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Chapter 43 Ali

After giving Jiang Chen a few words, ghost King Da asked thoughtfully:

'haven't you ever touched people?'

'yes, I really don't often fight people.'

Jiang Chen nodded. Apart from Yi Shan in the Shaolin football world, he had not fought with martial arts experts.

it's not much experience to mark ordinary people. It's just bullying children.

ghost King Da suddenly said:

'no wonder I see that although your moves are proficient, they have no murderous intent and ferocity.

you should know that Kung Fu is created to hit people. You have not fought with others. Even if you master the moves of martial arts, it is difficult to really exert the real power of this martial arts.'

Jiang Chen thought thoughtfully: 'so, I need to add some practical experience?'


ghost King Da nodded and suggested: 'next to my snack bar is the global elite sports center. There are four fighting and fighting departments, and there are still many experts. Why don't you challenge them?'

Jiang Chen is moved by his words.

he knows that although he has mastered the great King Kong leg and the twelve way Tan leg, it is still unknown how much strength he can play in actual combat.

if you don't want to be challenged by others, it's inevitable to improve your actual combat experience.

ghost King Da did not hide his grudges with the sports center, and continued:

'in fact, I was also the head of the ancient boxing Department of the sports center. Unfortunately, I was expelled later because of my leg injury. If you can beat the head of those departments with Tan leg, it will be a relief to me.'

Jiang Chen asked with some curiosity:

'do you think that with my tan leg power, I can deal with the leaders of the four departments?'

after thinking for a while, ghost King Da said:

'the four main generals are all masters who can not be underestimated. Although your strength is on the same level as theirs, because you don't have any actual combat experience, your chances of winning may not be good if you really start.'

Jiang Chen is not very depressed when he hears of the speech, because he has just shown the twelve way Tan leg, and has not shown the powerful King Kong leg.

after mastering the twelve way Tan leg, his physical quality has been greatly improved, and the power of the great King Kong leg has also been enhanced.

Jiang Chen believes that with his current strength, it should not be a problem to deal with the leaders of the four major departments.

as for elder martial brother duanshuiliu, we haven't fought yet, and Jiang Chen can't confirm the victory.

after all, elder martial brother duanshuida is known as the murderous weapon in the world. He is not at the same level with the four masters.

after Jiang Chen pondered for a while, he said: 'I'll prepare for a few days first, and then go to the elite sports center to challenge all kinds of masters after the state is almost adjusted.'

ghost King Da nodded:

'well, I just want to get my strength back. We can practice together and communicate with each other.'

the two said, and began to cultivate themselves.

in the evening, after the cultivation, ghost Wang Da helped sell the three mobile phones and got tens of thousands of yuan.

Jiang Chen took out 3000 yuan and gave it to ghost King DA as his reward for his help.

ghost King Da was not polite either. After inviting Jiang Chen to dinner yesterday, he was really shy. Now with this 3000 yuan, his economy can be much better.

he proposed enthusiastically:

'now that I'm rich, do you want to have another good meal in the evening?'

how about having foreign food today? '

do you like Thai, Indian, Russian or Japanese?'

Jiang Chen was distracted by what he said for a while, and finally understood why ghost Wang Da's Kung Fu had degenerated so much. He thought that in recent years, eating, drinking, whoring, gambling, sex and horses have all declined.

he refused in a righteous way:

'it's better to talk about eating foreign food later. I need to practice in these days and concentrate on preparing for challenges. I can't be distracted.'

the ghost King Da also reacted to his words and said with a smile:

'yes, yes, it's still important to challenge now. We'll wait until the challenge is over.'

in the next few days, Jiang Chen was quietly practicing leg techniques and lightness skills.

at the same time, he is also trying to absorb the essence of the twelve way Tan leg and integrate it into the great King Kong leg, hoping to break through the realm of the great King Kong leg.

it's just that the process is not very smooth. After all, it's two completely different cultivation systems.

five days passed in a blink of an eye.

Jiang Chen is almost ready, and his mental state has been adjusted to the best.

ghost King Da asked: 'which of the four fighting departments do you plan to challenge first?'

Jiang Chen thought about it and said:

'the Taekwondo department is the best at leg techniques. Let's start with the Taekwondo department.'

'OK, I'll write the challenge for you.'

ghost king Dadang immediately wrote a challenge letter.

then, they left the snack bar and headed for the elite sports center.

just walked into the gate of the sports center, a hot girl saw the walking posture of ghost Wang Da and walked over and asked in surprise:

'eh, uncle Da, are your feet OK?'

'yes, it was just cured two days ago.'

ghost Wangda's eyes lit up when she saw the sexy girl. Her eyes inadvertently swept over the beautiful figure of the other party and she said:

'Ali, you haven't bought gum from me for a long time.'

this girl is Ali, the flower of the sports center.

'I have been busy in recent days.'

she said casually and looked at the ghost King Da curiously and asked:

'Uncle Da, how did you come to the sports center? Are you going to sign up for study?'

'of course not.'

the ghost King Dayang raised the challenge letter in his hand and said proudly:

'we are here for the afternoon. This friend around me is going to challenge the Taekwondo Department of the sports center.'

Ali was surprised when she heard the words. Before she spoke, a fat girl beside her cried out in surprise:

'what, next afternoon?!

you are not dying, and you have come to the sports center to challenge?'

this voice immediately attracted the attention of students passing by. A large group of people looked at it and asked about the situation.

after learning that Jiang Chen was going to challenge the Taekwondo department, the crowd immediately became a sensation, surrounded by people and discussed one after another.

Ali looked at Jiang Chen with a kind of surprised eyes, as if to see what ability he had, and dared to do such a bold thing.

the result only shows that Jiang Chen is tall and straight, and appears to be very energetic, but his body is a little strong, but he can't see how much strength he has.

Ali kindly persuaded:

'Uncle Da, this is not a joke. There are many experts in the Taekwondo department, and their leader Zhou Bao is even more powerful. It is said that he can break a five inch thick board with one kick. Are you sure your friend wants to challenge?'

the fat girl next to Ali also advised:

'yes, uncle da.

I advise you to think clearly, otherwise it's very dangerous to start on the stage, and you will be seriously injured if you are not careful.'

ghost King Da is full of confidence. These days, he and Jiang Chen are practicing together. Jiang Chen has also demonstrated the powerful Vajra leg. Ghost King Da knows that Jiang Chen's leg technique is more powerful than the twelve way Tan leg, so he is not worried.

'don't worry. Since we dare to challenge, we are sure to win.'

Ali and her friend look at each other. Hell, Wang Da and Jiang Chen don't listen to their advice, and they are all helpless.

the students around only think that ghost Wang Da is blowing the air.

among them, many students know ghost Wang Da. They know that he runs a snack bar, watches beautiful women's pictures all day, behaves indecently, and likes to flirt with female students in the sports center. If a friend of this kind of person can be a master, there will be ghosts.

ghost King Da also heard some bad comments around, but didn't take them to heart. He walked to the sports center building with Jiang Chen.

Ali and the group of students did not leave, following behind them, with a mentality of watching the excitement.

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