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Chapter 37 Titanic

Qin Yumian's cooking is OK, and she has made up her mind to pay attention. If Jiang Chen is not good, she will have time to help again.

in the kitchen, Jiang Chen is cleaning the ingredients and cutting the vegetables after washing.

between the rise and fall of the kitchen knife, it was cut in a moment, and the action was very neat and straightforward.

start the pot and burn the oil!

put into the pot and stir fry!

after a while, the attractive fragrance began to drift away.

Qin Yumian saw that Jiang Chen's movements were very skillful, just like a chef with many years of experience in kitchen work. He said in surprise:

'I can't see. Your cooking is so good? Why didn't you show it before?'

Jiang Chen: 'I just learned it recently. Maybe I have some talents, so I learned it faster.'

Qin Yumian used to work in a restaurant and secretly learned cooking skills. She thought her cooking skills were OK, but when she saw Jiang Chen's actions, she immediately understood that her cooking skills could not be better than Jiang Chen's.

Cheng Yao sits on the sofa and knocks melon seeds. Her expression is not very happy. She has always been biased against Jiang Chen. She thinks that Jiang Chen's behavior today is pure mischief. She says:

'this Jiang Chen doesn't know what to think, so she has to do it herself.'

Zhang Xiaojie asked curiously:

'since he is so confident, he should be a good cook. Is he a cook?'

Cheng Yao curled her lips and said disdainfully, 'what kind of cook? He just delivers takeaways. He gives them whenever he wants. Yu Mian also promised to let him make a fool of himself.'

Jiang Wenwen persuaded:

'well, today is Yumian's birthday, so we'll let her decide.'

Cheng Yao said angrily:

'I'm afraid Yumian's birthday will be disturbed by him.'

after seeing Jiang Chen's cooking posture, Qin Yumian knew that he didn't need to help himself, so he went back to the living room and asked casually:

'what are you talking about?'

Cheng Yao replied:

'I was saying whether to order some takeout first, so as not to have nothing to eat later.'

Qin Yumian knew that she had a problem with Jiang Chen and said with relief:

'don't worry, Jiang Chen's cooking will certainly be OK.'

'you believe what he said.'

Cheng Yao doesn't believe it at all.

Qin Yumian has no choice but to change the topic and ask about Zhang Xiaojie.

Cheng Yao was soon distracted and began to cross examine Zhang Xiaojie.

after chatting for a while, Jiang Chen shouted:

'the food is ready.'

'I'd like to see what you've done.'

Cheng Yao immediately gets up and walks over. Later, she finds several dishes on the table:

hot and sour potato shreds, dry pot cabbage, sweet and sour ribs, squirrel mandarin fish, garlic lobster...

looks like a real thing and smells delicious.

Cheng Yao looks at Qin Yumian suspiciously:

'these dishes are all made by Jiang Chen alone? You didn't help?'

Qin Yumian said with a smile: 'of course, didn't you expect that?'

Cheng Yao snorted: 'don't know how it tastes?'

at this time, Jiang Chen came over with a bowl of tomato and egg soup and said:

'sit down and try my craft.'

Cheng Yao sits down, picks up some shredded potatoes with chopsticks and tastes them. She finds that the taste is crisp, sour and delicious, which is no worse than what she eats in the restaurant outside.

Cheng Yao tasted sweet and sour spareribs with some disbelief, and found that the taste was sweet and sour, smooth and tender, and extremely delicious.

she looked at Jiang Chen with an uncomfortable expression. It was hard to hide her surprise. She didn't expect that Jiang Chen, who had always looked down upon, would have such a good cooking skill.

Cheng Yao's face turned slightly red when she remembered that she had vowed before that Jiang Chen was not good at cooking.

Qin Yumian asked with some expectation:

'sister Cheng, how does it taste?'

Cheng Yao didn't mean to belittle her, just showed a nonchalant look and said:


looking at Cheng Yao's awkward expression, Jiang Wenwen knew that she was a little embarrassed and couldn't help laughing in her heart. At the same time, she was also curious about Jiang Chen's cooking level. After she tasted two dishes, she was shocked.

she thought that Jiang Chen's cooking skills were just like that, and only after eating dishes did she know that she underestimated Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's dishes have been upgraded from ordinary people's dishes in color, smell and other aspects. It is impossible for a professional chef to cook them. She praised:

'the taste is excellent. I said why you suddenly proposed to cook your own dishes. I was prepared.'

after eating some dried cabbage, Zhang Xiaojie also praised it without stinginess:

'awesome, Jiang Chen, it's a pity that you can't be a cook.'

Qin Yumian listened to their praise, and was also proud and smiling.

'just like it.'

after Jiang Chen sat down and ate a few mouthfuls, he was also very satisfied with his cooking.

I haven't had much chance to show my cooking skills since I got the high-level cooking skills. Today, I borrowed Qin Yumian's kitchen and finally showed my cooking skills to my heart's content.

his proficient level of cooking did not disappoint him. Although the dishes he cooked were not delicious, they were no different from those sold in restaurants and hotels.

his newly rented house has been sorted out, and he can cook at home by himself in the future. His cooking skills can be put to use.

Qin Yumian takes out the red wine and pours it to the people.

Jiang Wenwen looked at Jiang Chen and said politely:

'Yumian's birthday was supposed to be my treat and Yaoyao's, but now it's costing you.'

Jiang Chen waved his hand and said carelessly:

'it's all right. It's just a meal.'

Zhang Xiaojie asked curiously:

'Jiang Chen, you are such a good cook that you can deliver takeout. You should be a cook.'

Jiang Chen explained: 'I have just practiced my cooking skills.'


Zhang Xiaojie does not believe that Jiang Chen's cooking skills can not be learned in a short time.

Jiang Wenwen and Cheng Yao are equally unconvinced.

Qin Yumian said with a smile:

'Jiang Chen's cooking talent is much better than mine. I have taught myself for several years, but my level is still far lower than his.'

because it was Qin Yumian's birthday, Cheng Yao didn't want to be unhappy, but did not continue to target Jiang Chen.

the atmosphere at the dinner table was quite harmonious.

in the next few days, Jiang Chen either watched a play at home or went to the warehouse to practice leg techniques and lightness skills. He lived in two frontlines.

soon, the cooling time of the system will pass.

Jiang Chen also waited for the new order.

[Jack in the world of Titanic wants a lifeboat, please prepare as soon as possible.]

Jiang Chen has naturally seen the world classic film 'Titanic', but he can't remember the specific plot of the film clearly after many years.

Jiang Chen can't afford to watch the movie again for a while, because the time for preparation is limited, and it's unknown how long it will take to get a lifeboat.

he didn't even know where to go to buy a lifeboat, so he had to search online first.

turn on your mobile phone, search for lifeboats on various online shopping platforms, and a lot of store information will pop up soon.

small wooden boats, life boats, plastic boats, inflatable boats, everything.

Jiang Chen selected a store selling inflatable lifeboats in the city and asked the customer service whether they could deliver them to their door immediately.

the customer said that they needed to pay more.

Jiang Chen didn't mind either, and directly paid the delivery fee.

the customer service immediately said that the boss would personally deliver the goods within two hours.

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