. He didn't come here today to exchange food. He wanted to ask Jiang Chen for some fighting skills. Seeing Jiang Chen's greeting, he rushed over.

after Jiang Chen organized some words, he said slowly:

'I have a message to share with you.

as far as I know, there will be a ship passing by the sea area near here every ten days. As long as you can arouse the idea of the people on that ship, you should be rescued.'

Zhang Jiqiang was overjoyed when he heard the speech:

'what you said is true? That's great. It will be saved.'

Wang Genji was surprised, but he was a little disappointed: these two days he became the leader of the team and just tasted the taste of power. If he returned to the outside world, he would become the little guide who was not valued.

on the whole, however, Wang Jijian was mostly happy.

without considering how Jiang Chen knew the news, he asked:

'when will the ship come next? Which direction is its route on the island?'

Jiang Chen stays in this world until tomorrow morning at most, so he doesn't mind helping Zhang Jiqiang before he leaves. After all, he has made a lot of money from these people.

Jiang Chen was not clear about Wang Jiyuan's question. He could only say:

'I am not sure about the world and location of the ship. I need you to arrange people to look out and wait.

when the ship comes, you should prepare a bonfire. As long as the ship comes, you should light a bonfire. It should be able to attract attention and be rescued.'

Wang Genji grabs Jiang Chen's hand and cannot hide his excitement:

'your news is too important. I thought it was the end of the world outside. Now it's OK. It's finally saved.'

Zhang Jiqiang also thanked him.

Jiang Chen said: 'I have told you the news. You can arrange the details by yourself.'

after that, Jiang Chen said goodbye and left.

wangjijian doesn't care about discussing martial arts with Jiang Chen, so he and zhangjiqiang call everyone to the cave and begin to discuss.

everyone was excited when they learned that the outside world was not the end and that there was hope of being rescued.

after discussion for a while, it was finally decided to set up a lookout at the highest place on the island, and send people to watch it in turn, waiting for the arrival of the rescue ship.

Ma Jin is the most excited. He holds 60 million winning tickets. Now he finally sees the hope of cashing. Immediately volunteered to take charge of the lookout work.

on the other side, when Jiang Chen returned to the broken boat, he found that Lucy was awake and sitting there leisurely drinking red wine.

her posture is elegant, her fragrant shoulders are half exposed, and her graceful posture is like a painting in the sun, full of mature and attractive customs.

after enjoying it for a while, Jiang Chen asked:

'can you swim?'

Lucy nodded: 'yes, this time, Tuan Jian came out with a swimsuit, just ready to swim at the beach.'

Jiang Chen suggested:

'now go change your swimsuit and let's go swimming together?'

'OK, wait for me.'

Lucy agrees and turns to the room.

living in the broken boat with Jiang Chen, there is no need to worry about food and drink. The living environment is also spacious and tidy. Lucy feels like she is traveling. She is in a very happy mood. She basically doesn't refute Jiang Chen's words.

soon Lucy changed her bikini.

the simple fabric shows Lucy's sexy and plump figure: her crisp chest, flat abdomen, round hips, white skin and attractive.

Jiang Chen also changed into a pair of swimming trunks, got off the boat with Lucy, walked slowly into the sea on fine sand and began swimming.

Lucy's swimming skills are not bad, and her movements are beautiful. Obviously, she has learned it specially. Jiang Chen's swimming skills are very ordinary, but he learned it from adults when he was a child, and he knows how to swim freestyle.

this island is isolated from the world, and no one catches it. There are abundant fish resources in the water. When you dive into the water, you can see various colors of marine fish swimming back and forth there.

after a round of swimming, Jiang Chen watched Lucy's attractive posture swimming in the water, just like a mermaid, and her heart couldn't help warming.

Jiang Chen immediately took Lucy to find a rock and tried the taste of massage in the water.

it has to be said that massage is really addictive.

both Jiang Chen and Lucy have a taste for food and can't stop.

on this day, both of them are tired of being together. They swim, catch fish, catch crabs, barbecue, and dig seashells. Jiang Chen is too busy to practice.

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