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Chapter 53 Divine power

'It's so handsome.'

Ali, who is watching the battle from one side, can't help jumping up and yelling when she sees Jiang Chen's powerful appearance.

many judo department students who fell to the ground could not help looking at Ali when they heard the voice, and showed a sad look: have you forgotten that you are also a judo department member? traitor!

Ali noticed the eyes of her classmates and realized that her behavior was inappropriate. She quickly sat back and smiled sheepishly.

Jiang Chen's body is steaming and sweating, and his mouth is constantly gasping for breath. He looks very tired. But when he looked at the black bear, his face showed a happy smile:

'now you can't get surrounded.'

the black bear swallowed hard and said calmly:

'I can deal with you alone.'

at the same time, he kept comforting himself that Jiang Chen's physical strength was close to the limit, and he was sure to win.

however, the rest of the corner of the eye swept through the wailing and groaning appearance of many students on the ground, and they still played drums in their hearts, which gave rise to some timidity.


after Jiang Chen slightly adjusted his breathing, he took the initiative to attack without any nonsense.

a little under his feet, his body moves in a flutter, and suddenly he comes to the black bear. With a lift of his right foot, he attacks the black bear's calf with a light flick.

the black bear quickly raised his feet to resist. Unexpectedly, just after blocking one foot, Jiang Chen's leg skills suddenly changed. He brushed his knee and kicked his head. His speed was incomparable.

the black bear quickly raised his hand and blocked it again.


Jiang Chen plays a series of mandarin duck kicks. The attack is fast and dense, like a series of arrows, without giving the black bear a chance to breathe.

the black bear has a feeling that he can't keep up with the rhythm.

Taekwondo master Zhou Bao claims that his legs are more flexible than his hands, and Jiang Chen's legs are undoubtedly more flexible than Zhou Bao's.

finally, the black bear couldn't resist one, and was kicked in the waist and abdomen by Jiang Chen. His body suddenly stumbled, and the original tight defensive posture appeared.

Jiang Chen took advantage of the situation and kicked the black bear seven or eight meters.


the black bear's body crashed to the floor, making a loud noise, and the whole Dojo trembled slightly.

without the consciousness of judo department students, Alice ran over with a smile on her face, looked down at the black bear with pain on her face, and said proudly:

'black bear, I didn't expect.

even if you take advantage of others' danger and bully the less with more, you still can't beat Jiang Chen. Are you convinced now?'

black bear was very distraught when he heard the words, but he knew that there was a huge gap between himself and Jiang Chen. He also regretted that he should not take the initiative to challenge Jiang Chen, otherwise he would not end up like this.

regret, anger, and unwillingness. All kinds of emotions stirred in black bear's heart. He didn't respond to Ali's schadenfreude and left quietly.

Jiang Chen looked at the way the black bear left in a panic and said to Ali:

'he should not pester you again in the future.'

Ali looked at him with a smile and saw that his face was full of sweat. She took out a thermos cup and handed it to him:

'come, have a drink.'

Jiang Chen was really thirsty and tired. After taking the water cup, he raised his head and poured a lot of water.

ghost King Da also came over at this time and praised:

'this battle is a bit dangerous. It's not easy for you to win.'

Jiang Chen also deeply believes that he felt strong pressure in this battle with judo department, but it is this difficult battle that is effective for him and can greatly improve his combat experience.

Ali suddenly suggested:

'in order to celebrate your defeat of the black bear, let me invite you to dinner. How about that?'

before Jiang Chen could reply, ghost King Da nodded repeatedly at one side:

'OK, OK, we really should celebrate.'

Ali gave him a white look and said:

'Uncle Da, don't you still have something to do? Don't delay. Hurry up.

Jiang Chen and I will go to dinner.'

ghost King Da asked back doubtfully: 'do I have something to do? Why don't I know?'

Ali stared at him with a pair of beautiful big eyes. Her eyes gradually became dangerous. She bit her back teeth and dragged her voice to say:

'no ~ ~?'

the ghost King Da seemed to notice something. His eyes turned around Ali and Jiang Chen, and he suddenly laughed. He looked like he was suddenly enlightened:

'yes, yes, I have to discuss with Director Chen about the re establishment of the ancient boxing department, so I won't go with you.'

Ali nodded with satisfaction and then gave Jiang Chen a charming smile:

'you must be very tired now. Take a rest first, and then we'll have dinner.'


Jiang Chen has experienced many battles. He is really tired and has no mind to think about anything else. He follows Ali to the lounge to rest.

at noon, in a luxuriously decorated Hong Kong style restaurant.

Ali and Jiang Chen sat in a corner of the hall and enthusiastically introduced:

'this restaurant is famous for its pork belly baked wheat, sausage rolls and beef balls.'

Jiang Chen: 'then I'll have a good taste.'

while talking, I saw a young man who looked a little like he Jinyin, dressed as a waiter, pushing the dining car to serve the food. I could not help but give a light sigh.

Ali asked strangely, 'what's the matter?'

Jiang Chen pointed to the waiter and said:

'nothing. I just feel that this waiter is a bit like the one who delivered the takeout last time.'

Ali looked at it, it was really.

but she didn't take it to heart.

when the waiter served the dishes for the two, Jiang Chen specifically asked:

'Hello, can I ask your name?'

the waiter looked very talkative and politely said:

'my name is Liu Jing. May I help you, sir?'

'Oh, it's OK.'

Jiang Chen recites the name Liu Jing in her heart, wondering whether the other party is a character in a star Ye movie.


Ali doesn't know what Jiang Chen is thinking. Seeing that Jiang Chen doesn't move her chopsticks, she can't help saying.

Jiang Chen thought about it for a while without any results. He didn't think about it any more. He picked up his chopsticks and began to eat.

I have to say that the dishes of this restaurant introduced by Ali are really delicious.

two people chatted and talked while eating.

Ali is open and frank, and dares to love and hate. Jiang Chen has no pressure at all when he gets along with her, and is very relaxed and happy.


suddenly, a tumult sounded, attracting the attention of many guests in the hall.

then, Jiang Chen saw that Liu Jing and another waiter ran out of a box, followed by more than a dozen fist wielding sinister underworld youths.

'don't run!'


when customers in the hall saw this scene, they were immediately shocked. They didn't care to eat, so they got up and ran out.

in a twinkling of an eye, there are only a few tables left in the hall, and the guests are still sitting in their seats.

Liu Jing's escape speed is very fast. In a blink of an eye, she pulls away from the gangsters behind her.

the other waiter was not so lucky. He limped when he ran, as if he had been injured in his foot. Soon, he was chased by gangsters and fell to the ground to fight around, emitting a burst of wails.

Liu Jing also found something wrong after running seven or eight meters. Seeing that her companion brother XiaoSuan was beaten, she quickly turned around and ran back to save her companion.

he reached out and grabbed a gangster's shoulder, swung back, and threw the gangster five or six meters away.

followed by the second and third.

this Liu Jing seems to have a thousand pounds of magic power in her hand, and can throw people away like toys at will.

after seeing this scene, Jiang Chen's mind flashed like a flash and he remembered that this was the scene in a movie of Xingye, new Jingwu gate.

Liu Jing is the protagonist in the film, and her right hand is naturally powerful.

the reason why he and his companions were surrounded and beaten by gangsters was that the negotiation between two gangs of triads in the restaurant was unintentionally destroyed by him.

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