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Chapter 48 Arrogant

After the battle with Zhou Bao, Jiang Chen felt that he was full of energy and happiness. It seemed that every cell in his body was active. He looked at the students in the Taekwondo department and said:

'are there anyone else going to play?'

many students were silent, and no one answered. Even the leader Zhou Bao lost. They all realized that no one in the Taekwondo department was Jiang Chen's opponent, so they would not go on the stage and bring shame on themselves.

seeing no response, Jiang Chen continued:

'I'm here to challenge your entire Taekwondo Department today, so it's OK for all of you to come together.'

Zhou Bao's face changed and he stared at Jiang Chen and asked:

'do you want to fight all members of our Taekwondo department alone?'

Jiang Chen nodded:

'that's right.'

as soon as he said this, there was an uproar, and everyone was shocked by Jiang Chen's words.

even the ghost King Da had some accidents. All the students in the Taekwondo department at the scene had practiced. Their skills were good. It was extremely difficult to deal with when they besieged together. It is not unreasonable for the old saying to say that two fists can not defeat four hands.

Zhou Bao's face was a little ugly. He felt that Jiang Chen's remark was too insensitive to the Taekwondo department. He said in a deep voice:

'don't you think you're too arrogant?'

Jiang Chen smiled and didn't reply.

seeing this, Zhou Bao looked at the students who were sitting on their knees and shouted:

'others have said so. Can you still bear it?'

several students stood up at once:

'no matter how strong he is, his fists can't match his four hands. Let's go together.'

'you don't even have the courage to do it.'

'with so many of us, are you afraid he can't do it alone?'

with the encouragement of several people, the remaining 30 students also stood up one after another.

Jiang Chen beckoned:

'don't hesitate, go ahead.'

hearing this, the students rushed to Jiang Chen.

a leading student shouted:

'I don't believe you can defeat us alone.'

'good time.'

Jiang Chen laughs and advances instead of retreating. With a kick, he rushes into the crowd and kicks the leading student out of the air.

but at the next moment, Jiang Chen was surrounded and hit from all sides, like a rainstorm, which made people defenseless.

Jiang Chen used the twelve way Tan leg to the extreme, and could not cope with such a dense attack. After being hit several times on the shoulder and back, Jiang Chen began to use the lightness skill of floating on the water to evade.

there is no better environment for practicing lightness skills.

Jiang Chen kept stepping under his feet, constantly changing his shape, moving back and forth in the attack of the crowd, rushing left and right, and kicking at the right time from time to time.

with the strength of these students, basically no one can stop him.

bang, bang, bang!

the sound of fists and feet collided constantly, accompanied by the students' stuffy hum and screams, causing chaos in the venue.

Jiang Chen's floating lightness skill also improved rapidly during the melee.

at the beginning, he was hit from time to time. Slowly, this kind of situation became less and less, and his response became more and more leisurely.

later, Jiang Chen was able to actively control the distance between himself and others by using lightness skills and leg techniques, so that he could not surround himself with more than three people.

the melee lasted for seven minutes before it ended.

by the time the fight was over, 20 Taekwondo students had already laid down in the venue, and the remaining ten students completely lost their fighting spirit and retreated to the distance, daring to fight with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stands where he is, scanning the venue.

everyone lowered their heads, and no one dared to look him in the eye.

Jiang Chenchang exhaled, turned to ghost King DA and said:

'let's go.'

ghost King Da looks at Jiang Chen with a complicated look. Even after watching Jiang Chen's body posture when facing the melee, he can't help but be amazed.

two people open the gate and walk out.

a passage suddenly separates under the crowded crowd outside the door. The students on both sides silently watch Jiang Chen leave the corridor.

it was not until he walked out of the gate of the sports center that the ghost King Da began to say:

'you just made too much mischief. You challenged more than 30 people by yourself, didn't you get beaten?'

Jiang Chen raised his hands and looked. He saw that his hands were covered with bruises and his body was in pain.

'I was hit several times indeed.'

having said that, Jiang Chen is in a good mood, because after the scuffle just now, his floating lightness skill on water is finally a beginner.

so he just laughs indifferently:

'it's just skin trauma, it's not a big problem.'

ghost Wang Da shook his head helplessly. Looking at Jiang Chen, he seemed to see himself. He had extraordinary strength at a young age and was so energetic and wild.

'come on, go to my place. I'll put some medicine on it for you. OK, hurry up.'

Jiang Chen thanked:

'then please.'

at the same time, Jiang Chen also had an idea in his mind. It is undoubtedly difficult for him to improve his leg skills. Maybe he should practice the iron cloth shirt with the golden bell jar next.

he now has a foundation of internal power, and his physical quality has been improved after he got the twelve legs of tan. It should not be difficult to practice the iron cloth shirt of the golden bell jar to the entry level.

with the bell jar iron cloth shirt, his weakness in defense can be made up.

the two of them return to the room behind the snack bar. After Jiang Chen takes off his clothes, he reveals his bruised body.

ghost King Da took out several beauty photo albums and handed them to Jiang Chen, saying:

'it may hurt a little when you apply the medicine. You can use this to anaesthetize it.'

Jiang Chen didn't dislike it either, so he took the photo album and began to read it.

ghost King Da took out the ointment and began to help Jiang Chen apply it. He said with some emotion:

'unexpectedly, you won Zhou Bao this time with only twelve legs of tan.'

Jiang Chen replied while looking at the photo album:

'he is indeed richer than me in terms of experience, but his best leg technique is much worse than mine, which can be said to be restrained by me. He can't play his due strength in front of me, so I can easily win.'

ghost Wang Da nodded and asked:

'which department are you going to challenge next?'

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and said:

'Western boxing department.'

ghost Wang Da suddenly thought of a question and said:

'the strength you have shown today is not weak, and it's even more frightening to hit 30 at the back. I don't know if the people in the Western boxing department will fight.'

Jiang Chen was stunned. If people in other departments avoided fighting, it would be a bit difficult for him.

is about to speak when the door is opened.

Ali walks in and sees Jiang Chen naked. Ghost King Da reaches out his hand to touch him on the back. She can't help asking in amazement:

'what are you doing?'

ghost King Da said angrily:

'what else can I do? Apply medicine.'

Ali smiled awkwardly. Knowing that she had misunderstood, she quickly changed the topic and said to Jiang Chen:

'I didn't expect that you were so powerful that you defeated the whole Taekwondo department alone. How can I feel that you are more powerful than black bear. What boxing are you practicing? Who is your teacher? I also want to worship him.'

before Jiang Chen could speak, the ghost King DA on the side said enthusiastically:

'in fact, Jiang Chen practices the trump leg technique of the ancient Chinese boxing Department: the twelve way Tan leg. If you want to learn it, just follow me. I can give you 20% discount. As long as 998, the trump leg technique will take you home.'

Ali gave ghost King Da a blank look and didn't believe his lies:

'I don't want to learn from you. I just want to learn from Jiang Chen's master.'

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