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Chapter 44 That's not how the ball is played

The front desk of the sports center building is a beautiful woman with a lot of charm. After seeing ghost King Da, her voice said softly:

'ghost King Da, you have left the sports center. Why are you back?'

with a mean smile on his face, ghost King Da came forward and said affectionately:

'of course, I came back specially to see you, Mary.'

Mary shook her eyes and said: 'why, you want to chase me, please invite me to see a movie first?'


ghost King Da promised:

'you can watch any movie you want. You can choose.'

seeing that the ghost King DA and Mary had forgotten their purpose by making jokes, Jiang Chen on the side coughed as a reminder.

after hearing Jiang Chen's cough, ghost King Da realized that he didn't come to the sports center to pick up girls this time. He quickly apologized and said to Mary with a serious expression:

'let's talk about the movie in the evening. I'm here for business. My friend Jiang Chen is going to challenge the Taekwondo Department of the sports center at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Please help me pass on this challenge letter.'

Mary took an unexpected look at Jiang Chen and said sadly:

'I'm still so young. How can I miss it? It's a pity.'

said that and took the challenge:

'don't worry, I will help you hand over the challenge to the head of the Taekwondo department.'

hell, Wang Da really submitted the challenge, and the students around him were all excited:

'there are really people who dare to challenge the fighting department of our sports center. I have to say that their courage is commendable.'

'the leader of the Taekwondo Department has such a strong leg technique that he will certainly have no good fruit to eat if challenged.'

'hey hey, there's a good play to watch.'

'since the establishment of the elite sports center, no one has dared to challenge. Since this person has the courage, he should not be weak.'

'in any case, I will definitely go to the Taekwondo department to watch the excitement tomorrow.'

'come on, it's time to open the market. Please come and bet. How long can this person last?'

Jiang Chen ignored the comments of the people around him. Seeing that the challenge had been issued, he turned around and left.

ghost Wang Da and Mary flirted with each other for two more words before reluctantly saying goodbye.

after thinking about it, Ali also raised her feet and followed it. After catching up with Jiang Chen, Ali asked without understanding:

'Mr. Jiang, can I ask why you came to challenge the Taekwondo department? Do you have any problems with any of them?'

Jiang Chen shook his head and said calmly:

'there is no Festival. As a martial arts practitioner, I just want to find someone to compete with.'

'so it is.'

Ali turned her eyes and asked:

'why don't you challenge the black bear in judo department? He has won the title of outstanding fighter for three consecutive years.'

Jiang Chen: 'I will challenge him in the future.'

Ali frowned when she saw Jiang Chen's confident performance, as if she didn't pay attention to the experts in the sports center at all. She felt that Jiang Chen was too arrogant:

'do you think you can win because you are so confident?'

Jiang Chen did not answer. After walking out of the building of the sports center, he walked toward the gate.

on the right side of the road is the football field of the sports center, where two teams of players are playing football.

Ali sees that Jiang Chen is not talking and is preparing to talk with ghost King da. Suddenly, she hears a bang. A figure is hit by a flying football and falls to the ground.

this man is wearing a hat and a white vest. He is thin and thin.

Ali takes a closer look and recognizes that the other party is a person who often delivers meals to the sports center. She doesn't know the specific name.

seeing that the football hit someone, the football captain not only didn't apologize at all, but laughed loudly:

'Oh, isn't this the delivery guy? Why was he so careless? He hit my ball.'

other players also answered:

'you're too useless. Don't you know how to hide from such a big ball?'

while talking, several people came over.

after picking up the ball, the football captain casually patted the delivery clerk on the head. The action was full of humiliation. He jokingly said:

'I have to say that your head is still hard. Nothing happened after receiving my ball.'

'really? Let me try how hard this head is.'

one of the players on the side immediately slapped the takeaway's head, making a crisp sound, and then laughed:

'ha ha, it's really a good head. It's really hard enough. It hurts my hands.'

'I'll try it too.'

while talking, another person came forward and patted the delivery clerk on the head.

in this way, a group of football players surrounded the young man who delivered the takeout, pushing, teasing and teasing, and from time to time extended their hands to pat him on the head.

naturally, this delivery clerk is he Jinyin. He squatted on the ground with his head down and let a group of people play. He dared not resist at all.

Ali frowned when she saw this scene, and was about to open her mouth to stop her. Jiang Chen walked forward:

'you guys are really not cultured at all. Can't you even say an apology when the ball hits someone?'

the leading football captain glanced at Jiang Chen and said indifferently:

'who are you? How do we do? You need to manage?'

'Yeah, didn't you see that the takeout guy didn't say anything? You jumped out and pretended to be a nice guy.'

'really nosy.'

other players also spoke one after another and showed arrogance.

Ali came forward and scolded:

'don't you think it's too much for a large group of you to bully a takeaway?'

the football captain obviously knew Ali and had a good feeling for this central flower. He didn't want to leave an image of bullying the weak in Ali's heart. He immediately gave a ha ha, reached out and pulled he Jinyin, cordially clasped shoulders with him, and said with a smile:

'Ali, you misunderstood. We were just joking with him.'

the player on the side also echoed the explanation:

'yes, yes, we are all good friends. We just had a fight among our friends. We didn't bully him.'

Ali looks at he Jinyin and asks suspiciously:


the football captain patted he Jinyin on the shoulder, looked at him Jinyin with a threatening look in his eyes, and asked:

'you said, are we kidding?'

he Jinyin dared not offend the football captain, nodded repeatedly, waved his hand to Ali and said:

'it's OK. We're just joking. You misunderstood.'

said that and turned to leave in confusion.

Ali frowned when she saw this. She despised he Jinyin's cowardice.

Jiang Chen also shook his head in secret. He Jinyin, who just appeared, was really too arrogant and had no courage to resist in the face of humiliation.

when the football captain saw he Jinyin's witty departure, he stopped caring about him and came to Ali. While juggling the ball with his feet, he said:

'Ali, our team has a football match on the next planet. Do you want to come to see it?'

Ali doesn't like the football captain at all, so naturally she can't agree. She said coldly:

'I have other things to do next week, so I'm not free.'

the football captain is still ready to continue to chat up and approach. Watching the football captain's action of tossing the ball, Jiang Chen suddenly opens his mouth:

'the ball is not kicked like this.'

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