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Chapter 49 Contest

Jiang Chen said to Ali:

'my master is dead, so you don't want to learn kung fu. If you really want to learn kung fu, it's a good choice to follow uncle da. With his experience, it's more than enough to teach you.'

the ghost King Da nodded repeatedly and said proudly:

'yes, don't look at me now. I was a master known as the devil's muscle man in those days. It's hard to meet an opponent in sweeping Southeast Asia.'

it's a pity that ghost King Da bragged too much on weekdays. Even if she told the truth, Ali didn't believe it

'don't make fun of me, you two.'

before, ghost King Da left her too deep an impression of lameness. Ali never believed that a lame person could be a leg master.

without saying anything about learning kung fu, Ali asked Jiang Chen:

'by the way, when are you going to challenge black bear?'

recently, the black bear has been pestering her. Ali has been impatient for a long time, and now she is looking forward to black bear's bad luck.

Jiang Chen said thoughtfully:

'he is the most outstanding fighter in the sports center, and naturally he should be ranked last.'

Ali is disappointed when she hears this. She can't see the scene of black bear being beaten up immediately.

'it seems that the black bear can only continue to be arrogant for a period of time.'

ghost King Da said with a laugh: 'I remember you are from judo department. Why do you expect black bear to fail?'

Ali complained:

'I can't help it. Who let that black bear haunt me all day? I'm bored to death.'

ghost King Da patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and said:

'the next time you challenge, you can easily beat the black bear, which is regarded as venting your anger on Ali.'

Ali also looks at Jiang Chen expectantly.


Jiang Chen doesn't care about it. It's a smooth thing anyway.

Ali: 'I can't wait to see the black bear being beaten.'

said that, Ali thought of another thing and asked:

'Jiang Chen, have you signed up for the world free fight competition? With your strength, you may have the hope of winning the championship.'

Jiang Chen asked suspiciously:

'what is the world free fight competition?'

'don't you know?'

seeing that Jiang Chen knew nothing about this, Ali explained:

'this is a competition jointly held by Hong Kong Island and martial arts associations of other countries. It is said that the champion of this competition can win a huge prize of 10 million yuan.'

Jiang Chen became interested when he heard of the ten million dollar prize.

in addition to his practice, he has been collecting information from auction houses on Hong Kong Island in recent days, and is ready to find an opportunity to sell the heart of the sea, then exchange it for jewelry and gold, and use his personal space to bring it back to the real world.

unexpectedly, he heard the news of the free fight competition now. If he can win this huge prize, he doesn't need to rush to sell his heart of the sea.

with a 10 million bonus, if you buy gold and bring it back to the modern world, it will immediately be worth 50-60 million yuan.

for Jiang Chen, such a large sum of money is enough.

once his greatest extravagant hope was to win 5 million yuan. If he was given 50 million yuan, he didn't know how to spend it.

Jiang Chen is interested in this world free fight competition:

'when is the registration time for this competition? How long does the whole competition take?'

he only has more than 50 days left in the world. If the race schedule is too long, he will definitely be out of the championship.

Ali thought for a while and said:

'I've started to sign up now. But it seems that I need to sign up according to the situation of the martial arts school. The fighting department of our sports center can also participate. As far as I know, black bear has already signed up.

the competition time should be more than ten days later, and the whole competition schedule should last less than a month.'

Jiang Chen nodded, but there was still time.

then, he looked at the ghost King Da:

'Uncle Da, is your ancient boxing department still a martial arts school?'

ghost King Da shook his head:

'the ancient boxing Department has long been cancelled by the sports center, so it is not a martial arts school.'

he saw that Jiang Chen wanted to participate in the competition. After thinking for a while, He said:

'if you want to participate in the competition, why don't you discuss with Director Chen the next time you go to the sports center to challenge? As long as you can win, reopen the Chinese ancient boxing department in the sports center, and then you can participate in the competition as a representative of the Department. I think Mr. Chen will agree.

if he doesn't agree, it should be too late for us to re-establish a martial arts school.'

Jiang Chen: 'let's do it this way.'

seeing that Jiang Chen was interested in the competition, Ali could not help saying:

'wait a minute, I'll get you the newspaper, which contains the specific process information of the competition.'

hurried out and went to the sports center.

soon Ali ran back with a newspaper in her hand, which covered the information of the world free fight competition in large pages.

after reading the information, Jiang Chen is determined to win the ten million yuan prize.

participating in this competition can not only get huge bonuses, but also compete with experts from all over the world, which is perfect for him.

Jiang Chen applied the ointment treasured by ghost King DA and had internal skill to heal his wounds. His wounds healed quickly. He recovered in two days.

the next day, Jiang Chen and ghost King Da came to the sports center building again with the challenge book. Ali was also beside them.

different from the last time, Jiang Chen only entered the gate of the sports center this time, and many students recognized him.

after Jiang Chen's challenge, more than 70% of the people in the Taekwondo department were injured, the whole department was suspended, and many students directly withdrew from school, which had a great impact.

Jiang Chen is therefore a celebrity in the sports center.

came to the front desk. When Mary saw ghost Wang Da and Jiang Chen, her face suddenly changed and she cried:

'Why are you two here again?'

ghost King Da laughed:

'Mary, have you missed me recently?'

Mary gave him a white look:


ghost King Da said meanly, 'I miss you every day.'

Mary didn't want to argue with him and said angrily:

'come on, why are you here?'

ghost Wang Da took out the challenge letter and said with a smile:

'we are here to challenge the Western boxing department. This is the challenge letter.'


Mary called out, and then said positively:

'I'll take you to Director Chen. You need to talk to him about this yourself.'

this time, Mary dared not accept the challenge at will. After all, the last time Jiang Chen challenged the Taekwondo department, there was a big storm. She took them directly to Director Chen's office. Hui reported:

'director, ghost Wang Da and Jiang Chen have come to submit the challenge again!'

director Chen is drinking tea and reading the newspaper. When he hears the words, he puffs out a mouthful of tea.

he took out his handkerchief and wiped the corners of his mouth in confusion. He looked at ghost Wang Da with gloomy eyes and sternly asked:

'ghost Wang Da, don't go on forever. What do you want?'

ghost Wangda looked at director Chen's angry appearance and was very happy. He said with a smile:

'I don't want to do anything, but I admire the number of masters in the fighting department of the sports center, so I'm just here to compete.'

seeing director Chen's face getting ugly, ghost King Da couldn't help teasing:

'director, are you afraid?

don't you dare to take a challenge letter from the elite sports center? I'm afraid it will be laughed at if it is spread.'

after the last challenge, director Chen has lost confidence in the leaders of the other three departments and does not think that they will be Jiang Chen's opponents, so he does not want to accept the challenge.

he is afraid that if he continues to lose, the sports center will become a laughing stock.

director Chen resisted the surging anger in his heart, took a few deep breaths, and then recovered his calm. Then he said to Mary beside him:

'take the others out. I want to talk to them alone.'

Mary nodded and began to catch up.

after there were only three people left in the office, director Chen looked at Jiang Chen and proposed:

'well, I'll give you 30000 yuan. I won't challenge you again in the future. What do you think?'

Jiang Chen shook his head:


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